Wednesday, August 3, 2011

August 3, 2011
This House United CANNOT Stand
by Scott Ryan

Well now that we have our beloved debt ceiling increase and trivial spending cuts the global market has graded the work of our elected ambulance chasers without much ambiguity.  The report card is another tripple digit dow drop and the world is buying more gold, which hit another all-time record yesterday.

On July 31 ("Newsflash for the Pundits..."), as I listed in amazement of how the entire media gave such undue credibility to the ratings agencies, I wrote "we have finally elected a group to congress who recognize the gravity of the situation and are willing to stand up to the demagoguery that has for decades led to the pitiful compromise that CAUSED this situation. That cause has been the appeasement of and by self-serving politicians who rasied the debt ceiling over and over and over again - in order to buy votes."

Plaudits to the tea partiers and those few statesmen who actually stood your ground in the face of unabated libel and slander from the inept media and elected swindlers.  Despite their venom, the indisputable facts prove you were correct.  These addicts insisted we needed this debt increase and as predicted, the markets have reacted appropriately as their cowardice clearly demonstrated nothing but the fact that they are unwilling to make any meaningful change to their profusion.

If the GOP led congress had capitulated and done what their predecessors have done for decades, follow the path of least resistance, they would have signaled to the world that we do not have what it takes to save this country from certain bankruptcy.

Now the Saboteur, the omedia and his communist party are out campaigning for "jobs".  They're "all about job creation" now.  Pelosi says that "jobs are our strongsuit".  I guess that's true to some extent; they DO create jobs.  They even create jobs in the private sector.  Osama bin Laden was a big jobs creator too.  When you wreck havoc and destroy, some jobs are invariably created.  The problem is the COST of those jobs and the fact that every time these ambulance chasers "create jobs" they destroy at least twice as many.

I put my thoughts to video last night.  My conclusion is that despite all of the platitudes of Democrats needing to "come together" and "put aside our partisan differences for the sake of the country..." - is pure nonsense.  Tyranny and liberty don't mix anymore than light and darkness.  If THIS "house" be united - freedom and virtue CANNOT stand.


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