Thursday, December 29, 2011

A Mitt Romney Nomination will guarantee a GOP schism

“If we must have an enemy at the head of Government, let it be one whom we can oppose, and for whom we are not responsible, who will not involve our party in the disgrace of his foolish and bad measures.”- Alexander Hamilton

I love that quote and Hamilton is the founding father for whom I have the most admiration. He had some flaws as all men do but he was awesome!

We have listened to the "moderate" wing of the GOP and voted for thier nominees for decades out of fear.  Where has it gotten us?  Where might we be had we stuck to and voted our principles instead of listening to their platitudes about "who can win a general election"?

Monday, November 28, 2011

November 27, 2011
The Pseudo-Scientists are back for another round of propaganda.
by Scott Ryan

They come out from under their rocks every time we have a few tornados and never miss an opening when it comes to exploiting popular ignorance. An AP column last Friday titled Science panel: Get ready for extreme weather opened by asserting – “Think of the Texas drought, floods in Thailand and Russia's devastating heat waves as coming attractions in a warming world. That is the warning from top international climate scientists and disaster experts after meeting in Africa.”

And of course their thesis is that this weather is the fault of mankind.

They fail to mention that for the past year, the AUTHENTIC scientists have been detailing the fact that the sun is going through a cycle in which its north and south poles are literally inverting. This only happens every 11 years and it tends to be accompanied by intense solar activity.

Authentic scientists have also been detailing how for the past several months we have been and are projected to -further- experience large solar storms (as the sunspots serve as a portent) into 2012. They have warned this could  plausibly lead to major power and communication outages here on Earth.

Authentic scientists are talking about many interesting things taking place and most people don't hear about them when they don't fit the narrative of man-made global warming. There are some strange occurrences taking place like the magnetic North Pole shifting at a unusually rapid pace, which recently forced runway closures at a major Florida Airport. These "climate scientists" haven't yet figured out a clever way to blame it on man but I'm sure they are working on it.

Read more:

Where were their voices when we BARELY even had a hurricane season this year?

These pseudo-scientists are little more than poseurs, paid for by globalists with a Marxist agenda for America. For the aggressively anti-American agenda they collude to legislate, they should ultimately be tried for fraud and perhaps treason.

With basic sense and empirical evidence clearly against them and mounting evidence of fraud and tampering with scientific data, any acute person would assume that they are finished. Unfortunately this isn't the case because they are not alone in their fraud against Americans. The pseudo-journalists and their partners in Hollywood daily wage war against basic sense and scientific method, thereby keeping the fraud alive.

It is unthinkable how so many people who fancy themselves intelligent and educated can be so blind to the clear fraud. But just like most victims of Ponzi schemes, they want to believe so badly they bend over backwards to convince themselves it is true.

Painful as it is, if you put yourself in their shoes, it is easier to understand their need to keep this alive. They may not have an equity stake in the carbon credit exchange like their puppet masters AL Gore and Barack Obama; however, they do have a great deal of their lives invested. This is what you could call “sweat equity”.

Everyone, even athiests want to feel their lives have some significance. They reject the possibility of the Judeo-Christian God because He has issued commandments to us for our own good, just like any decent parent does for their child. Like insolent children, they detest that God and His commandments because these commandments contradict their lives of narcissism and debauchery.

What to do? To make it seem like their partying here on Earth had any meaning, they revived this pagan religion of Earth worship, which is what these people really do. They need a cause for which to fight in order for their life stories to have any piquancy, so they created this superficial cause. It works out beautifully because this racket allows them to do anything they want without making any genuine sacrifices.

We are ripe for all forms of leftist manipulation as a nation. People now have been so indoctrinated that they are willing to believe anything. Just look at these "Occupy Wall Street" vagrants. They are supposedly angry at the banks because of the bailouts yet they have nothing but veneration for the very people who essentially forced the banks to –take- the “bailout” tax dollars. That's not to say the banks didn't want the money but I don't know of too many Americans, especially these protesting vagrants, who wouldn't take the tax dollars if it were offered to them. In fact, that’s why they are angry. They want more than they are already getting. They are holding the signs that literally say “give US a bail out”.

The point is that indoctrinated people in America are angry and in no mood to utilize basic sense or logic of any kind. They choose the outcome they want, which is of course the one proffered by the leftists who promise them utopia without the threat of restraining their affinity for casual sex, drunkenness and unabated indolence. Hence, the unthinkable resilience of the global warming fraud that is ultimately synonymous with treason and destruction of freedom.

Jesse Ventura, a self-described FRIEND of Al Gore, recently produced a more than competent documentary on his show “Conspiracy Theory” (Ep. 3), in which he and his team chase these parasites all the way to China. I have long found myself at odds with Ventura's views but I must say, he did a nice job on this investigative piece.

I recommend checking it out. You can view it online through Xfinnity or at

The weather is going to be getting worse over the next year and they know it. As Americans are more gullible than ever, be ready for an onslaught of exploitation like you have never before seen.

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

September 27, 2011
An ideal allocation for a dismal Economy
by Scott Ryan

Nothing has changed with regard to the fundamental reasons for buying gold. The thesis remains 100% intact. Hedge funds in the past week have been selling off their positions, causing a temporary price decline. These are short term traders who commit billions of dollars of other people's money based upon formations on a chart - not sound reasoning. A “strong dollar” is a complete misnomer. Picture a teeter totter on the deck of the Titanic. One can be “up” versus the other; however, the problem with all fiat currencies is the same. Which is “up” versus which on any given day is irrelevant in the longer term. By “longer term” I’m talking months – not years.

The greatest risk ultimately is being long fiat paper backed by the utopian fantasies of prodigal governments.

You have to be long gold. The dollar has lost 96% of value versus gold and will eventually lose the other 4%.

To mitigate volatility, as a means of diversification, I like the utility ETF - Select Sector SPDR-Utilities (Symbol: XLU) yielding over 4%.

The treacherous policy of the Fed is creating a bubble in junk bonds as it appears the only option for seniors looking to replace the yields of their maturing CDs. I do not like the junk bonds or any bonds right now. I expect bonds and bond investors to get destroyed as the government is forced to “inflate their way out of the debt”. Millions of senior citizens will fall prey to brokers all too willing to sell them the junk bonds and leveraged funds. I think the equity offered in the utilities with the dividend yield is a better place to look for current income/yield than bonds. Sure, you could go out and buy one utility alone and get a higher yield –but- the ETF provides important regional diversification. This is important in this economic climate.

I also love Microsoft here. I have rarely been excited about MSFT but here at this level, selling at a mere $200 billion market cap – it is a fraction of its former high of $614 Billion, 9 times earnings and a solid 3% + dividend. As when I was recommending Ebay at around $12.00 (2/23/2009) – my thesis was that the sum of the parts were worth far more than the market was - temporarily - appraising the whole.  I concluded the rapidly growing PAYPAL which is owned by Ebay was worth more than the current price of Ebay; thus it was only a matter of time before the value was FORCED upward by the growing cash flow and EPS.

Source of ebay rec:

I say the same for Microsoft (MSFT) here at the $25 dollar per share/$209 billion market cap.  I can envision a future where their prudent acquisition of Skype may prove to be a Bonanza. Based on what I’m seeing from Skype, I believe that Skype has the potential to be worth $200 billion alone in a few years.

So, to recap.

You must own gold.  To help offset over-all volatility, value and cash flow can be found in the utility ETF (XLU) -and- Microsoft is a compelling valuation here with a built in floor of cash, cash flow, low p/e and attractive dividend.  Then keep up to 25% in cash for the short-term needs.

