Friday, January 20, 2012

Mitt Romney: a glass jaw Candidate

After viewing the Thursday night GOP debate in Charleston, I noticed a recurring pattern with Mitt Romney.

After virtually every hard hitting, direct question - he responds by saying “I’m going to answer your question - BUT FIRST...” then he rambles on with some canned nonsense having nothing to do with the question.  It's pretty obvious that he has these remarks well memorized, having been campaigning for the past six years.

What Mitt seems to be doing is thinking of how he's going to answer the poignant question while the torrent of dribble effortlessly spills out of his mouth.

You may have noticed that sometime’s he finally follows the ensuing monologue with an insipid answer to the original question posed - and sometimes he exhausts all his time and bores the audience so much that he gets away without answering the question at all.

A classic example would be last night after he rambled on for several minutes without answering the question, he actually had to ask "where were we?"  That was when Newt paused and smiled with subtle sarcasm, then said "Gee Mitt, I don't know".  It was a masterful execution on Newt's part and demonstrated what an impressive communicator he is.  I highly recommend watching that moment again as I don't think most people appreciated it.  It's worth a rewind.

The thing is that Mitt is only fooling his disciples, the 25% GOP moderates.

The rest of us are tired of the platitudes and question dodging.  The November election is going to be a street fight and banal remarks won't get it done.  We cannot send in a paper champion with a glass jaw.  Newt is ready for prime-time.

My take from last night: Mitt Romney: a “Glass Jaw” Candidate

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