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An unfortunate prediction about Romney: We can stop him but one conservative candidate MUST yield

I just found this post that I wrote at two years ago titled "Coming Sequel to the Romulan-GOP Schism & The irony of Romney celebrating Scott Brown's election". 

It basically panned out as most of us knew it would. The thing that didn't hold true is the list of conservative candidates. But the thesis of our party splitting our conservative votes over multiple candidates, thereby being in danger of electing the ONE liberal in the race (who will not have other liberals to dilute HIS VOTE) is tragically close to reality if we don't see one of these conservatives sacrifice his personal ambition for the sake of the nation.

Personally I think Rick Perry should be the one to yield. I like him but I think he is wasting precious conservative votes at this point.  Conservatives must coalesce – before Romney gets momentum
Following is the content of the original post with link:

Feb 16, 2010
Coming Sequel to the Romulan-GOP Schism & The irony of Romney celebrating Scott Brown's election
by Scott Ryan

"I can tell you exactly how we will screw this up and at the end of this column – how we can AVOID screwing this up. The way we can screw this up is the same way we screwed it up last time around. We can screw this up by having pundits trying to shove that snake oil salesman Mitt Romney down our throats in the next Presidential primary.
I am absolutely stunned by the emotional intoxication some prominent conservatives have had for this impetuous RINO. Mitt Romney was and is the Republican’s Slick Willie. He will say anything to anyone at any time in order to get elected. I consider Ann to be an intelligent women and I am stunned to see her fall for the same chicanery that we have always criticized soccer moms for falling for. All it apparently takes is a handsome man with a silver tongue -claiming- to be a “conservative”.
I mean, it’s not as though the clear cut evidence isn’t there. We have plenty of video of Romney on every side of every issue depending on who he was running against in recent years. This guy was so obviously trying to hit hot buttons in the last presidential primary as he dropped the name of Ronald Reagan ad nauseam. Meanwhile we have video of Romney like Peter before the cock crowed, DENOUNCING President Reagan in a televised debate as he ran against Ted Kennedy a few years back for the Senate seat. (See with your own eyes at
We have seen Romney on both sides of the gay “marriage” issue. Last year he said he was pro-life just in time for the primary yet in the gubernatorial race we saw the man bragging about how pro-abortion he and his mother were and how he will “never waver” on that issue.
Ok, so maybe you are a country club Republican and you only care about what affects your wallet and could care less about Ronald Reagan, aborted babies or the sanctity of marriage. Well, we have all of the evidence in the world that this guy is even a fiscal left-winger.
The audacity of this swashbuckler is not even surpassed by Obama. Just a month ago this character was up on the stage in Massachusetts trying to ride the momentum of Scott Brown at his victory celebration! What is incredibly ironic about that is that this guy Scott Brown campaigned and was thrust into office primarily as the man who would vote -against- Hussein & Pelosi’s socialist healthcare plan! This plan was modeled and dubbed as a national version of the same Massachusetts plan that was promulgated as Mitt Romney’s baby!

The people of Massachusetts clearly do not like it and they have been warning the rest of the country NOT to adopt it. You KNOW it has to be horrendous when a left-winged nut case of a state like Mass puts a Republican in that seat in order to stop it, after what? 60 years? This is the state whose gracious contribution to the federalist system has been Barney Frank and Ted Kennedy for how many decades?

If any past Romulan including, Coulter, Ingraham, Hannity or Krauthammer try to palliate this fact by claiming that Romney didn’t really like this plan and had no choice but to go along, just take a look at the recently unveiled portrait Romney had painted of himself proudly hanging in the capitol. Romney instructed the artist to paint a copy of the healthcare bill prominently in the portrait.

So what, the guy made a half billion running a private equity chop shop. There are plenty of others who have done that; but does that make them a leader? We might as well elect Carl Icahn. Romney’s just a poor man’s version of Icahn or Kerkorian.

Why not hire the best??? I have never witnessed a more glass-jawed, paper candidate to have enchanted so many in this party. This is a guy who is exceedingly high on charm while low on substance and appears to be destitute of any fixed principles aside from a lifelong ambition to be President.

This brings me to my point. We are trying to avoid dealing with a major problem and if we do not confront that problem NOW, we will have another disaster like we did in the last presidential election and like the one we had in 1996. IF the Republican Party wants to avoid another schism, we MUST require a run-off election in the presidential primaries when ANY presidential candidate “wins” without a majority of the party’s votes. I know there are going to be intense factions within this party no matter what happens between now and 2012.

There is a faction right now that can’t move on from the past who are saying “run Sarah run”. I am not one of them. I like Sarah Palin and think she can do a great deal of good for this country, perhaps as Chairman of the GOP but I emphatically do not want her to be our presidential candidate.

We will have factions for Palin, for Huckabee, for Romney, for Pawlenty, Bobby Jindal and perhaps Fred Thompson (not likely). They will split the conservative vote so that we will give the nomination to the candidate we all loathe, the liberal candidate, which we WILL secure by our inability to coalesce. That is the ONLY way John McCain could have won this nomination. The same thing happened with Dole in 1996.

If we require a run-off between the top two candidates when no candidate receives a majority in the primary, we will never again be hi-jacked by the liberal minority of this party in a presidential election. We are a conservative party and the only thing liberal Republicans should be given in this party is asylum, if anything at all.

In spite of my opposition to Palin being our nominee, I don’t for a second question her conservatism and would definitely throw my support behind her in the general election - if she won in a run-off. That would assure us a strong candidate and leave the party less disillusioned after the primaries. I could not get enthusiastic for McCain. In fact, I was disgusted listening to him try to sound like a conservative while he bashed corporations, said the pharmaceuticals were “evil” and promoted “climate change” propaganda while standing in front of a green back-drop. Sorry, that doesn’t cut it and I know most conservatives felt the same way.

Sean and Ann also discussed the “tea party” movement. She said there isn’t a leader and wished there was. I would say to Ann, if you want to contact the head of the Tea Party Movement, call Rick Santelli. The way I remember it, Rick Santelli on CNBC made this appealing remonstrance during which he jested about having a tea party in Lake Michigan. (See original 

I remember going to something dubbed a “tea party” after the 2008 election but as far as I can remember, it all just happened organically. There was no need for a national organization to organize it. Even though I attended the tea party, I saw it as an event – not - an identity. Some of our venerable founding fathers participated in a “tea party” but they certainly didn’t stop there and they didn’t find their identity in a single act.
In reality, if we were to have a –true- tea party, if we were to do something actually similar in weight to the founding patriot’s tea party, we would be mailing the IRS a tea bag –in lieu of – a tax return. I don’t think we quite measure up to that standard as of yet and the name is a little bit silly.

If the movement is going to serve as a GOP plumbing tool, I think it will be worthwhile. Great things are happening all over the country regardless of whether a movement officially incorporates.

I really like what Jim Demint is doing to financially support conservative candidates around the country by “money bombing” those conservatives who are running to unseat RINOs. That is powerful. It has certainly worked for Marco Rubio who is running against Charlie Crist in Florida.

If conservatives around the country unite to fund primary challengers of the biggest RINO incumbents, we will indeed take our party back. As I write this, I just heard the news that J.D. Hayworth is going to challenge John McCain.

I cannot WAIT to throw a few bucks in Hayworth’s campaign coffer. McCain, it is time to retire. Thank you for your “service”; now step aside. The next to go should be Lindsey Graham."

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