Sunday, March 28, 2010

Israel's encounter with the False Prophet
Dear Mr. Netanyahu,

Once again, the interests of America and Israel are completely aligned. We both recognize the threat of this administration. As a natural born citizen of the United States, I feel obliged to apologize for this breach of decency and professionalism. Millions of us feel your pain, but as the expression goes - “it’s complicated”. It may look like our nation just “snubbed” you in Washington but –we- really didn’t. You’re a smart man so I’m sure you realize that we have a problem. The degenerates of our nation have succumbed to the same con artist who is now trying to strong arm you. We all remember the photo ops with Bush and Clinton playing the part of “honest broker” between Israel and the Terrorist PLO. This time it’s a little different. When you are meeting with this President, at best, it is akin dealing directly with the terrorist. In fact, both won a Nobel Peace Prize; what does that tell you?

Please Mr. Netanyahu, it is your land and has rightfully been so for thousands of years. Please keep building away in Jerusalem; do what you must do for your own national security, especially in regard to Iran.



Many in this country are indoctrinated but few are legitimately educated, especially on the history of this conflict. We often hear about these “Palestinian refugee camps” and most of the world is led to believe those Arabs were driven there by the Jews. The racists at ABC, CBS, NBC, CNN & MSNBC, the United Nations and most of our “university” professors conveniently leave out the fact that in 1948 it was the ARAB military that threatened Arab civilians to “get out” and that those who didn’t would be considered TRAITORS to the cause. They didn’t want the Arabs there getting in the way of their failed invasion. They didn’t want to inconvenience their soldiers by making them have to distinguish Arabs from Jews. It makes the extermination process more difficult.

In his book Judgment Day, author Dave Hunt pointed out the fact that in 1948 when the approximately 500,000 “Palestinian” Arabs were forced out of Israel by the ARAB military, nearly 800,000 Jews were forced out of their homes in Arab lands. We never hear the bleeding hearts in regard to the poor Jewish refugees.They leave out the fact that Palestinian Arabs were encouraged by the Jews to stay in Israel while Jewish refugees were FORCED out of Arab lands by threat of execution and were not allowed by Arab governments to transfer out their assets.

Our racist media leave out the fact that those Arab Palestinians who did stay enjoy “all rights of full and equal citizenship and due representation in all its bodies and institutions” – Israel’s Proclamation of Independence issued on May 14, 1968.

Our racist media leave out the fact that Arabic is an official language in Israel together with Hebrew and is taught in Jewish secondary schools. They don’t mention that there are nearly 1,000 Arab educational institutions in Israel, that the Arabic press in Israel is among the most vibrant and independent of any country in the region, that they have Arabic radio and television and Israeli universities are open to Arabs. (Source: Judgment Day, Dave Hunt )

They leave out the fact that in spite of the ARAB warnings to leave in 1948, about 20% of the Palestinian Arabs did stay and that in a recent poll - 70% of Israel’s Arab population said they would much prefer to live in Israel than in any other country in the area. (FLAME, Facts and Logic About the Middle East, World Dec 30th, 2000/January 6, 2001)

Hunt pointed out the interesting fact that Palestinian refugees have long been kept in refugee camps - when they could have been absorbed many times over by the Arab nations who desperately needed workers. According to Joan Peters (former CBS Producer and author of numerous books on this conflict, in 1977), the Syrian minister of Trade and Economy asked that a message be given to the American government. Syria hadn’t the population to develop arable Syrian land. They needed people as well as technology. They would give valuable plots of Syrian land to anyone who would come to work it. Peters asked Syrian officials, “why not give the land to those Palestinian Arabs who would choose to accept your offer? She said the answer was always the same… “We will give the land to anyone- the Ibos, the Koreans, Americans…anyone who comes- anyone but Palestinians! We must keep their hatred directed against Israel”.

It is not surprising these Palestinian Arabs who currently live with the Jews in Israel as citizens prefer it over any other country in the Middle East when you consider they enjoy far more freedom than they would elsewhere. They have many of the same basic freedoms they would have in America and in some ways more. Their rights are expatiated in the founding Israeli documents. Yet, if Americans or Israelis tried to practice our religion in-their- homelands, we would literally lose our heads! That’s due to the same Sharia law some Muslim organizations are trying to bring here to our country.

I never fail to be astounded by the deception of our media. They talk about this charade as though it was intended to be a legitimate “peace accord”. What is the true intent of Obama and his terrorist friends in the PLO? Is this organization that has for decades been strapping their brainwashed women and children with dynamite and using them as human missiles on bus loads of Jewish civilians suddenly going to live in peace and contentment with the Jews if Netanyahu capitulates to the “land for peace” demands?

A basic tenet of Islam is that all Jews must be destroyed. According to the Hadith, Muhammad said that “the last day will not come until the Muslims confront the Jews and the Muslims destroy them. In that day Allah will give voice to the rocks and the trees and they will cry out “O Muslim, O Abdullah, there is a Jew hiding behind me. Come kill him!” That sounds like the basis for a great “peace accord”.

