Tuesday, January 31, 2012

The South & the Mid-West Must Defeat the Romney Sleaze Machine

As a Florida resident I have to apologize to conservatives for what happened here in our primary election. There’s an axiom regarding Florida that if you are –in- Florida, “you have to go north in order to go south”. The remnants of “old Florida” went solidly for Newt but predictably areas like Miami-Dade and Palm Beach County where I live are areas of transplanted northerners who are known for telling us “this is how we do it up north”, which begs the question - if it’s so great in New York, New Jersey, Boston… – then why did you come here?  

The same thing has been done to the state of North Carolina where northerners, especially eastern seaboard, are violating their fiduciary duties to posterity by voting for leftists like Romney in their home states. THEN, when they lose their jobs or they retire, they don’t want to pay the concomitant taxes which come from voting for leftists, so they relocate to Florida and Charlotte or Raleigh North Carolina and “repeat the causes to which they are owing and which again will produce them” as the Roman orator Cato once said in regard to the “vast fund of stupidity in human nature”.

Be that as it is, we are counting on the real South, what’s left of it – to do the right thing and make up for our delusions.

I must confess that yesterday I discovered that I had not fully conducted my own due diligence on Mitt Romney. I dismissed him early on as a liberal imposter after learning that he –invented- Obamacare and after seeing him propitiously flip his position on virtually every significant issue that matters to conservatives just in time to run for him to President.

Yesterday as I was doing some research for my video published this morning called "A Mitt Romney nomination could be GOP Death Knell" (Below)

I was going through the veritable litany of liberals being used to –sell- Romney to the people who like voting for salt & pepper hair and nice jaw lines. Some of the names being utilized to sell him are of course none other than John McCain, Bob Dole, Charlie Crist & even Tom Brokaw (to his consternation). But I was wondering if I might add his fellow Massachusetts liberal Senator Scott Brown to the list.

What I found is that the FACT that this character is a leftist was so overwhelming - that I stopped doing my research too soon. This guy is the gift that keeps on giving (to the Democrats) and it's no wonder that Obama and the Dems are salivating at the prospect of Mitt being the GOP nominee.

When I "Googled" the words mitt + romney + Scott + brown I found another -hair brained- scheme created by Mitt that although may not be the albatross that his healthcare program is - it is perhaps every bit as appalling to basic sense and conservative principles. Romney’s other hair-brained scam was called "Wheels for Welfare" and it was so expensive that Scott Brown opposed it and the liberal governor who succeeded him scrapped it because it was so exorbitant.

According to This piece at ABC, "it was a program that gave welfare recipients free cars, free car repairs, free insurance and even free AAA." http://abcnews.go.com/blogs/politics/2012/01/the-top-three-conservative-arguments-about-romneys-record-that-no-one-has-made/

There is plenty of information regarding this legalized scam all over the Internet. It certainly gives us further insight into the type of "expertise" and business acumen we can expect a President Romney to bring to the table. After all, aside from spending tens of millions of dollars slandering and libeling his challengers who have track records with distorted and out of context sleaze, his SINGULAR theme upon which he is running is “I was a businessman who made hundreds of millions of dollars; therefore I will fix the waste in Washington DC.”

Well, there we have an example of exactly the type of sagacity we should expect if Mitt Romney were to secure his legacy and become President – not only cash for clunkers – but free auto insurance, free auto repairs and even free towing! “Now how much would you pay?”

Moronic.  It really does require a willful suspension of disbelief to contend that this fellow would do anything but betray our party like every legacy seeking liberal who has hi-jacked our party nomination before him.

I know Newt has baggage - but so does our first self-admitted cocaine snorting President. Obama is not about to open the door to the valley of dry bones in HIS closet. The morality question was never broached by John McCain and certainly not by the media in the past election. It is certain that Barack and the O-media will damned well never make this election into a beauty pageant of moral rectitude because they know that Newt will pounce on the opportunity to compare histories of which Obama voting drones know little.

So despite what the man with holy underwear, Mitt Romney contends while dredging up Newt’s past sins, the contentions are as shallow as Mitt Romney’s campaign platform. 

In a closer to perfect world I would today have voted for Jim Demint. Instead I voted for a conservative who can be judged as such my looking at the totality of his record - versus an imposter who has to run on John McCain, Bob Dole endorsements and Tom Brokaw sound bites.

I am truly sorry and embarrassed for those, including Ann Coulter who have been seduced by this modern day Elmer Gantry.

I have voted for every Republican since turning 18 in 1988 - BUT this time around, if Mitt Romney is the nominee, I will NOT debase my country or myself by voting for this sleaze.

For the past two months of being deluged by the underhanded commercials onto which Romney has attached his name, and after watching his sophomoric behavior at his rally in The Villages (Florida) yesterday where he taunted Newt Gingrich - I can say emphatically that this is no gentleman and this is no statesman.

3rd party or independent conservative it will be if Mitt Romney is the GOP nominee.

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