Thursday, September 22, 2011

Why LIBERALS don't believe in Science - or Journalism
by Scott Ryan
The purpose of this column is not to endorse a political contender for the Republican presidential race but rather to point out the strategy of the leftist media to undermine any candidate who shows the potential of being the alternative choice to their false prophet in the White House.
The nation was recently treated to yet another child being exploited by a parent offering her son as a sacrifice of dignity on behalf of Barack 0bama.  It came not in the usual third world dictator tactic of forcing the clueless child to sing praise to the tyrant but this time in the form of a child being coaxed into asking Governor Rick Perry a question about his view on the theory of evolution – followed up by the question of why he “doesn’t believe in science” (as the unfit “mother” fed him the questions word by word before a camera).

Despite the egregious manipulation involved, the media attempted to take advantage of this child abuse by running with the talking points so as to make this anti-science theme stick.
The real question begged is why liberals do not believe in parenting and why the media do not believe in journalism, nevertheless, columnist Paul Ferrell ran with this days later in his column titled:
“Why China wouldlove ‘President Rick Perry’”
His disingenuous thesis was that “China must be secretly rooting for a guy like Rick Perry as the next U.S. president. They’d love competing against an America led by another Texas governor who talks from a big hat, loves war spending and tea parties, thinks the Fed chairman is acting “treasonous,” believes Social Security is a “Ponzi scheme” and admits he’s an antiscience, antievolution, anti-intellectual who will turn back the clock to the 19th century frontier Wild West.”

"They’d love competing against an America led by another Texas governor who...???"

They wouldn't love it nearly as much as they (China) love a fellow communist lap dog who pollutes the Internet with such vile leftist propaganda pathetically disguised as journalism.

Perry is "anti-science"!

Ferrell prefers Gore and Obama's "scientific" theory that advances their global socialist program where they save us from ourselves and simultaneously make billions of dollars on a carbon credit exchange scam.

It’s sad how none of these lap dogs question the anti-science propensities of the flat Earth left when it gets in the way of their own agenda.  I suppose if 0bama could figure out how to regulate and securitize solar flares, then they would embrace real science - but since the empirical evidence doesn't support their agenda... too bad! That's Democrat style science. If only we could all be so sagacious.

These liberals try to portray themselves as though they exude scientific methodology.  The truth is their methods don't even rise to the level of specious because they are so completely moronic. That's why they have to polarize, demonize and foment anger. That way the hatred of their indoctrinated droids will overcome intellect.
Therein lies the reality. 

Liberals do not believe in science because it doesn't lend itself to their big government tax schemes.  Perhaps if we gave these scoundrels time they would devise a "scientific" reason for why AMERICANS are CAUSING 85% of all sun spots. Then they can tax the sun spots, which of course AMERICA will pay.

Eliminate the sun spots - you then eliminate the solar storms.

Has their leading genius Gore found a way to stop the North & South poles of the sun from inverting this year? It is a scientific fact that this occurs about every 11 years and tends to cause unusually active solar storms.  It will be hard to find a way to make a trading scheme in Chicago for Solar Flare credits.

See   “Prepare for the Worst, Because Solar Storms Are About to Get Ugly”

As NASA indicated "This always happens around the time of solar maximum," says David Hathaway, a solar physicist at the Marshall Space Flight Center. "The magnetic poles exchange places at the peak of the sunspot cycle. In fact, it's a good indication that Solar Max is really here."

Not to be an alarmist but as the column in Wired indicated – our growing reliance on space-based technology makes us more vulnerable than ever to their effects.” 
That means that it could cause not only interference with broadcast transmissions and GPS systems – but also power grids.  In the event of severe chaos – we will once again be treated to the typical leftist Democrat exploitation (never let a tragedy go to waste) and an aversion to the true causation (science).

Who in the reading of this piece would bet against the probability of the blame being placed not on scientific fact – but rather “climate change” caused by none other than human beings, American CAPITALIST human beings more specifically?

Regardless, this would not be a bad time to have an emergency communications plan in place involving a “primitive” cb radio in the event your more “advanced” communications should be interrupted while the left winged opportunists do as they always do - exploit.  Join your fellow constitution venerating patriots in the volunteer CB Patriot Project at   

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

August 3, 2011
This House United CANNOT Stand
by Scott Ryan

Well now that we have our beloved debt ceiling increase and trivial spending cuts the global market has graded the work of our elected ambulance chasers without much ambiguity.  The report card is another tripple digit dow drop and the world is buying more gold, which hit another all-time record yesterday.

On July 31 ("Newsflash for the Pundits..."), as I listed in amazement of how the entire media gave such undue credibility to the ratings agencies, I wrote "we have finally elected a group to congress who recognize the gravity of the situation and are willing to stand up to the demagoguery that has for decades led to the pitiful compromise that CAUSED this situation. That cause has been the appeasement of and by self-serving politicians who rasied the debt ceiling over and over and over again - in order to buy votes."

Plaudits to the tea partiers and those few statesmen who actually stood your ground in the face of unabated libel and slander from the inept media and elected swindlers.  Despite their venom, the indisputable facts prove you were correct.  These addicts insisted we needed this debt increase and as predicted, the markets have reacted appropriately as their cowardice clearly demonstrated nothing but the fact that they are unwilling to make any meaningful change to their profusion.

If the GOP led congress had capitulated and done what their predecessors have done for decades, follow the path of least resistance, they would have signaled to the world that we do not have what it takes to save this country from certain bankruptcy.

Now the Saboteur, the omedia and his communist party are out campaigning for "jobs".  They're "all about job creation" now.  Pelosi says that "jobs are our strongsuit".  I guess that's true to some extent; they DO create jobs.  They even create jobs in the private sector.  Osama bin Laden was a big jobs creator too.  When you wreck havoc and destroy, some jobs are invariably created.  The problem is the COST of those jobs and the fact that every time these ambulance chasers "create jobs" they destroy at least twice as many.

I put my thoughts to video last night.  My conclusion is that despite all of the platitudes of Democrats needing to "come together" and "put aside our partisan differences for the sake of the country..." - is pure nonsense.  Tyranny and liberty don't mix anymore than light and darkness.  If THIS "house" be united - freedom and virtue CANNOT stand.


Saturday, July 30, 2011

July 30, 2011
A Fresh, NEW PAUL for President anyone?
by Scott Ryan

Rand Paul has done an outstanding job as a freshman US Senator. He has stood his ground; he has not waivered and in every interview I have thus far seen, he has done an OUTSTANDING job articulating his remonstrance of why he could not support –any- of the bills put forward in the House or Senate.

We have a few historical precedents in this nation of sons of previous Presidents succeeding their former Presidential fathers and many such examples in the House and Senate.

I think that Rand Paul has clearly demonstrated himself worthy of a NEW precedent, one in which the son of a distinguished congressional father becomes the US President after his father had on multiple attempts failed to win on multiple attempts.

I believe that Ron Paul has done an outstanding job as a congressman and was right on the money in his past warnings on the debt. He has earned the credence afforded him by his prescience on those issues.  However his accuracy is not known or understood by more than a small fraction of Americans and he is simply not very marketable to enough Americans to win a presidential primary.

I always agreed with Ron Paul on his economic and pro-life positions but never supported Ron Paul in a primary because he seemed to underestimate the true threat of Islam while articulating his position on the Iraq war.

I don’t necessarily believe that we should be at war in the middle-east either but if I were comfortable to know that his agenda would include assurances that he would have a cohesive policy to protect us domestically from the Islamic invasion, I would have much more likely supported him in the past. But to say that we are just going to unilaterally “pull out” of Iraq and Afghanistan without demonstrating an alternative makes him appears as just another pacifist. I do not currently nor have I ever trusted the professed motivations for our being in Iraq and Afghanistan. I am incapable of suspending my disbelief that people of western values which are diametrically opposed to those of the Islamic middle-east can project their constitutional principles on a region of people whose religious values prevent a separation between their tyrannical religion and state and continue to do so today. Look at Africa for example. Their central “prophet” Muhammad grew the Islamic empire by subjugation and forced conversion. The fruits of Islam have always been tyranny. So I have no faith whatsoever that Democracy can flourish to any degree in those nations in which we are spending trillions of our tax dollars. I believe that about as much as I believe that there can EVER be a victorious ending to a “war on terror” as long as Islam is the dominant religion in those nations.