According to Dan Weil at Newsmax, White House Press Secretary Robert Gibbs quibbled with details of the Israeli accounts of the snubbing of Netanyahu but didn’t deny that the White House was sending a message to the Israeli Prime Minister.Barack Hussein Obama is sending more than a message to Netanyahu. He is sending a message to the Islamic tyrants of the world, with whom his true loyalty no doubt rests and he has been doing so throughout his short tenure as President.This guy really isn’t that clandestine. Anyone who wants to see the truth can see that he has been all but skywriting his intentions - to the Islamic world. The words and deeds of this would-be tyrant demonstrate that he intends to subjugate our country – our country (emphasis intentional).

In fact, he DID skywrite it last year in an absolutely bizarre manner that anyone with a morsel of intelligence would plainly understand if they were not thoroughly intoxicated by this false prophet.We’ve heard many lame excuses for the following video, none of which are even slightly believable. After watching this I take great offense as should any reasonable person, at the notion that this was anything but a calculated message.

See video:

The symbolism was astonishing: After he had just moved into our White House, it didn’t take long before he caused the entire world to view the potent images of AIR FORCE 1 – TERRORIZING the very city that his counterparts had terrorized a few years before. The fact that it was any type of plane was appalling - but sending Air Force 1 was an infamous statement to the Islamic world taking place right before our eyes.

He was telling his fundamentalist partners that there is a “new Sherriff in town”. Witnessing the video of New Yorkers running from the shadows of Air Force 1 and hearing their fearful screams was absolutely surreal. This extremely cruel gesture was not unlike the way a dog dominates others to show who is in charge. I believe this so-called photo opportunity was intended as a clear symbolic message to those our imposter believes to be his actual constituents - the Islamic world.

Only in this context does his bizarre and unexplainable behavior become explainable. Another sample: In June of last year, White House photographer Pete Sousa snapped a photo of Obama while he was talking on the phone with Netanyahu. In the photo, Obama had his feet propped up on the desk inside the Oval Office, with the American flag strategically appearing behind him. Israeli newscasters called the posture insulting, since in many Arab countries, it is considered an insult to show someone the sole of your shoe.

This reminded me of a recent interview with President Bush talking about the reverence that presidents historically have demonstrated for that office (until Clinton of course). Bush explained why he never entered that office without wearing a tie out of respect for the office.

This Obama picture is disturbingly symbolic PR directed to his Arab constituents once again. It is disturbing because it demonstrates his contempt for America as he disrespects that office and it is disturbing that this photo just happened to make it all around the world! And it just so happened that of all people with whom the president talks on the phone in a given day – it just HAPPENED to be with ISRAEL’S Prime Minister Netanyahu and they made sure everybody knew it!

This is all just coincidence, right? Unfortunately, what could be our undoing is that we are a people trained to dismiss all evidence of evil by liberals as “conspiracy theory”. Like a popular character “Keysor Sose” said in a movie called The Usual Suspects, “the greatest trick the devil ever pulled on mankind is convincing them he doesn’t exist.” Democrats have indeed convinced a significant number of our youth that the devil doesn’t exist. They bring ridicule to those who see the obvious as “nuts”. Unfortunately vindication sometimes comes at an exorbitant price.

Although tangential to this subject, a case in point is the vindication of Ron Paul. I have never been a Ron Paul supporter because I found him dangerously na├»ve about the Islamic threat and the goals of Islam. But I vehemently agreed with his economic warnings and if any honest person were to go back and watch the debates, they would see that he was nothing short of prophetic. He was treated by his contemporaries with disdain and practically ridiculed off of the stage at the time. Ron Paul, for warning the nation of predatory economic policies was often ridiculed as a nut. Paul still doesn’t get much attention from –any- of the news networks but when the Congressman is on the financial media, people rightfully listen. At this point I would say that he is one of the few elder statesmen in Congress who deserves to escape the wrath of conservative voters.

What Ron Paul did that made him unique to most of those in our government was that he looked at the glaring warning signs and he spoke of the reality. The reality was so bad and the consequences so devastating that nobody would believe. We are conditioned by decades of lies and a lifetime of luxury that nothing dramatic can ever happen. Any talk of economic collapse is conspiracy theory. Any talk of malicious intent toward America from within is dismissed as conspiracy theory. The -daily- effrontery of this president toward US citizens and Israel add up to compelling circumstantial evidence. The significance of this behavior to the perceptions of the Arabic world puts the bizarre in a meaningful context. This is a guy who appeases Iran in every way but has taken every opportunity to publicly humiliate our best ally, the only true democracy in the middle-east.

