Friday, March 5, 2010

Do You Really Want your Country Back? McCain v. Hayworth - a key Appraisal of Resolve
by MrArbitrage
This race has national importance for a number of reasons, one of which is it will demonstrate that for a majority of Republicans, John McCain was near the bottom of candidate choices in the 2008 primary. Initially, he could only win through the wide dilution of conservative votes, spread over several candidates. If –instead- of voting on which presidential candidate we actually wanted, we were voting on the one whom we found the LEAST palatable, McCain would have probably won that “inverse-election” by a land-slide. If it were a reality TV show, the Senator would have been quickly “booted off the island”.

Most conservatives have no enmity for Senator McCain as a person but as a Senator we have long found his actions appalling. To represent the people of this country one should expect to be held to the highest scrutiny. This election is indeed a test to determine whether we truly want to “take our country back” or if that expression is a mere platitude

For Arizonans to leave Senator McCain in that seat would be to proclaim to the nation that they have not learned a thing from our past disasters. Republicans cannot continue to allow imposters to undermine our fundamental principles and alienate the conservative base of our party. It seems clear that after the GOP negligence in squandering the majority we recently held, conservatives want –almost- a complete changing of the guard.

From McCain-Feingold to his “Gang of 14” betrayal, the kind of compromise that John McCain represents makes him the embodiment of everything we did wrong over the past decade.This would be an auspicious time for Senator McCain to bow out gracefully because the Jacobin’s are at the gate and their patience is wearing thin. We can throw him a nice going away party and he can spend the rest of his golden years with his family.

At certain critical junctures of our nation there was need for the wisdom of an old sage on the floor (like during the Constitutional Convention of 1787); but John McCain needs to know that he is no Ben Franklin and it was his cooperation for adulation that paved the way for the debacle in which we find ourselves ensnared.McCain v. Hayworth is a bellwether race. It will be useful in measuring the degree of resolve we truly have toward the goal of returning to our constitution and founding principles.

We can all participate in this race through our financial contributions - but only Arizonans can answer the question of whether the prodigal has come home or if he is still out blowing his inheritance. Have we suffered enough pain? If you would like to get involved by contributing to the J.D. Hayworth campaign, click this link and it will take you to his official website:


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