Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Mitt Romney and his third-world style "victories"

After seeing yet another controversy regarding the outcome of the Maine elections, where once again Mitt Romney may have been declared the winner of a caucus when the final tally is in question due to only 84% of the caucuses being reported and conducted because of "weather" - why do I feel like we are becoming a 3rd world country? (It's a rhetorical question; I know the answer.) Think about how much it benefited Romney for the three weeks the final votes seemed to mysteriously disappear in Iowa (or whatever the hell the excuse was).

For three weeks the moderate Murdoch media championed Romney as "the first ever Republican non-incumbent presidential candidate to win both Iowa and New Hampshire."
That was the theme that the elite media shills daily crammed down our throats up to the South Carolina primary - and this whole Romney coronation was supposed to be OVER and done with by South Carolina.  Thank God their underhanded tactics failed and the people of South Carolina sagaciously rejected this Romney.

Even when we cast aside any theories of possible foul play causing the three week discrepancy - notwithstanding - at best the media exerted irresponsible, negligent journalism by repeatedly making those ASSUMPTIONS about Romney's "accomplishment"  (that never was) and trumpeting this error on a 24/7 basis up to South Carolina when Santorum was finally declared the winner of Iowa the night before the primary.

I watch Fox News quite frequently and I have not once heard so much as a retraction or a much due apology to the Rick Santorum campaign for making this erroneous assumption about Romney and declaring it for three weeks as though it was fact.

Think about not only how much sooner the Romney campaign could have been set back if the media had not blown this erroneous statistic out of proportion for three week;, think not only about how much less in donations the Romney campaign might have raised as a result - think also about how much BETTER Santorum's campaign MIGHT have fared and how much more money they MIGHT have raised had Santorum not been declared the" runner up" in Iowa instead of the winner he actually was.

I'm not saying there was collusion between the Romney campaign but we are talking about a guy who wants to be president so badly that he's not beneath hiring pseudo-"grass-root" supporters to stand out in the cold holding Romney signs. It is disconcerting to say the least that in these times, we can't seem to hold legitimate elections. This process is starting to resemble classic Russian elections more than American.

Nevertheless, I believe Rick Santorum stands a reasonable chance win this.  As a bystander I noticed that Rick is not overly dynamic when he’s just going out to make a political stump speech. HOWEVER, he was very impressive the way he “undressed” Romney over his Romneycare excuses in the recent debate in Jacksonville.

Like an adroit prosecutor, Santorum methodically tied Romney in knots with the very prosaic excuses Romney offered during that debate. It was so embarrassing to Romney that all he could offer was a smirk that was a poor attempt to veil his consternation.

Then as Santorum repeatedly blasted him with those upper-cuts - Blitzer was panic stricken and interrupted “we’ve got to move on... we’ve got to move on”

It was quite an impressive thing to behold and it shed a fresh perspective on what Rick is capable of doing in a debate.  Watch the expressions of Romney as Santorum lands his upper-cuts.  You can see glass-jaw Mitt smirking as he doesn't know what to do.  Then notice that despite the fact that this type of moment is exactly what a network hosting a debate would be expected to encourage if they wanted a great debate with a noteworthy moment of impact if only for the sake of ratings, despite that fact - notice how Wolf Blitzer jumps in saying "let's move on... we've got to move on".  They clearly wanted to fix this fight and protect thier paper champion because they know who they want their ultimate paper champion Obama to face in this race come November.  This is a classic and telling moment of what an Obama v. Romney "debate" would look like.  Take a good look at what the Romney camp does NOT want you to see..

Santorum may not be all about applause lines - but he sure as hell can tie someone up in a knot and prosecute them in front of an audience. That could work on Obama.

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