Thursday, April 14, 2011

Suppose Obama WAS born in Kenya; then what?

- Scott Ryan

Barack Obama sent top advisor David Plouffe onto ABC's "This Week" to attempt to discredit Donald Trump on the matter of Obama's fight to avoid furnishing an actual birth certificate.

As my friend and scholar I.M. Kane at The Millstone Diaries recently wrote, “Trump knows that he could end up king or kingmaker if he succeeds in exposing the biggest fraud ever perpetuated on the people of the United States.”

I agree 100 percent and would like to add that even if Obama was born in the United States of America, I believe he is –still- the biggest fraud ever perpetrated against the United States by virtue of his conning millions of Dance with the Stars/American Idol consumed droids into believing that he is anything less than a radical communist.

Going back to the disturbing question of The Saboteur’s origins, Trump raises a valid point. It is surreal how he can spend millions of dollars to avoid furnishing this document. Seriously, in ANY CASE, shouldn’t the burden of proof (of origin) be on the person running for the highest position of the most powerful nation in the history of the world? It is beyond Orwellian that tens of millions of people will hand a virtual stranger the key to our entire nuclear arsenal and the most formidable military on the planet without even VERIFYING who the hell he is. That’s a friggin “BEAM ME UP SCOTTY” if I ever heard one and raises the question regarding the existence intelligent life here on this planet, at least in the blue states.

Ask anyone of the droids who voted for him and I GUARANTEE you that 99.9% of them have no idea of the fact that Barack Hussein Obama is America’s first cocaine snorting (or crack smoking) President (by his own surreptitiously published auto-biography), not that most of these degenerates would necessarily care. When I think about it, as the birthplace qualification –has been in our constitution from the beginning and all, is it really that audacious to expect that maybe -whoever- wins a presidential primary should AUTOMATICALLY be required to furnish an ORIGINAL or at least an AUTHENTIC birth certificate? It’s not like we changed our Presidents every quarter for the past 235 years. I think we can make that extra effort.

The fact that “the administration” or should I say “the incessant campaign” sends us guys like that hatchet man on Sunday to make the discrediting rounds on his behalf speaks volumes. This smarmy character David Plouffe reminds me of “Harry Ellis” on the old Die Hard movie (with Bruce Willis). He typifies the type of Chicago style political hack that personifies the Saboteur's administration.

This should be taken seriously. If it should be determined at some point that Obama was born in Kenya and knowingly conspired against the people and the constitution of the United States of America - for all of the legislation promulgated and lawsuits having to be waged that never would have otherwise occurred, he should beyond a shadow of a doubt stand trial for treason.  If convicted, he should suffer the concomitant penalty that always accompanies the crime of treason.

Impeachment would be entirely inadequate for such a crime. And since Obama likes by some stretch to link himself and everything he does to Abraham Lincoln, if convicted, perhaps as a tribute his sentence could be carried out at Fort Mcnair - the site where the penalty of conspiracy was carried out against those convicted as conspirators in President Lincoln’s assassination.

Fort McNair (Lincoln assassination conspirators)

Everything should be conducted by the rule of law and an authentic birth certificate should be subpoenaed.

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