Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Obama's Overtures toward Free College for All
Obama went to a community college yesterday to sign the final package of fixes to the healthcare bill। He did this because a major part of the healthcare scam was to directly nationalize the student loan business. There used to be a buffer between the Federal government and student loans but not anymore.Obama said “a great battle pitting the interest of the banks and the financial institutions – against the interest of students – finally came to an end.

For almost two decades we have been trying to fix a sweetheart deal in federal law that essentially gave billions of dollars to banks to act as unnecessary middle-men in administering student loans.”

Could it have anything to do with the fact that lending is the business they are in and there may be some similarities in the due-diligence and administrative duties? It’s just a guess but I would think the reason why this so-called “sweetheart deal” existed -for 45 years- before this genius and his mummified corpse leading Congress came along, was because there are tens of thousands of lending institutions spanning the nation with qualified people who are experienced in this area and have locations with people who work inside of them. Nevertheless, starting July 1st, those loans will be offered –only- by the Department of Education and I cannot wait to see how well they run this business!

Here’s something you can take to the bank. The False Prophet’s true intensions are for this charade to amount to another $85 Billion dollar per year entitlement that will add to the crippling debt he is deliberately mounting to destroy this country he, his wife, his pastor, his domestic terrorist and Marxist cabinet so loathes.I don’t know if anyone has noticed but there’s a bit of a problem here. The people who catapulted this Bolshevik wannabe to office are the same people who are supposed to be paying off these college loans.

Throughout his campaign and his first year in office Obama has done a masterful job of inspiring the fallen angels of their nature. Like the devil in “Needful Things”, he has something for everyone. To the young generation who overwhelmingly supported him, he promised them a free college education and stressed that it is a “right”. He didn’t just do this throughout his campaign; he did so during his recent State of the Union Address. If we are to take his words at face value, he can only be doing this as an overture toward “free college for all”. Obama and The Mummy sold this swindle as a blow to “sweetheart deals” against the evil bankers and elimination of the proverbial “middle-man” as though they are going to now reap tremendous profits for us.

Bond investors are more conservative than the stock market and their actions can tell you a lot about this situation. Over the past few years, Sallie Mae, the largest provider of student loans has seen its bond ratings plunge toward the very border of “junk” status and is probably only above that line because of politics. (We have seen the integrity of these agencies with regard to securitized mortgages and their willingness to play ball.)

What the bond market is telling you is that defaults are increasing and it is going to get much worse. It makes perfect sense. Capitalism and democracy only work for a moral and God fearing people (as Adams said) and we are now seeing why. These promises they made to pay back those loans are a trifling matter to a generation of ingrates who were raised by the government and M-TV. Many of these kids care about two things, getting laid and getting paid, none of which is a catalyst for them to compensate taxpayers for something they have been inculcated to believe is owed to them.

If The False Prophet and The Mummy have not yet been charged, tried and convicted of treason by then, next election time he will convince these ingrates that we should be paying them a full-time salary to go to college।According to Obama’s news reader, Brian Williams and Spokesman Chuck Todd, there were some other goodies in the healthcare bill to bribe the kids, like increases in Pell grants to keep up with tuition inflation, which will probably encourage further increases for college tuition. It also included a limitation on repayment of loans to 10% of income because “I know what that’s like” said Obama, “Michelle and I had big debts coming out of school. Debts we weren’t able to fully repay until just a few years before I started running for office.” I guess he means that Tony Rezko paid them off about four years ago because I don’t think he spent more than a year in each office as he traversed the road to the White House.

I guess it’s not like the Treasury actually needs that money back. These gestures are only a good faith overture because he promised these ingrates FREE and they will not forget. These kids have been looking for something to protest and riot about. They are holding protests and getting arrested all over the country with their signs demanding free college education. The scene about which everyone was making a big deal with Ann Coulter at a Canadian University doesn’t look much different than the scene here in the US.

By the news coverage you would think that the activities of those Canadian students were unusual. That’s because you barely see these left winged protestors in American universities in a negative light in our media. It’s time to wake up. This is just a friendly piece of advice. If you are like many ambivalent Americans supporting a child in college, you may have a Marxist on your hands and be totally oblivious to that fact. You may want to do some further due diligence on your investment.In the final analysis, I guess the federal government would have end up nationalizing it all regardless. Why wait to bail out for Sallie Mae and all of these lenders as the deadbeat kids bleed them dry slowly - when you can sneak it all into a "healthcare bill".


Take a minute to watch this piece with Brian Williams and Chuck Todd. At the end Todd refers to the observation by insurance companies that allow them to continue using generally accepted underwriting procedures on child policies. Todd referred to the threatening letter sent by Kathleen Sebelius to the insurance companies and the fact that the insurance industry said they would comply with The False Prophet’s interpretation of the law. The revealing part occurs at the end when he tosses back to Brian Williams who said “we’re actually going to track that story and HOLD THEM TO IT”. So much for hiding their status as White House tail-waggers. What's amazing is this is the same crowd that wouldn’t wear an American Flag lapel after Sept 11, 2001, after our country just went to war – for fear that they might show partiality. They were supposedly worried that people should not see them take a side! They also won’t use the word “terrorist” for that reason.

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They really are an embarrassment and disgrace to our nation and the founding fathers who took such solicitude to assure a “free press” as an essential pillar of democracy. I mean, in other communist countries the press at least waits to be nationalized before they start humping the leg of their master. I guess since these guys know with their abysmal ratings it’s only a matter of time, so they want to earn enough Scooby Snacks to get to the front of the line.

WARNING: Also on that page is a link to a story titled: "President Obama goes One-on-One with Matt Lauer". I cannot vouch for that one because I didn't dare click on it. But if you must, make sure there are no children in the room. Don't miss the latest Budget Buster "The Mummy 2010". The Mummy (played by Nancy Pelosi) is sent to Congress by a radical district of trans-gendered, sexual deviants and drug addicts to hijack the entire US Congress. Will she and her partner The False Prophet (Barack Hussein Obama) succeed in their overt scheme to bleed the country dry and convert it to tyranical hybrid of Islam-O-Marxism? Or will the nation wake up and charge them for the treachery they personify? Choose your own adventure.

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