I have long suspected that regardless of which President is waging the purported “war on terror”, while the pretense for it has been to make democracy “take hold” in those nation, it has been more about a globalist agenda. This agenda has proven to take MORE American liberties away for our “security” than to provide freedom in those Islamic nations.

I was at Dulles Airport just outside our nation’s capital yesterday and was outraged as I heard over the intercom throughout the entire airport – that “there will be an Islamic prayer service held today at…. at …o’clock”. I was waiting for my flight for two hours and during that time, this “Islamic prayer service” was announced over the intercom TWO TIMES. During those hours, those were the ONLY announcements that were made over that airport intercom! This was in our nation’s CAPITAL. It’s time to wake up. Muslims are infiltrating our own military bases and killing our soldiers on our own soil. They are killing Americans, Africans, Europeans and Israelis all over the globe. Yet we don’t just give Islam deference in this nation, we give Islam PREFERENCE.  We give preference to the very religion responsible for the fact that I stood in line at the gate for 30 minutes, being forced to take my shoes and belt off, enter an x-ray booth and have my Pepsodent tooth paste confiscated!  Who is winning the war on terror when these same people get accomodated to the extent that they announce they are having a prayer service in that airport?

What are the odds that such solicitude would be given to CHRISTIANS if they were holding a “Christian prayer service" or bible study somewhere in Dulles airport? It is nothing less than perversion the way the left like to coddle the very people who want us – and them – dead. It is unexplainable the way they like to stroke these people other than to say that they must get some sick form of arousal by it akin to auto-erotic affixation. It is evil. Their hatred toward Christ and the principles upon which this great nation was founded clearly exceeds any devotion of freedom they might have.  

Based upon the preference now given to this barbarianism even after September 11, 2001 and all of the terror attacks across the globe against westerners, tell me WHO is actually WINNING this “war on terror”.

All this being expatiated, it is not enough for Ron Paul to say that we are going to high tail it out of the middle-east and act like it never happened. The hornets are nesting. They attacked US first. They are in our midst as we saw at Fort Hood, as I heard yesterday at Dulles airport and as mosques continue to permeate this nation. It is not enough to declare victory - or defeat. I need to hear a clearly elucidated strategy on how we are going to DEFEND our nation against this scourge. That is where Ron Paul lost me.

I don’t mean this to criticize the Congressman. I give him accolades for his devotion to this country and for his economic prowess. He’s a true American patriot and has done exceptionally well for his country - but I think his time may have passed. Many conservatives were, like me, not quite comfortable with his foreign policy and could not support him in the primaries for that reason. Many others said he just didn’t seem to have that presidential quality or ability to win. Senator Rand Paul on the other hand seems to exude leadership characteristics that I have no problem declaring presidential. Senator Paul’s relative youth, vigor and demonstrated devotion to the constitutional principles he was elected to advance – make him a STRONG potential candidate for the presidency.

After seeing his frequent interviews during the past few weeks of this debt limit debate,Senator Paul's exceptional defense against the establishment in the Republican party as they along with the so-called conservative pundits urged him to capitulate – there can be absolutely no question about his loyalty and ability to defend this nation against the underhanded ambushes of the leftist and pseudo-right media.

We have a group of candidates who CLAIM they have those faculties – while many like Romney hide from taking a position –but Senator Rand Paul has been DEMONSTRATING his talents on the world state and has done so flawlessly as far as I can determine. I also think his experience as an MD should give him exceptional credentials in the war against Obamacare, not to mention the nobility that comes with his prior career when compared to the typical elected ambulance chaser.

This is not intended to be an endorsement of Senator Rand Paul. I have not committed my vote at this point but I certainly have not been impressed by the declared candidates as of yet. I also think Jim DeMint would be an exceptional candidate who has earned my immense admiration.


Have an emergency communications plan before the resuts of Washington's prodigality hits the fan.  Do not allow yourself to be isolated from fellow conservatives in the event that the Saboteur and his rogues at the FCC move to shut down Internet communication as he has attemepted to gain control.  Join the volunteers at in a volunteer project to create back-up emergency communications in the event that the Internet and cell phones are shut down.

Friday, July 22, 2011

July 23, 2011
Newsflash for the Pundits: Analysts have a poor collective track record
by Scott Ryan

Officials from Standard & Poor’s and other credit rating agencies told a gathering of Republicans this week that a default on the nation’s debt by the federal government could lead to a “death spiral” in the bond market.

We have enough tax revenue to make our interest payments so –not- increasing the debt ceiling shouldn't lead to a default on the interest payments. The significance of what has taken place in this incident is being misinterpreted.

Pundits Bill O’Reilly, Kudlow, Charles Krauthammer and old guard Senators like James Coburn are championing the status quo. Krauthammer is contending that Republicans have “over played their hand” and “appear as unreasonable”.

The fundamental problem with their melodrama is they are all making the mistake of assuming that the proffered opinion of S&P and Moody’s is somehow an axiom. Nobody is asking the question, who are these people and –why- should we blithely give their opinions credence? I take issue with the very premise. The notion that our debt- should- be DOWNGRADED based upon the debt ceiling not being raised is erroneous at its core and here’s why.

The people at these ratings agencies are merely analysts with their own opinions and are subject to their personal biases like anyone else. One thing that I have found about financial analysts in my career as a Financial Advisor is they are dead wrong at least as often as they are right. How soon we forget that many of these analysts slapped AAA ratings on CDO’s and CMO’s that were packed with tranches of pure garbage, liar loans. Most of these analysts LOVED the general obligation municipal bonds that were recently hammered down in valuation. Several years before the meltdown, municipal bond traders at a major global wire house told me that standard procedure was for these bond ratings agencies was to automatically slap a AAA+ rating on a GO bond if that state or municipality simply purchased an insurance policy from the muni bond insurers like MBIA & AMBAC. By the way, those insurers are not sound. One of the top bond insurers, AMBAC went bankrupt this past November and MBIA is on life support at best. Most of these muni bonds trade steeply below their IPO prices in the secondary market and are being propped up along with the junk bond market by the Federal Reserve’s exceedingly low interest rate policy.

Sure, we could see a self-fulfilling prophecy where our bonds trade down on Monday after a week of apocalyptic rhetoric. But the major buyers of US Treasuries in the primary market now have MORE reason to bid the price of Treasuries UPWARD as a result. The indisputable fact is that thanks to the tea party movement, we have finally elected a group to congress who recognize the gravity of the situation and are willing to stand up to the demagoguery that has for decades led to the pitiful compromise that CAUSED this situation.   That cause has been the appeasement of and by self-serving politicians who rasied the debt ceiling over and over and over again - in order to buy votes.

If the GOP led congress had capitulated and done what their predecessors have done for decades, follow the path of least resistance, they would have signaled to the world that we do not have what it takes to save this country from certain bankruptcy. We do not have TIME to make symbolic gestures with diminutive cuts and growth killing tax increases, regardless of what some academic quants think at Standard & Poors.  Smart money, i.e. countries and entities who buy up tens of billions worth of US paper – should have MORE confidence than yesterday that we are going to be able to exercise the fiscal discipline requisite to maintain these obligations into the distant future. I maintain that despite the manipulative rhetoric of Barack Obama and Harry Reed, the outlook for Treasuries and the US dollar is much more positive today than it was yesterday as a result of Boehner walking away from business as usual.