His greatest protection is the fact that his actions are so suspicious that nobody wants to face the possibilities. The fact that his improbable rise to power is remarkably reminiscent of The Manchurian Candidate actually works to his advantage. It inoculates him because after all, if there was a movie about it, it couldn’t actually happen in real life. From the nationalization of industries, bribery of elected officials, assault on unborn children, destroying the greatest healthcare system on Earth and now appointing radical leftists while Congress is out of session, Obama is assaulting every facet of our lives at once.

The left know we cannot possibly garner attention to all of these battles at one time so some are sure to slip by without any animadversion. In the midst of everything else, he is launching a strategic assault upon our own military. Unlike other Democrats who used to ignore the military, this one couldn’t wait to assault it by pushing the homosexual agenda on it. Obama is using the same tactics on the military as the left have used on our children in the public school system. He is sowing the seeds of immorality because he wants to sculpt it into a left winged social experiment. What an ingenious way to destroy the most powerful force for good on Earth, from within, by sowing the seeds of dissension and debauchery which are certain to ensue.

Think I’m over-reacting? What a curious time, in the midst of war to make the commendation of sodomy a top priority in the military! It would be highly advisable to start a campaign to get copies of the constitution for every member of the military because the usurper will no doubt try to abuse them as he has abused everything else this nation has held sacred and it is only his first year.

It is clear this infiltrator is a globalist who wants this military to serve under the authority of the United Nations. It is clear that his loyalties are with the Islamic world and it is clear that he will seek to help them destroy the nation of Israel.Following is a somber verse from the Prophet Zechariah and it is frightening to realize that through the actions of Hussein and Biden, we are asking God to destroy our nation by siding with these Islamic terrorists. “And in that day will I make Jerusalem a burdensome stone for all people: all that burden themselves with it shall be cut in pieces, though all the people of the earth be gathered together against it.” - Zechariah 12:3

God promised Israel that land and the terrorists are not going to prevail. Israel WILL prevail regardless. The important question for America is –who- and –what- is our Commander-in-Chief and which side will America be on? Our fate as a nation depends upon that answer. A hint toward that answer can be seen in Sunday’s headline at which reads “Legislation passed by Congress imposing harsh sanctions on Iran has languished for months without President Barack Obama’s signature as the Islamic Republic moves forward with its nuclear program.”

Something I would like to revisit was a story at the time of Obama’s inauguration. It was a bit of a fluff piece when we were told that Barack Obama would be the first sitting US president to use email and more significantly, a Blackberry. Initially it wasn’t certain he would be allowed to use one because of security concerns. It was said that his love for his blackberry was “famous” and Obama said they would have to “pry it from his hands” before he would give it up. According to the Guardian report linked below, it is a special, highly encrypted mobile which would satisfy security demands and "Obama will be able to use it still for routine and personal messages…"

I have security concerns regarding Obama and that BlackBerry but it isn’t for the same reasons. They gave him a new “spy-proof smartphone” ostensibly to protect Obama from spies. However, in light of this guy’s aversion for capitalism, our constitution and the foundational Christian values of our nation, this begs the question of what protections the people of this country are ceded from possible espionage. We know he’s also using this special Blackberry for personal use and that is what scares me. The way things are going with this President, I wouldn’t be surprised if they eventually do have to “pry it from his hands” by court order and the sooner the better because I’m really beginning to wonder what the h e double L we might find.

I will conclude with this subtle signal Obama has sent to his Ayatollah constituents.

This wasn’t a covert message but it was a significant slip up when you include it with the ever growing body of evidence. At the very least it is just one of many glaring giveaways that intelligent people should have pondered if they had conducted any meaningful due diligence before casting their votes.

If you are a Christian reading this, how many times in your life have you inadvertently referred to your faith as "my Muslim faith"? Can you honestly ever conjure up any scenario where you might ever accidentally call yourself a Muslim?

Cogitate on this in the context of all Obama’s bizarre behavior, the contemptuous gestures toward Israel going back several months from the symbolic shoe shot while making it clear to the world that he was talking with ISRAEL at that moment in time.

Combine that with Biden’s actions last week and Obama’s insolent (and juvenile) act of humiliating Netanyahu in Washington this week, making sure everyone in the worled KNEW he did so (to our shame). Then think about the fact that he was educated as a child in a Muslim school and the fact that standard Islamic “education” of children, especially in that part of the world instructs them on the duty of annihilating Israel and all Jews.

Think about his domestic terrorist friends who helped him launch his political career, his spiritual advisor and long time pastor Jeremiah “God damn America” Wright and his devout Marxist cabinet. Is it preposterous in light of everything to entertain the possibility that this nation might have a Manchurian candidate on their hands?I expect that I will receive some caustic emails from the left who love to indulge those who aim to destroy our constitution and everything we hold sacred. Being the masters of specious rhetoric, despite their eight years of antagonizing the benign President Bush, they will say “How dare you write such things… you may not like the man but you should respect the office of the presidency.” I will spare them the keystrokes and declare here and now. By God, I write these things BECAUSE I respect the office of the Presidency.


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