Friday, January 13, 2012

An Avalanche of intellectual Sloth: A disquisition on the Mitt Romney Candidacy

I really feel saddened for this nation when I hear people who I greatly admire have been somehow seduced by the cult of Mitt Romney. We have only had ONE primary and some caucuses in two tiny little states. Yet, just as predicted, the establishment controlled media seemed to have successfully convinced voters in the party that the race is over and a foregone conclusion.

We have seen it every primary election since Reagan left office. I guess many find it so much easier to jump on board the bandwaggon - as long as "their friends are doing it", rather than conducting due diligence.

This is what I would call an avalanche of intellectual sloth. They start with tiny little vibrations and once they gather momentum, they are unstopable. That is exactly what the establishment media moderates are orchestrating.

Just as I said in 2008, it’s like being in a horror movie. Like lambs they blithely walk to their slaughter despite all of the evidence any rational person can plainly see. In this case it is the GOP’s death and possibly America’s.

Anyone who views this video can see that Romney is the quintessential type of imposter who has bamboozled Republicans for decades leading to the imminent destruction we now face. The glaring evidence confirms that the difference between Barack Obama and Mitt Romney is merely in the shade of melanin.

To objectively look at this man’s record and still contend that he is worthy of any veneration, one must be sufficiently indoctrinated into his cult of personality. It would be one thing if we didn’t have a choice but apart from that there is no excuse whatsoever.

God told King David not to number his troops because the battle is His. David made the same mistake of believing that he might defeat the unrighteous enemy by his own might. We are doing far worse if we knowingly nominate someone with such a notorious track record because we have not enough faith to elect a nominee with integrity.

As for the issue of Romney’s experience at Bain Capital, this is a media side-show that they are using to circumvent Romney’s undeniable record on Obamneycare, abortion, gay marriage and the second amendment, all of which are clearly opposed to our core values.

As the previous video demonstrates, this man, as Alexander Hamilton once said of Aaron Burr, Mitt Romney is destitute of any fixed principles aside from securing his own legacy.

When it comes to Romney's career at Bain, it's not about the rectitude or lack thereof. It's about the absurdity of trying to sell a former CEO of a Wall Street private equity firm - during a time of unprecedented animosity toward Wall Street.

Americans have the most diminutive financial education in the world - much less understanding of HIGH FINANCE. We might as well nominate Lloyd C. Blankfein of Goldman Sachs. Good luck explaining price to book ratios, tangible book value and investment paradigms to an electorate, half of whom cannot balance a checkbook. Obama can yield all of his time during the debates while Mitt buries himself.

I have made my own video enlarging upon that topic:

I will continue to speak the obvious truth and under NO CIRCUMSTANCES should authentic conservatives compromise our integrity by supporting or voting for someone of such ignoble character to represent our party.

I have plugged my nose since Reagan left office - but NEVER AGAIN. If Mitt is the nominee, third party for me it will be. That will be a first for me and I must say but I am at peace.


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