The “smart money” do not make their commitments based upon the prosaic reasoning of a Standard and Poor analyst. If prosperity truly was a corollary to reading an S&P report, the analysts at these agencies and the webmasters who publish the reports would be the wealthiest people on the planet because they get the “analysis” first. The strength of the US Treasury cannot be buttressed by Standard and Poors but rather the integrity of those who stand behind it.

Given the dismal track record of the analysts, I would no sooner solicit their subjective opinion on any financial instrument than I would that of an art or movie critic like Rodger Ebert. Ebert may be just as reliable. Concerning the scare tactics of the senate liberals, the last people I would listen to on fiscal matters is a group of elected ambulance chasers. The President would be much better suited to capitalizing on “slip and fall” victims. He and the rest of the lawyers should stick to that which they understand.

With the power of over-reaching government agencies like the SEC and a rogue Attorney General at his disposal, I can’t help but wonder what type of communication might be taking place between the Obama administration and executives at these ratings agencies that are profitable businesses in the highly regulated industry of Wall Street. Just saying - it might merit an investigation as the timing of their sudden proclamations could be perceived as somewhat peculiar.

As to the specious contentions of the establishment media pundits, they should be questioned as well. Krauthammer accusing them of “over playing their hand” (by not betraying us like they did before we lost our majority) - has a deceptive look of legitimacy because of the polls these pundits cite. In the same hour the pundits on Fox were was citing a poll that shows 60+ percent of Americans do NOT want the debt ceiling raised, these pundits cited a poll indicating that some 40%+ would “blame the Republicans if the debt ceiling isn’t raised”. Those two polls are actually somewhat congruent. The problem is that Krauthammer and the rest of the panel frame the polls and use their voice inflection to portray that as a NEGATIVE. If 60%+ of Americans DON’T WANT the debt ceiling to be raised – we should WANT the blame, especially if we actually BELIEVE in the cause which we advance!

- Scott Ryan

As one who likes to consider the record thought processes of those whose opinions I take into account, below are some relevant highlights to compare to the opinions of the analysts with whom I have for years taken issue.

My warning from June 2002 about the next crisis being in the banking sector:

"I fear that the next crises will be in the banking sector...The disease is a different kind of cancer. It's a seemingly inanimate form that is quickly devouring our foundation, which solely rests upon faith, character, morality and integrity. Independence Day is around the corner. Instead of having the nerve to sing the audacious request of “God bless America” right after we formally proclaimed in our Government God, you have no place in America, perhaps we should get on our knees and sing “God forgive America”."

"If they decide to get suckered into that Keynesian philosophy and try to SPEND our way to prosperity, we are going to have to jack up taxes, which will be the final death blow to this economy".

- MrArbitrage Sept 21,2001  (Time stamped by posting at 3rd party website)

Here’s a recent example of what Wall Street analysts bring to the table in terms of expertise. One day after I came out with a Buy recommendation on Under Armour, Inc. common shares (UA), an analyst from the most historically revered firm, Goldman Sachs came out with a Sell recommendation:

2/23/2009 MrArbitrage initiates his BUY.

"Goldman responds with a SELL: Under Armour-UA initiated with a Sell at Goldman 02/24 05:43 AM."

Beautiful call Goldman.
Historical quote for: UA

Monday, February 23, 2009 (date of Goldman's Sell rec)
Closing price: $14.12.

July 22nd: Share Price: $80.00

At Table Of (link below) I have compiled years worth of other time-stamped, 3rd party, independent linked documentations of egregious analyst ratings along with my own detailed remonstrance.  The great Dr. Burton Malkiel has an excellent book titled A Random Walk Down Wall Street in which he expatiates on the track record of the analysts.  The book is a classic and was influential in shaping my outlook more than any other investment book author.  I highly recommend reading it.

More… including warnings on GM woes from 2001-2003.…

Saturday, April 30, 2011

"American OPEC"
by Scott Ryan

Much has been said about the rising price of crude oil  over the past months but one aspect that hasn't been the focus has been that while oil itself is still a fair distance from its all-time high of $147 a barrel (light-sweet), gasoline is now just pennies away from the all-time high of $4.11 per gallon.

While the pundits are focusing on our need to drill for more oil at home, they are not discussing this disparity between prices then and now and what might be done to mitigate the problem in the more immediate term.

Some of our major oil companies drill the oil, refine it and distribute gasoline.  Yet, despite having a lower cost on that which they themselves drill from their own wells, they also purchase oil on the open market at the higher costs in order to meet the demand for gasoline.
(1 barrel of crude oil = 42 US gallons. It produces from about 21 percent to 35 percent of gasoline or petrol)

This past week, oil giant Exxon Mobil Corp said its profit rose 69% to nearly $11 billion in the first quarter, as $100-a-barrel crude prices helped the company’s bottom line reach levels not seen since 2008.

Politicians pounced on that as they usually focus on the large number itself, instead of the actual profit -margins- of the oil companies as consumers are naturally feeling the pain at the pumps.  It is much easier to incite anger over a dollar figure than a profit - percentage.

To be sure, we can definitely use more oil supply; however, the blame is not being properly ascribed.  A great deal of the rise should rightfully be given to our spendthrift government.  They use the platitude of how we are addicted to oil but in reality it is their addiction to SPENDING that forced the Federal Reserve to implement the past two quantitative easing campaigns in order to buy up hundreds of billions of dollars worth of debt instruments issued by these prodigals.

Trillions of dollars worth of unsustainable debt is signaling to the financial markets that more QE is inevitable regardless of the jawboning rhetoric of Ben Bernanke who up until last week refused to admit that inflation even existed.  Heretofore, he was warning of DEFLATION at the outrage of the American consumers who are not struggling with de-flation when they try to put food on their tables, heat their homes and fill up their gas tanks.

If you look at the price of all the items essential to human sustenance and the commodities market as a whole, one could conclude that the rising price of oil is just one of many items escalating in price.  The enormous rise in cotton is NOT due to the inarguable fact that we need more drilling.  It is more so because we need to STOP PRINTING!  And a change in monetary policy isn't going to happen the way our government is resisting fiscal responsibility.

To put the icing on the cake, last week it was announced that new applications for unemployment benefits unexpectedly jumped by 25,000 to the highest level in three months, in a worrisome sign that recent improvement in hiring trends may have stalled.  So we have prices rapidly escalating and less people working.  Sounds like "stagflation". 

Then we have loons like Bill O'Reilly on a crusade against the evil "speculators".  That doesn't deserve much attention and I will just refer to my July 28, 2009 column (The Intellectual indolence of those who attack Speculators) in order to address the non-issue.

So now that much of the blame has been properly attributed, I do believe that gasoline prices could and should be somewhat cheaper.  Going back to my point regarding the disparity between gasoline being near the all-time high of when oil topped at $147 a barrel, an interesting statistic that is rarely the focus of the financial media is the refining capacity utilization rate.  Just as we have been outraged at OPEC for the cartel's manipulation of supply when they meet and arbitrarily decide to cut back on their output, I believe the periodically released statistics show that the oil companies do something similar here with their output of gasoline.

We have often contended that we need to "build more refineries" because "we haven't built one in thirty+ years" and we cite the environmental barriers to doing so.  I do not discount that being true; however, given the current utilization of the refineries that we DO HAVE, I don't believe that the oil companies would -want- to spend hundreds of billions of dollars of their capital even if they could do so without obstruction.  I believe that is because there is little incentive to invest so much capital when they can simply sell their refined product now at much higher prices.

