Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Michael Steele's prodigality & race-baiting could open door for Palin as RNC Chairma'am

“Republicans as well as Democrats blasted Michael Steele's suggestion that he's being unfairly criticized due to his race.” – Newsmax.com

I think perhaps I understand what temptation Michael Steele –may- have been indulging with his “racism” allegations. These remarks elicit the natural perception that Michael Steele is no different than any other race card playing liberal once he gets himself into trouble. It would appear that he (like Democrats) just doesn’t want to take responsibility and will stoop to blaming others instead.

According to a Newsmax column by David Patten, "it's not the first time that Steele has suggested there are racial reasons for the criticism he's encountered. He recently told Washingtonian Magazine, "I don't see stories about internal operations of the DNC that I see about this operatio Why? Is it because Michael Steele is the chairman, or is it because a black man is chairman?"

It is obvious that the liberal media are not forensic accountants when it comes to the expenses of the DNC and he has a valid point in mentioning that double-standard. Being perturbed by this transparent bias, I imagine it could be tempting to take the opportunity of turning the tables on the Demagogues and the media by accusing –THEM- of being racists - for a change.

It is understandable because they truly are racists down to their very core and that is the amazing thing. It is astounding how this party of bigots successfully bamboozled over 92% of an entire ethnic group into supporting them when the Democrat Party’s most sacred sacrament of abortion was designed to rid this country of their very race!

I don't know that there is a historical parallel so I will have to make one up to illustrate. It would be akin to Africans voluntarily marching to and then standing in line for hours for their turn to be shackled and thrown into a hot, reeking slave ship. But it is worse than this hypothetical because the design of the Democrat Party elite and Planned Parenthood is not to make them –labor- but rather to exterminate them altogether.

That may sound like invidious rhetoric but it happens to be historical fact and they damned well know that. That’s why the Democrats control the schools from pre-k to the PhD. That is why they control the airwaves and now conspire to filter the Internet so that you can only find porn and propaganda. They want to keep you addicted and ignorant of historical reality -and if you are black- many of the whites in the Democrat Party want you to “DIE QUICKLY”. Yes I know The False Prophet is part African but that’s just another irony of life. It’s just as bizarre as the fact that the last holocaust was led by a black haired, brown eyed mad man - who wanted to create a blond haired, blue eyed master race. I think that when God allows a nation to destroy itself, He makes sure that the absurdity is topped off with the preposterous to serve as an exclamation point to posterity.

It would be fun to accuse these make believe journalists of being racists (because they certainly are) but if that is the strategy Steele is taking, he is miscalculating. I’m giving Steele the benefit of a doubt in this theory but regardless of whether I’m right, it is still an unacceptable strategy and the –reason- is a key difference in the noble way conservatives operate versus liberals. Because the specific attribute that makes liberals –liberals- is the desire to wallow in evil at all costs, they are willing to cannibalize anyone anytime anywhere. As long as their actions protect or increase the killing of babies, advance sodomy and expand overall debauchery, they are willing to undermine our foundations.

When Democrats are under suspicion of murder like Ted Kennedy, when Democrats are obviously betraying their country by taking cash bribes for legislation like William J. Jefferson and other forms of bribery like Chris Dodd and Barney Frank, when a Democrat brings disgrace to the Presidency by perjuring himself in a lawsuit against himself for rape, when the disbarred President lies to the entire nation on national television about having oral sex with the young girl whom he and his lawyer instructed to perjure herself during her testimony regarding his sex crimes – when all forms of infamy and treachery are embodied in the person of a serving Democrat, the entire Democrat party rally behind that criminal to the detriment of our country –unless- like Democrat Jim Traficant, he opposes the murder of innocent babies and codifying special rewards for all forms of sexual deviance into law.

When Republicans discover this type of behavior has infiltrated the party, we do not sit around for one moment looking for a way to justify disgraceful activities, no matter who committed them and how powerful they were. As with South Carolina’s Governor Mark Sanford, Congressman Mark Foley and others, we did not support them and we did not even think for one second to try to defend them. We demand consistency. Conservatives demand that their representatives be held to –higher- standards then anyone because of the power with which we entrust them. We can –forgive- those people who betrayed us but we cannot –trust- them with authority once it has been violated.What makes us different is that we are not willing to sacrifice our Constitution and our national security for the sake of winning. We don’t want to BECOME the left to defeat the left. That is the reason why people like Arlen Specter, Susan Collins, Olympia Snowe, John McCain and Lindsey Graham are now so loathed by our party. That is why once popular Florida Governor Charlie Crist is suddenly being overwhelmingly rejected by his constituents.

Thanks to the False Prophet and The Harlot, we have had a literal come to Jesus experience. The aforementioned moderates may be able to “win” elections but we have learned the hard way that when they win we all really lose. Like hemorrhoids, we tolerated them and the imposters who advanced them for too long. Now we need invasive surgery to remove them and we will.The point is that Michael Steele needs to understand is this is no time to be cute. Conservatives are serious and we are not going to advocate playing the race card even if doing so highlights leftist hypocrisy.

The race card strikes against one of our deepest convictions that people need to take responsibility for their mistakes. Mr. Steele also needs to assure this party that the activities in question are unacceptable and we are not going to become another version of the Democrat Party. The Libertarians are the group that is willing to fuse the debauchery and paganism of the Democrat Party with the economic policies of the Republican Party. Republicans are proud capitalists but this party was founded on something of much greater importance. If you undermine the moral pillars that birthed the Party of Lincoln, we might as well capitulate to the Marxists because the ensuing immorality will guarantee a void that is always filled by tyranny.

I must say I have found Steele on a few occasions to be McCain-esque in the sense that he sometimes seems confused about where he should stand on issues. As I have been writing since January 2009, I feel that Sarah Palin would be perfectly suited for that position. If she runs for President, there is going to be a schism among conservatives, especially when considering her campaigning for John McCain over J.D. Hayworth. I understand the trite excuse about her "owing" McCain something... That is just more of the nonsensical thinking that got us into this debacle. If anything, Palin should have stayed out of that Senate race in deference to McCain. To endorse McCain and campaign against the conservative in the race is inexcusable, especially considering his lifelong betrayal of conservative principles (until he learned some conservative rhetoric last campaign).

( This I wrote wrote in my February 15, 2010 column The Coming GOP Schism and how we can Avoid Self Destructionhttp://www.tableofwisdom.com/

“I know there are going to be intense factions within this party no matter what happens between now and 2012. There is a faction right now that can’t move on from the past who are saying “run Sarah run”. I am not one of them. I like Sarah Palin and think she can do a great deal of good for this country, perhaps as Chairman of the GOP but I emphatically do not want her to be our presidential candidate. We will have factions for Palin, for Huckabee, for Romney, for Pawlenty, Bobby Jindal and perhaps Fred Thompson (not likely). They will split the conservative vote so that we will give the nomination to the candidate we all loathe, the liberal candidate, which we WILL secure by our inability to coalesce. That is the ONLY way John McCain could have won this nomination. The same thing happened with Dole in 1996.” )

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