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November 27, 2011
The Pseudo-Scientists are back for another round of propaganda.
by Scott Ryan

They come out from under their rocks every time we have a few tornados and never miss an opening when it comes to exploiting popular ignorance. An AP column last Friday titled Science panel: Get ready for extreme weather opened by asserting – “Think of the Texas drought, floods in Thailand and Russia's devastating heat waves as coming attractions in a warming world. That is the warning from top international climate scientists and disaster experts after meeting in Africa.”

And of course their thesis is that this weather is the fault of mankind.

They fail to mention that for the past year, the AUTHENTIC scientists have been detailing the fact that the sun is going through a cycle in which its north and south poles are literally inverting. This only happens every 11 years and it tends to be accompanied by intense solar activity.

Authentic scientists have also been detailing how for the past several months we have been and are projected to -further- experience large solar storms (as the sunspots serve as a portent) into 2012. They have warned this could  plausibly lead to major power and communication outages here on Earth.

Authentic scientists are talking about many interesting things taking place and most people don't hear about them when they don't fit the narrative of man-made global warming. There are some strange occurrences taking place like the magnetic North Pole shifting at a unusually rapid pace, which recently forced runway closures at a major Florida Airport. These "climate scientists" haven't yet figured out a clever way to blame it on man but I'm sure they are working on it.

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Where were their voices when we BARELY even had a hurricane season this year?

These pseudo-scientists are little more than poseurs, paid for by globalists with a Marxist agenda for America. For the aggressively anti-American agenda they collude to legislate, they should ultimately be tried for fraud and perhaps treason.

With basic sense and empirical evidence clearly against them and mounting evidence of fraud and tampering with scientific data, any acute person would assume that they are finished. Unfortunately this isn't the case because they are not alone in their fraud against Americans. The pseudo-journalists and their partners in Hollywood daily wage war against basic sense and scientific method, thereby keeping the fraud alive.

It is unthinkable how so many people who fancy themselves intelligent and educated can be so blind to the clear fraud. But just like most victims of Ponzi schemes, they want to believe so badly they bend over backwards to convince themselves it is true.

Painful as it is, if you put yourself in their shoes, it is easier to understand their need to keep this alive. They may not have an equity stake in the carbon credit exchange like their puppet masters AL Gore and Barack Obama; however, they do have a great deal of their lives invested. This is what you could call “sweat equity”.

Everyone, even athiests want to feel their lives have some significance. They reject the possibility of the Judeo-Christian God because He has issued commandments to us for our own good, just like any decent parent does for their child. Like insolent children, they detest that God and His commandments because these commandments contradict their lives of narcissism and debauchery.

What to do? To make it seem like their partying here on Earth had any meaning, they revived this pagan religion of Earth worship, which is what these people really do. They need a cause for which to fight in order for their life stories to have any piquancy, so they created this superficial cause. It works out beautifully because this racket allows them to do anything they want without making any genuine sacrifices.

We are ripe for all forms of leftist manipulation as a nation. People now have been so indoctrinated that they are willing to believe anything. Just look at these "Occupy Wall Street" vagrants. They are supposedly angry at the banks because of the bailouts yet they have nothing but veneration for the very people who essentially forced the banks to –take- the “bailout” tax dollars. That's not to say the banks didn't want the money but I don't know of too many Americans, especially these protesting vagrants, who wouldn't take the tax dollars if it were offered to them. In fact, that’s why they are angry. They want more than they are already getting. They are holding the signs that literally say “give US a bail out”.

The point is that indoctrinated people in America are angry and in no mood to utilize basic sense or logic of any kind. They choose the outcome they want, which is of course the one proffered by the leftists who promise them utopia without the threat of restraining their affinity for casual sex, drunkenness and unabated indolence. Hence, the unthinkable resilience of the global warming fraud that is ultimately synonymous with treason and destruction of freedom.

Jesse Ventura, a self-described FRIEND of Al Gore, recently produced a more than competent documentary on his show “Conspiracy Theory” (Ep. 3), in which he and his team chase these parasites all the way to China. I have long found myself at odds with Ventura's views but I must say, he did a nice job on this investigative piece.

I recommend checking it out. You can view it online through Xfinnity or at

The weather is going to be getting worse over the next year and they know it. As Americans are more gullible than ever, be ready for an onslaught of exploitation like you have never before seen.

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