To support my thesis, take a look at the U.S. Percent Utilization of Refinery Operable Capacity (Percent).  These monthly statistics of the percentage of refinery utilization from January 1985, when oil was MUCH cheaper than now - go all the way through February 2011, which were just released.  In the 80's and early 90's they naturally kept the refining low when their profits on gasoline were quite low.  Then in the late 90's when oil was at perhaps a fair and reasonable price (for the industry AND consumers) , they were refining at much higher capacity, all the way up to 99.8% in 1998. (continued below statistics)

Year   Jan   Feb   Mar   Apr   May   Jun   Jul   Aug   Sep   Oct   Nov  Dec

1985 74.0 73.8 73.7 76.5 78.4 79.3 80.8 77.7 76.9 78.6 80.3 81.2

1986 81.4 77.9 75.9 81.5 86.0 86.3 84.1 86.8 85.5 82.6 83.7 83.6

1988 82.8 80.9 83.3 84.0 85.7 86.0 86.5 87.4 83.7 83.4 83.9 85.1

1989 86.2 82.8 83.8 83.7 86.5 89.6 88.9 89.3 88.4 86.1 86.1 84.0

1990 87.8 87.9 83.9 85.0 87.1 89.1 92.4 90.7 91.1 83.5 84.2 82.8

1991 82.5 84.4 83.2 84.6 87.5 89.8 88.8 89.1 88.3 83.4 83.7 86.6

1992 83.4 81.3 85.1 85.5 89.4 92.4 91.9 89.1 90.7 89.3 90.1 87.5

1993 86.8 86.6 89.3 91.3 92.8 95.1 95.1 92.7 92.8 91.8 91.9 91.2

1994 89.8 88.7 87.6 92.4 95.4 95.8 95.5 96.4 94.4 89.8 92.7 92.6

1995 89.6 87.9 86.7 90.5 94.0 95.6 94.0 94.0 95.6 90.5 92.1 93.3

1996 90.6 90.2 91.8 95.0 95.8 96.4 94.9 95.0 95.9 94.6 94.2 94.3

1997 89.1 88.0 90.6 92.6 97.5 97.8 97.1 98.9 99.6 97.0 95.8 97.2

1998 93.3 90.7 94.7 97.5 98.4 99.1 99.2 99.9 95.0 89.6 94.8 95.1

1999 90.4 90.0 90.9 94.6 93.9 93.5 94.9 95.5 94.1 91.1 92.0 90.4

2000 85.7 86.4 89.7 92.6 94.7 96.2 96.8 95.8 94.2 92.2 92.6 93.9

2001 90.2 90.5 89.4 94.9 96.4 95.6 93.9 93.3 92.2 92.0 92.2 90.2

2002 87.7 86.6 87.9 93.0 91.5 93.1 93.5 92.9 90.4 87.5 92.6 91.1

2003 87.2 87.4 90.5 94.1 95.8 94.7 94.0 95.0 93.1 92.4 93.6 93.0

2004 89.1 88.8 88.5 92.5 95.6 97.5 96.8 97.1 90.1 90.2 94.4 95.0

2005 91.3 90.6 90.8 92.8 94.2 97.1 94.2 92.7 83.6 81.3 89.3 89.4

2006 87.0 86.5 85.8 88.0 91.2 93.0 92.5 93.2 93.0 87.9 88.0 90.6

2007 88.2 84.7 87.1 88.1 89.7 88.5 91.2 90.8 88.9 87.4 88.9 88.7

2008 85.8 85.0 83.2 86.2 88.8 89.5 88.8 87.1 74.6 85.3 85.8 83.9

2009 82.3 81.5 81.5 82.7 84.0 86.0 84.2 84.1 84.9 81.5 81.1 81.3

2010 80.0 81.2 83.1 88.6 88.0 90.2 90.9 88.9 86.5 82.2 86.0 88.4

2011 84.9 79.8

If you look just above at the refining rate from February 2011, considering recent evidence demonstrating that the oil companies are not by any means HURTING for profit, it seems that it would be difficult to justify a reason why these companies should only be utilizing their refining capacity at a LOW that we have only seen for one month since 1987.  That's only the second time refining has seen the 70 percent range in the past 24 years!

I am not saying that the elected spendthrifts of all people have any right to step in and force them to increase refining.  I AM saying that the oil companies have a moral obligation to step up the refining regardless of the fact that they are buying oil in the open market, even if it means making a little less profit.  Sometimes people who run companies can be short sighted and make decisions based upon short term profits at the expense of their long term interests, especially publicly held companies where those running it are compensated by the exercise of short term stock options - as opposed to the old days when companies were run by the majority owners.

In the LONG TERM, it may be worth shaving a few billion from the quarterly profit if they can help to prevent the nation's economy from spiraling into a depression.  I know I will get e-mails telling me about the different locations from which the oil is shipped, the various types of crude and the couple weeks lag-time of gas prices versus the price of crude.  That has already been taken into account here.  I am talking about a macro trend and there is no way that they should be refining at an appalling 79% of capacity during a potential financial, inflation induced meltdown waiting to happen.  This is not much different than the actions of OPEC except that I'm not saying there is an actual meeting between the oil companies agreeing to reduce output of their product.  That can be accomplished with a nod and a wink.


Thursday, April 21, 2011

The CB Patriot Project launch
by Scott Ryan

This project has been on my heart for the past few months as I have observed the behavior of the Saboteur in Chief and reconcile it with the fact that he has been seeking to derogate dictatorial power, especially over free speech on the Internet.

As I wrote at

Americans are dangerously inter-dependent upon cell phone towers and Internet servers throughout the nation. Whether intentional or by natural disaster, ALL of these can be instantly shut down during “emergencies”.

The CB Patriot Project is organizing around a simple technology and making it the back-bone of an emergency plan. By linking patriotic Americans across their homes, cities, states & country, we will be prepared for national or regional emergencies that could otherwise shut down our ability to communicate with one another.

After the financial meltdown of 2007 and the 2008 elections, millions of Americans organically organized and united with one another in a way that might never have happened without the Internet. If you remember how empowering it was to be among the millions who rallied together nationwide, you KNOW that the most important asset we have is EACH OTHER.

Those who desire to stifle liberty know that communication is key and that is why they want more control over the Internet and cell towers. That is why it is vital that no event and no would-be tyrant can ever take that away from you or any other American.

We are being so overwhelmed while our core American values are being attacked from ever angle, so much so that it is difficult for most people to keep up with the daily encroachments against our liberties. Following are a couple articles from the past year expatiating on how the left are trying to usurp enough power to shut down all Internet communications in the country in the event of loosely defined, subjective "national emergencies". Read the excerpts; then decide for yourself whether you are going to WAIT until they derogate this power before making a backup plan for yourself.

If you want to prepare, select the The Plan link at the top or bottom of this page.

“Bill would give President Emergency Control of the Internet”

“Internet companies and civil liberties groups were alarmed this spring when a U.S. Senate bill proposed handing the White House the power to disconnect private-sector computers from the Internet.

They're not much happier about a revised version that aides to Sen. Jay Rockefeller, a West Virginia Democrat, have spent months drafting behind closed doors. CNET News has obtained a copy of the 55-page draft of S.773 (excerpt), which still appears to permit the president to seize temporary control of private-sector networks during a so-called cybersecurity emergency.

The new version would allow the president to "declare a cybersecurity emergency" relating to "non-governmental" computer networks and do what's necessary to respond to the threat.”

Read more:

Obama to be given the right to shut down the internet with 'kill switch'
“President Obama will be given the power to shut down the Internet with a 'kill switch' in a new law being proposed in the US. He would be able to order popular search engines such a Google and Yahoo to suspend access to their websites in times of national emergency.

