Friday, February 24, 2012

The Contrivance in Mesa

The media have gone out of their way to hype this “bout” as something that improved the prospects for the wounded Romney campaign but in terms of famous title fights, it was hardly the “Thrilla in Manila”. The reality is that if we were going to dub Thursday’s CNN Debate as a boxing title fight “The Contrivance in Mesa” would be more appropriate.

As I explained in the above video, below is a clip from the debate in Mesa, Arizona where the Mormon audience were booing Santorum as soon as he MENTIONED Romneycare. I have news for Romney followers; they are not going to be the studio audience in the general election when Obama thanks Romney for providing the – blueprint for Obamacare. Also, notice that in this video, Romney himself calls his own socialist albatross "Romneycare” as though it is a term of endearment. He’s apparently STILL proud of it!

As I also pointed out, take out all of the boo-tracks, laugh-tracks and applause-tracks provided by this fan club - and you have an ENTIRELY different debate.

The following clip is one in which Rick Santorum DESTROYED Mitt Romney in substance and style. It’s interesting that from within this very clip, the Murdoch media isolated, extracted then played non-stop on Thursday the little "zinger" where Romney tells Rick that he said on Laura Ingraham's show years ago that Romney is the conservative Rick endorsed for Governor.

Well, that is certainly excusable. Rick obviously fell for the specious notion that "Mitt Romney was a businessman who made hundreds of millions of dollars running a business". Well, at least SANTORUM learned from his MISTAKE in falling for that nonsense and he LEARNED his lesson because that endorsement was BEFORE Mitt Romney had a TRACK RECORD AS AN EXECUTIVE IN GOVERNMENT. That begs the question, what is YOUR excuse Fox? Mitt has a track record now and he has to circumvent, palliate and outright lie about the records of his opponents in order to distract people from even examining his own.

Back when Mitt ran for Governor, before he became a politician, and Rick ostensibly endorsed him, Rick apparently took the thesis now being crammed down our throats by Coulter and the like - at face value. Sounded good I'm sure; so why wouldn't he - at the time.
But that little hyped up zinger was extracted from a larger body of work that amounts to an outright butt-kicking! Without further ado, watch the video, focus on the substance and pretend that you don't hear the Mormon Tabernacle in the background and enjoy this overall Santorum upper cut to Mitt's glass jaw.

And when you hear ad nauseum - Fox pundits telling you that "polls indicate" that Rick Santorum "didn't have such a good night" - you tell them where they can put their polls.


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