Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Iowa got it right: 75 percent unite and say NO to Mitt Romney


I would like to thank the people of the state of Iowa who participated in the caucuses. As I make this video, 97 percent of the results have been reported – but- it is clear that the vast majority of them got it right.

I KNEW that the people of Iowa, middle-America – had a lot of sense. Yet I stand amazed by how the moderates on Fox News subtly portray this.
The prudent people of Iowa tonight have outright rejected the ONLY liberal in this campaign -MITT ROMNEY.

But you wouldn’t KNOW that if you listen to these panels.

Here’s a study for Brent Bozell. Let’s have a COUNT on which candidates NAME was mentioned the MOST tonight. I gurantee you it will be Mitt Romney by far, followed by Rick Santorum.

Santorum should be the name uttered the most because what has happened with Santorum is impressive. The 300 appearances he made have a lot to do with his surge. He earned it.

Mitt Romney has earned NOTHING.

What Romney has shown is that money can only buy you so much in politics, LESS THAN 30%. Roughly 25% of the electorate falls for the Ken doll appearance, elegant hair and the hollow narrative about Romney’s “business experience” being transferable to what he would do in government.

The other 75% DO THEIR RESEARCH.

What this indicates is that this multi-millionaire has spent almost eight years campaigning in Iowa and tens of millions of dollars yet -75%- of the people soundly reject the foolish notion that Romney’s business experience before becoming a career politician means that he’s going to be any different than any other moderate before him.

There is simply no evidence to support that notion. The fact that he conceived of, much more, promulgated the notorious hair brain scheme that was a precursor to Obamacare – is all the proof one needs to demonstrate his lack of judgment.

Then there’s his duplicity on every social issue and his denouncing of Ronald Reagan.

I can go on but all one has to do is look at Romney’s record. Do your due diligence. The vast majority of Iowan’s did.

The majority of those who identify themselves as evangelical Christians and the majority of those who identify themselves as Tea Party participants split their votes between Rick Santorum and Ron Paul.
Who do we have left? The moderates certainly were not throwing their vote behind Gingrich, Rick Perry & Michelle Bachman!

So let me ask you, WHY does Fox News for the past 4 years declare Mitt Romney the “front runner”???
Why is it that almost every time they release Obama’s poll numbers, Mitt Romney gets to be the ONE CANDIDATE whom they use to demonstrate “HOW OBAMA would fair if the elections were held today?”

Throughout the evening I frustratingly listened to them declare Santorum as the generic “anti-Romney candidate”.

If they are going to be fair and balanced, WHAT is it that gives a guy who campaigns for 8 years and spends $100 million dollars – yet – cannot get above 30% - why does one of the many candidates garnering such a dismal amount of support merit the constant mention?

Why would Santorum be the "anti-Romney candidate" when Romney is the Republican candidate that polls CONSTANLY demonstrate is hands down the candidate that 75% of the Republican voters LEAST WANT?

Why not call Santorum the “anti-Perry vote or the anti-Bachman vote? This is one example of the subtle bias employed by the establishment GOP pundits like Charles Krauthammer whom they employ.

If you are going to be fair and balanced, Mitt Romney should be dismissed by the media because all five of the other candidates consistently receive THE ANTI-ROMNEY VOTE.

Mitt Romney is the Democrats DREAM CANDIDATE because he successfully inoculates Obama from just about all of his most ignominious positions, including Obama’s biggest weakness OBAMACARE.

ROMNEY would be unable to criticize Obama’s worst positions with any rectitude from Abortion, gay “marriage” to Obamacare because Romney has supported ALL OF THEM. Inoculation at its finest.

What’s left for Romney to highlight? Romney’s experience running a chop shop on Wall Street? Oh, yes, that’s going to go over exceptionally with the vast majority of American voters.

But cooler heads have and will continue to prevail among GOP voters. The only question is –WILL COOLER HEADS PREVAIL AMONG THE LOWER TIER CANDIDATES WHO HAVE HAD THEIR CHANCE TO SHINE BUT BLEW IT?

If those heads do not come to their senses and drop out of the race, our party will ONCE AGAIN – be hijacked by the ONE CANDIDATE that the we all agree we detest the most.


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