Other US based Internet service providers as well as broadband providers would also come under his control in times of a 'cybersecurity emergency.' Any company that failed to comply would be subject to huge fines.”
Read more:

This is old news. This is what the left wants. It is no secret. The fact that this "kill switch" was proposed to be given to the President demonstrates that something is very wrong.  He seeks to do whatever he can to gain such power including circumventing congress by giving such “authority” to the unelected FCC bureaucrats who willingly cooperate with his agenda.

THAT is the reason why The CB Patriot Project was established. CB’s are not dependant upon the advanced technologies of the Internet and cellular phone towers. CB's CAN be used in the event those more recent technologies are removed - even if the ELECTRICAL POWER GRID goes down. CB's utilize the free airwaves and can be run on batteries, including car batteries.

Click Here to proceed to the detailed plan.  I hope that you will join the project.


Scott Ryan


Thursday, April 14, 2011

Suppose Obama WAS born in Kenya; then what?

- Scott Ryan

Barack Obama sent top advisor David Plouffe onto ABC's "This Week" to attempt to discredit Donald Trump on the matter of Obama's fight to avoid furnishing an actual birth certificate.

As my friend and scholar I.M. Kane at The Millstone Diaries recently wrote, “Trump knows that he could end up king or kingmaker if he succeeds in exposing the biggest fraud ever perpetuated on the people of the United States.”

I agree 100 percent and would like to add that even if Obama was born in the United States of America, I believe he is –still- the biggest fraud ever perpetrated against the United States by virtue of his conning millions of Dance with the Stars/American Idol consumed droids into believing that he is anything less than a radical communist.

Going back to the disturbing question of The Saboteur’s origins, Trump raises a valid point. It is surreal how he can spend millions of dollars to avoid furnishing this document. Seriously, in ANY CASE, shouldn’t the burden of proof (of origin) be on the person running for the highest position of the most powerful nation in the history of the world? It is beyond Orwellian that tens of millions of people will hand a virtual stranger the key to our entire nuclear arsenal and the most formidable military on the planet without even VERIFYING who the hell he is. That’s a friggin “BEAM ME UP SCOTTY” if I ever heard one and raises the question regarding the existence intelligent life here on this planet, at least in the blue states.

Ask anyone of the droids who voted for him and I GUARANTEE you that 99.9% of them have no idea of the fact that Barack Hussein Obama is America’s first cocaine snorting (or crack smoking) President (by his own surreptitiously published auto-biography), not that most of these degenerates would necessarily care. When I think about it, as the birthplace qualification –has been in our constitution from the beginning and all, is it really that audacious to expect that maybe -whoever- wins a presidential primary should AUTOMATICALLY be required to furnish an ORIGINAL or at least an AUTHENTIC birth certificate? It’s not like we changed our Presidents every quarter for the past 235 years. I think we can make that extra effort.

The fact that “the administration” or should I say “the incessant campaign” sends us guys like that hatchet man on Sunday to make the discrediting rounds on his behalf speaks volumes. This smarmy character David Plouffe reminds me of “Harry Ellis” on the old Die Hard movie (with Bruce Willis). He typifies the type of Chicago style political hack that personifies the Saboteur's administration.

This should be taken seriously. If it should be determined at some point that Obama was born in Kenya and knowingly conspired against the people and the constitution of the United States of America - for all of the legislation promulgated and lawsuits having to be waged that never would have otherwise occurred, he should beyond a shadow of a doubt stand trial for treason.  If convicted, he should suffer the concomitant penalty that always accompanies the crime of treason.

Impeachment would be entirely inadequate for such a crime. And since Obama likes by some stretch to link himself and everything he does to Abraham Lincoln, if convicted, perhaps as a tribute his sentence could be carried out at Fort Mcnair - the site where the penalty of conspiracy was carried out against those convicted as conspirators in President Lincoln’s assassination.

Fort McNair (Lincoln assassination conspirators)

Everything should be conducted by the rule of law and an authentic birth certificate should be subpoenaed.

Sunday, April 10, 2011

John Boehner Must Go
by Scott Ryan
What I’m hearing all over the news is that the “leaders” of the Democrat Party are claiming victory and the Republican Party “leaders” are claiming victory in last week’s short term budget battle.

The fact is that they are both right. They both won. The only losers in this deal are the American people and the Republic for which we stand.

In the short run it was a great achievement for ambitious politicians who fantasize about their place in history. In the long run it will not matter what they did because the way things are going, someone else, Communist China most likely, will be writing the history books; so posterity will scarcely know who they were.

I hear some of the posers on the right as they attempt to put some lipstick on this pig but the more I ruminate on the matter, the more disgusted I become.

I’m tired of being nice. There’s no time for diplomacy.

$38 Billion is significantly less than the $61 Billion target. This amounts to ONE WEEK'S worth of deficit spending.

We're supposed to cut TRILLIONS in order to save this nation from bankruptcy? That notion would be laughable if it were not so tragic.

It is unlikely these three branches of government will cut a single trillion, much less $6 Trillion when the demagogues come out and accuse them of "politicizing" with every attempt.

The White House predicts that the deficit will hit a record $1.6 trillion this year. Combined with the fact that they couldn't even come close to the diminutive target of $61 billion in cuts tells me that rounds 3, 4, 5 & 6 of "quantitative easing" are coming as the Federal Reserve may soon be the only buyer of US Treasuries left as foreign creditors see that these louses have no capacity to reign in this debt.

In light of recent exposés proving the illicit deception of “Planned Parenthood”, there has NEVER been a more auspicious moment in contemporary history to end the odious practice of FORCING American Taxpayers to pay for infanticide. For what compromise did they settle? They have the nerve to come back to their constituents on Saturday and tell us that their achievement was an agreement from the Democrats that they would have a separate measure upon which they would vote to defund Planned Parenthood, knowing they would lose without the leverage they had in this budget. The supposed “victory” would be in the fact that Democrats would then have to “go on record” as supporting this funding! That is utterly contemptible as it is useless. These people are ALREADY on record as supporting it. In fact, they CAMPAIGN on the very notion.

God has given us the chance to destroy these government subsidized alters to Molech, a chance to make a major surge against the abomination and scourge of this nation. And what did John Boehner do? Boehner had victory right in his site and he froze. If we can't abrogate the public funding of this abortion mill at such a time as this, we might as well pack our bags and head for the bunker.

I cautiously supported John Boehner for the first few months as House Speaker and even empathized when he cried in the November elections. I thought his emotions might have been a culmination of patriotism but now I think they were more like the fermentations of the many politicians who preceded him, more about his own achievements as he alluded to his humble beginnings as a waiter at his family tavern in Ohio. It seems the skepticisms of conservatives have been confirmed and as far as I’m concerned, we would be better served by Mr. Boehner if he were to return to his family tavern in Ohio then to serve one more day as House Speaker.

Once more, just like old times, the public servants have put aside their partisan differences, moved on from their treachery and kicked back in comfort as they enjoy themselves at The Masters golf tournament in Augusta, courtesy of their lobbyist patrons - while we the people are once again left to go back to our daily jobs so that we may “service” these miscreants and hope they afford us enough of the crumbs to feed our families.

We the people worked too damned hard this past year to quell the assaults of Obama, Reed & Pelosi. Aside from maybe Senator Jim DeMint, most of these reps did nothing to get elected that compares with the work of the grassroots, patriotic citizenry. WE are the ones who did all of the work, the real public service to win those elections and to change the status quo. What we have witnessed is the fact that the GOP purging has not yet been completed. What we have seen is evidence that we have NO TIME to allow such pansies to continue for one day. I urge you in the reading of this post to get your congressman on the phone this week and make sure they know that if they do not get Boehner out of the speakership now, they will be gone themselves within the next two years. They elect the House Speaker but they must know that WE in effect elect the House Speaker. We need competence and we need it now. We KNOW who the authentic leaders of this party are. Tell your congressman to back Col. Allen West or someone with his fortitude for House Speaker or be gone.

