Saturday, February 25, 2012

Another typical Primary Season watching Fox News

I’m watching Justice with Judge Jeanine Pirro. 
She personally seems to be impartial but she has this panel of three guests who are all dumping on Rick Santorum.  They are mocking him for his stance on moral issues. 

The fact that Santorum is –doing well in the Michigan Polls is impressive – yet they are all talking about it as though it is a negative.  They are acting, spinning this as though Santorum was the FAVORITE going into Michigan and he should be leading by a landslide!

Following those three shills, her next guest was Joe Piscopo, who was the next to take a turn ridiculing Santorum for taking a stand against legislative and cultural debauchery in America.  He just said that he’s a Democrat and works for Mitt Romney!

So here’s another OBJECTIVE  self-professed DEMOCRAT altruistically advising us on how Mitt Romney is “the only candidate who can beat Barack Obama” (ignoring polls this week showing Santorum actually beating Obama if the election were held today and he were the nominee). 

Wow, I am amazed at the sudden hospitality and benevolence of these Democrats who are “looking out” for us – because they just want us to have the best candidate we can possibly have in November.  Go-l-l-y Sergeant Carter!  I must have been wrong about those Democrats all these years.

As I stated here in my vlog "Stop the Romney Sleaze Machine", we KNEW that Romney was going to dump tens of millions in sleazy commercials in which he will lie, slander and libel his opponents a few days before the election in order to give his target as little time as possible to respond. 
That’s Mitt’s modus operandi – but on top of having the “advantage” of being unscrupulous enough to say or do ANYTHING without ethical compunction and hundreds of millions with which to do it - Fox News is BLATANTLY pimping Romney 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.  That’s a nice arrangement for Romney.

THIS TIME – Fox is managing this differently than in 2008.  In 2008 they had their actual hosts and full-time pundits flat-out campaigning for Mitt.  In one such case, Mort Kondracke and Fred Barnes – attacked Huckabee’s personal character as Mort said that “Mike Huckabee is not a good person” while Fred Barnes nodded in agreement. 

(As an aside, I believe Huckabee would have almost certainly won the GOP nomination this time around but was successfully pacified with a weekend TV show after the hatchet-job had evangelical Christians outraged at Fox when that 2008 race was over.)

So now Fox has taken a slightly more clandestine approach.  Instead of having the hosts shill for Mitt Romney – it appears they have the producers book nothing but –outside- shills as GUESTS on their shows to make it a bit less flagrant. 

Aside from Mitt’s typical hit job commercial from which Fox is obviously profiting prodigiously, he gets a deal (even if unwritten) in which 90% of all Fox guests related to the GOP Primary are either on Romney’s payroll, were on his payroll or soon hope to be on Mitt’s payroll.

Another prime example was just this week, the very DAY AFTER “The Contrivance in Mesa” debate – when Fox had on their highly rated morning show “Fox & Friends” - TWO GUESTS to objectively evaluate the performance of the Mesa debate.

The two arbitrators of objectivity were:
Guest #1.  Mitt Romney’s former debate coach Brett O’Donnell (I’m not making this up)
Guest #2.  New Jersey Governor Chris Christie – who has been obnoxiously campaigning for Romney around the country ever since endorsing him.

I’m just bringing up random samples of merely a few hours of Fox that I watched this week between my busy work schedule.  I can imagine for those who have it on all day, this must play like an Oral Roberts telethon where the establishment says give Mitt that nomination or something very bad is going to happen. 

Are you truly sick of this?  We CAN stop this.  It’s not as though this guy has a ground swell of support.  In fact, just like with McCain in 2008 – if you had taken a nationwide poll, state by state asking “WHICH CANDIDATE DO YOU NOT UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCE WANT TO REPRESENT THE REPUBLICAN PARTY AS THE PRESIDENTIAL CANDIDATE?” -in both cases then and now McCain and Romney are both the two candidates who would have been and would be today – the undisputed winner (with New England states being the possible exceptions naturally).
Like I said, we CAN stop this easily.  Here’s why and how:

Footnote: I think that Greta Van Susteren deserves recognition as the journalist at Fox News who is the exception. She has been fair and has not allowed Romney pimping by her guests to go unabated and unchallenged.
Thanks Greta. Who would have ever thought that Greta would have been the one when she initially came over to Fox News?

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  1. I think you're key point is at the beginning of the video: "Conservatives are in the best position they've ever been..." You don't say "Republicans." This supports my ongoing argument that Rick Santorum and the far right conservative movement needs to split from the GOP. (After all, they call it the Tea "Party," don't they?) The traditional GOP is under assault and in danger of disappearing, when less than 1/2 the party identifies themselves as "conservative" or "strongly conservative." That's not politics: that's hijacking.

    I know the obvious counter argument: if the GOP splits, that guarantees a Dem victory. But that's a cowardly argument, suggesting that the power of the ultra-conservative conviction is to weak to carry the day.

    If Santorum is nominated, you'll see "Obama Republicans" the same way 1980 and 84 saw "Reagan Democrats." The polls--despite one odd duck--suggest that Santorum would suffer an ignominious defeat, and likely carry with him major losses for state and local GOP elections as well. Not a good outcome