Wednesday, January 26, 2011

A "(Self-anointed) King's Speech" that will not be confused with the Oscar Nominee
by Scott Ryan

For the past couple weeks the media pundits have speculated ad nauseum about what the president’s State of The Union Speech would “mean” and how it would affect his poll numbers and future prospects.

I think last night’s speech was important because it made a lot of Americans realize, that the proverbial emperor has no clothes. This is the guy to whom exploited school children were forced to sing a song based upon the classic “Jesus loves the little Children” – which supplanted Jesus with praises of Obama and how he was “going to save us”.  This - is that same guy?

(I wouldn’t make this up. This is so disturbing to anyone with even a morsel of sense that it is hard to believe this wasn’t created as a burlesque of some fictitious character like Damien from “The Omen”. And it is one hell of an omen all-right. Look, it even has a picture of the Obama “O” behind the children, painted in a strangely disturbing manner. This painting is reminiscent of something you would expect to see on the side of a dilapidated building in Zimbabwe, paying tribute to the latest 3rd world dictator. I guess that was done to make him feel right at home during the campaign. To those scratching their heads about my choice of titles for this column, there is the REASON for my tie-in with the popular film "The King's Speech".  I have often said this guy may be our own personal “Last King of Scotland”.  Maybe there is something to that notion.)  See the video of exploited Obama singers:

And to make matters worse, he keeps haranguing us about how WE need to tone down the heated rhetoric. Heated rhetoric a.k.a. “hate” is of course defined by Obama and his media lap dogs as any speech that questions his agenda.

But let’s try not to forget that just a couple weeks before he made his speech in Tucson calling for a "new civility" - he had just made history by calling Republicans who oppose his Marxist health debacle - terrorist "hijackers". He verbally elaborated on the comparison; so there can be no explaining away his intent.

His intent is quite clear. It is to open old wounds, create new ones and incite as much dissension as possible while positioning himself as the righteous one in the face of anachy he is hell bent upon instigating.

Watch this trailer (based on a true story) and see if you detect similarities between the
1. communicative tactics   2. delusions 3. possible outcomes with narcissistic tyrants who do not get what they want:


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