The only way this government will avoid bankruptcy is if the Senate is taken away from Harry Reid and the GOP achieves a super majority to over-ride the Saboteur's veto. But even then, a super majority would only work if the GOP gives leadership to patriotic men and women who have the guts to stand up to the demagoguery that invariably ensues when the sacrament of abortion funding and the avarice for power is challenged.

Regardless of how brisk US Treasury auctions might have been in the last year, the US Government cannot afford to pay the interest on our debt even with interest rates at historic lows. The current acceleration of inflation will cause a demand for higher interest rates from the market. If the federal government has no choice but to keep interest rates at these levels, soon enough the Federal Reserve might be the only buyer left to finance our own debt as the Treasury faces the possibility of "failed auctions".

A catastrophic selloff in Treasuries will come like a cattle stampede, forcing the government to compete with its own instruments trading in the secondary market at much higher levels. Last years auctions mean nothing. When this happens, last week means nothing. There is no time for etiquette and no time for politicians who come running out of the capitol with their tails between their legs claiming “victory”.

It is time to fulfill Col. Allen West’s request to Nancy Pelosi - and Mr. Boehner, “Give me that Damn gavel”.  It is TIME.  It is time for a real leader in the house who understands that "what we do here echos in eternity".  See this video and absorb a demonstration of what a real leader looks like.


Thursday, March 31, 2011

Trump's Refreshing Candor
by Scott Ryan

I'm a long way away from supporting Donald Trump for President but I can honestly say that as of the past few weeks, he may have moved into the second or third position for me.  My friend I.M. Kane at The Millstone Diaries published a nice piece today on Donald Trump’s resolve regarding the dubious origins of the Saboteur in Chief.

When viewed in the aggregate, the circumstances make it seem more far fetched that Obama -isn’t- covering something up.

Consider the bizarre behavior by The Saboteur himself, the media talking points campaign on the subject, the disdainful “birther” designation assigned to those who dare bring up the subject.

Consider his concealment of his own academic records (which very well may reveal something of his origin). Why would he conceal these?

Consider the fact that nobody bothered to VERIFY this CONSTITUTIONAL requirement - of a man who was the LEAST KNOWN Presidential candidate in the history of the nation. That alone is most disturbing of all in my opinion.

What did we know about him?  The few things we DID know about him is that his closest friends and confidants are radical communists and domestic terrorists.  We knew that his Pastor of 20 years is a raving lunatic who hates America and celebrated the 9/11 attacks on this country with the rest of the world's terrorists.

We knew what he strategically proffered to us in his memoirs, which he wrote years before ever accomplishing a damned thing. In an era when marijuana inhalation or a 30 year old DUI was heretofore deemed sufficient grounds to end a political career, he cleverly inoculated himself by casually mentioning his COCAINE "experimentation" in one of his books, years in advance, to give his lap-dogs in the media an excuse not to even mention it.

They never even bothered to ask him what type of cocaine he used (crack or the snorting variety?). They never asked him to define “experimenting” i.e. how many times or for how many years did he “experiment”? When was the last time? Journalist to this day, amazingly, have never even found it NOTEWORTHY that we elected America’s FIRST cocaine snorting or crack smoking President.

So should one be considered “fringe” because he or she wouldn’t be surprised if this deluded nation would allow such a monumental fraud to take place in electing this man President without asking for a birth certificate? Should we be surprised that an orgasmic media too busy fawning over him would let such a basic requirement go unchecked or even questioned? They had time to probe him about his genetic relation to Brad Pitt, which is so far down the DNA chain that the same standards show us all to be cousins of Brad Pitt, Sir Laurence Olivier or anyone else you so choose.

Trump is doing the nation a great service. I enjoyed his interview on Bill O’Reilly’s show Wednesday night but even better was his monologue on Fox & Friends the day before, probably because the pompous O’Reilly wasn’t there to interrupt Trump’s compelling train of reasoning.
Check out the interview on Fox & Friends:

Friday, March 11, 2011

The Democrat's idea of Hope, Change and a New Kind of Politics
by Scott Ryan

The Democrat unions have given us a clear view of what defines them.  All any sensible person needs to see is the video of these protestors to rightly conclude they are savages. Their behavior speaks volumes. There are jobless people hurting all over the country and these cretins are acting like their plight is that of early 20th century Russian peasants because they may have to pay a small percentage of their health benefits instead of the tax payer paying all of it.

They represent the lowest common denominator society has to offer and they deserve to lose their jobs and I frankly wish they would. It is mortifying to think that some people bus their beloved children off to be violated by people like this every day.

This and of course the recent death threats now being served to the Governor and legislators really buttresses the notion that the governors are not going far enough. This is concrete proof that the state legislators should just abolish the public schools, a primitive vehicle of education, the abolition of which is long overdue.  Then we can leave the teachers union alone as they negotiate all they want for jobs at schools that no longer exist. Let the good teachers get jobs at private schools of all kinds.
Following is a video I found on YouTube narrated by a young lady who did a fine job explaining her personal experience at the Wisconsin capital. It’s titled “Classy moments from the union rally”, not exactly broadcast quality but it is quite amusing; so I would recommend taking the time to view this piece.

Thursday, February 24, 2011

I do not specialize in book reviews but as I'm about to read this one again, I'm posting this one I wrote on a fabulous book in case anyone is looking for their next great read:

General and Madame de Lafayette: Partners in Liberty's Cause in the American and French RevolutionsGeneral and Madame de Lafayette: Partners in Liberty's Cause in the American and French Revolutions by Jason Lane

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

This is an outstanding book. I devoured it about 3-4 years ago and plan to read it again soon. It gives valuable insight into some of our founding fathers (from a different vantage point) and on the French Revolution. Lafayette is one of the great heroes of the American Revolution.

Unlike many of his time, he was on the RIGHT side of history in both causes like Adams and Hamilton.

There is a good reason why America has more towns, counties, streets, schools and battleships named after Lafayette then anyone in American history. In light of the strand of “revolutions” taking place in the middle-east - not- founded on the principles that made the American Revolution the most successful in history, it would serve this generation well to get to know WHY that is.

This book juxtaposes the two revolutions and sheds valuable insight on what went wrong in a revolution minded society hostile to the notion of accountability to God. As murderous and bloody as it was, they had admirable intentions. It is a horrid thought of what will happen in a revolution run by mobs of people whose one common, fundamental belief is rooted in that of a “prophet” who built the entire religion on murder, rape and plunder, instructing that all MEN who refuse to convert to their religion should me murdered - and women and children castrated then enslaved. (See Africa and what is coming in Europe).

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Wednesday, January 26, 2011

A "(Self-anointed) King's Speech" that will not be confused with the Oscar Nominee
by Scott Ryan

For the past couple weeks the media pundits have speculated ad nauseum about what the president’s State of The Union Speech would “mean” and how it would affect his poll numbers and future prospects.

I think last night’s speech was important because it made a lot of Americans realize, that the proverbial emperor has no clothes. This is the guy to whom exploited school children were forced to sing a song based upon the classic “Jesus loves the little Children” – which supplanted Jesus with praises of Obama and how he was “going to save us”.  This - is that same guy?

(I wouldn’t make this up. This is so disturbing to anyone with even a morsel of sense that it is hard to believe this wasn’t created as a burlesque of some fictitious character like Damien from “The Omen”. And it is one hell of an omen all-right. Look, it even has a picture of the Obama “O” behind the children, painted in a strangely disturbing manner. This painting is reminiscent of something you would expect to see on the side of a dilapidated building in Zimbabwe, paying tribute to the latest 3rd world dictator. I guess that was done to make him feel right at home during the campaign. To those scratching their heads about my choice of titles for this column, there is the REASON for my tie-in with the popular film "The King's Speech".  I have often said this guy may be our own personal “Last King of Scotland”.  Maybe there is something to that notion.)  See the video of exploited Obama singers:

And to make matters worse, he keeps haranguing us about how WE need to tone down the heated rhetoric. Heated rhetoric a.k.a. “hate” is of course defined by Obama and his media lap dogs as any speech that questions his agenda.

But let’s try not to forget that just a couple weeks before he made his speech in Tucson calling for a "new civility" - he had just made history by calling Republicans who oppose his Marxist health debacle - terrorist "hijackers". He verbally elaborated on the comparison; so there can be no explaining away his intent.

His intent is quite clear. It is to open old wounds, create new ones and incite as much dissension as possible while positioning himself as the righteous one in the face of anachy he is hell bent upon instigating.

Watch this trailer (based on a true story) and see if you detect similarities between the
1. communicative tactics   2. delusions 3. possible outcomes with narcissistic tyrants who do not get what they want:


Wednesday, January 12, 2011

January 12, 2011

Obama attempts to position himself as the second coming of Lincoln
by Scott Ryan

After witnessing the effrontery of Barack Obama against the states and our constitution, it is apparent this man has come here for the sole purpose of fomenting a civil war. From day one of his campaign he has made efforts to position himself as a parallel to Lincoln. From his campaign announcement in front of the Illinois state capitol where Lincoln served (with a Lincoln banner behind him), to his announcement of Biden as his running mate (in front of a Lincoln banner), from his quoting of Lincoln (in specious contexts) to his insistence upon swearing in on the same Bible upon which Lincoln was sworn in and even having the exact same MENUE as Lincoln’s inauguration.

The problem is that this man, if anything, is the Anti-Lincoln. Lincoln dogged Senator Douglas all over the state of Illinois, challenging Douglas to debate the KEY ISSUE upon which his REPUBLICAN Party was literally founded. That issue was the central question of whether a human being can rightfully be the PROPERTY of another human being. The central belief to the contrary is rooted in the same moral absolute that our Declaration of Independence invokes, which is that life and our inalienable rights are granted by God and no human tribunal has the right to encroach upon that of another. The same pillar that demanded the abolition of slavery is central to the Republican Party’s platform on abortion. Claiming the authority to abrogate this right for one group of human beings over another is to blasphemously make oneself out to be that one and only God Himself.

It wasn’t a coincidence that Barack Hussein Obama went of his way to try to link himself to Lincoln. His campaign was the most carefully produced and contrived of any in history by producers from Hollywood to indoctrinated school children singing songs of devotion as though right out of the handbook of the most notorious communist dictators in history. To view such exploitation of children is enough to make any decent person sick to their stomach.

So he worked diligently to position himself a Lincoln-esque messiah over the years while crafting the division, pitting Americans against one another at every opportunity. He attacks every sacred value that made America what it is. He defends a Muslim terrorist who murdered soldiers at Fort Hood. He defends the terrorists who want to build a mosque over-looking the area of the Twin Towers. He goes on a tour bowing to foreign dictators. He tells the Islamic world that America is NOT a Christian nation. He does everything he possibly can to bankrupt our country with Marxist programs like his healthcare and nationalization schemes. And most recently, to exploit the latest tragedy, he moved to have Internet IDs for every American through the U.S. Commerce Department.

He picks at wounds and provokes states into a slew of law suits as he forces anarchy within border-states, refusing to enforce the federal laws that encapsulate the very charter of the federal government itself.  Then he attacks such states for trying to enforce the federal laws that he encourages to be violated. Last, he works to sow discord in the US Military by working tirelessly to promote homosexuality within the ranks, giving commendation for sodomy and equating the “plight” of those enslaved to this perversion to that of the African slave who was afforded no autonomy over his or her destiny.

For such an imposter to attempt to equate himself to Abraham Lincoln is not a far cry from a metaphorical “abomination of desolation” (Rev 13).

If you read the New York Times from the years leading up to 1861, you will see the ferments surrounding the issue of slavery and state’s rights were very similar to those now. It it is only a matter of time before we see some kind of catalyst, some modern equivalent to our own modern day Harper’s Ferry. I envisioned that it would be an event that would transpire at any mosque built at the former site of the World Trade Center, as Americans will not likely tolerate such an egregious affront to their sensibilities and especially to the memory of those beloved who were murdered on September 11, 2001.

Whatever it may turn out to be, it is obvious that the bizarre circumstances in which this virtually unknown man came into power is so improbable given his lack of experience, recognition, Marxist and hateful mentors and colleagues. On top of all that, the fact that he shares the same name as the notorious rogue dictator we just removed and a world tribunal just executed makes it all the more surreal. I have previously written years ago that the improbability of all of this happening is so high that it demonstrates the fact that this can be nothing less than spiritual.

He is much like Leland Gaunt of the film Needful Things. The charming Gaunt, a man the community knows nothing about comes to the small town of “Castlerock” and opens a store. He has something for everyone. The price is of course corruption and chaos and it leads to the people to unspeakable violence. This man caters to, to turn around the phrase used by Lincoln, the FALLEN angels of our nature.

Watch the trailers for the film and tell me if you don’t see a parallel:

Nevertheless, all this combined with the chaos to come when select leftist states like California and New York go bankrupt as the new congress refuses them the bailouts to which tehy fancy temselves entitled, mark my words; the state in which you live and the rectitude of the legislature and Governor thereof is going to soon be more important than any time in modern history.For this reason, based upon recent elections, I’m glad to be in Florida.

January 17, 2011

Obama Historians keep the Lincoln comparison's coming

by Scott RyanOn the night of Barack Obama’s rally in Tucson, I wrote a column (below) titled “Obama attempts to position himself as the second coming of Lincoln”. The very next day a columnist at wrote a piece titled “Is Obama Lincoln?” in which she cited “historian” Gary Willis who has made several preposterous comparisons between the two presidents.

At The NY Review of Books, Willis propounded the notion that Obama and Lincoln both had to distance themselves from “embarrassing associations”. Willis apparently sees uncanny similarity between the two because Lincoln (being anti-slavery) had to distance himself from the crazy John Brown; while Obama had to distance himself from Reverend Jeremiah Wright!

Think about this. Obama sat with his family - in that lunatic’s “church” for 20 years, while becoming part of Wright’s inner-circle and we are supposed to see similarity between that appalling fact and Lincoln having a morsel of common ground with John Brown simply because Brown too was against slavery.

That makes as much sense as tying him to say, Ted Bundy, because they both loved Lasagna. This guy appears to have a serious problem with correlations. But that is what the left do so skillfully. They artfully tie innocent people who stand in the way of their leftist agenda - to evil or ignoble people with whom they themselves have far more in common.

It is pure melodrama to make such a comparison and substantially detracts from any credibility the author might have once maintained.

When one looks at the morality of Abraham Lincoln, the two could not be more diametrically opposed (which I elucidate in my previous column).

Unlike Obama, Lincoln didn’t enter office already ruling over a global cult of personality.

There were no Hollywood productions, no sycophant media devotees proclaiming orgasmic sensations from the sound of his voice.

Lincoln had no Child Indoctrination Coordinator producing music videos featuring exploited children singing hymns of how Obama is going to change the world. Lincoln wasn’t ushered in by an Oprah Winfrey of that day on a rock concert stage with Greek columns and alter.

Lincoln made some good impressions on select people but he narrowly won the presidency as a third party candidate and his victory was highly improbable.Most importantly - Lincoln didn’t –want- civil war and tried to avoid it at all costs. Barack Obama has done essentially nothing except make speeches and attempt to –incite- disunion so that delusional acolytes can make absurd comparisons to himself and great men like Lincoln.