Monday, February 6, 2012

Note to the Establishment: Rebellion is no longer "brewing" - rebellion is HERE.

Dick Morris was practically CRYING on Sean Hannity’s Fox News program about how we need to stop attacking Mitt Romney, especially the three conservative candidates in the race.

Ann Coulter was up next on Hannity where the two of them played out a charade that almost looked rehearsed. Coulter was just fawning over the very thought of Romney saying how we “should all be celebrating because we have a conservative candidate” and she even blasphemously compared Romney to Reagan. There’s a hole in Ann’s theory. Maybe Mitt can smile like Ronald Reagan and even make a half decent speech. The problem is that Ronald Reagan was not a pretentious bullshitting socialist.

I guess Ann figures she has made enough money because she is all-in with this modern day Elmer Gantry and her career will forever be linked to this impetuous infatuation along with her honorary board chairmanship of “GoProud”.

Ann was also bragging to Sean tonight about how she accosted Romney after a fund raiser and told him “you owe me”! Talk about a “slobbering Love Affair”. I’m sure Bernie Goldberg didn’t have Ann Coulter in mind when he wrote his book but that is exactly what we are witnessing here. Ann is demonstrating the same type of delusions as we witnessed in 2008 from people like Oprah, Chris Matthews & Joy Behar over Obama.

Ann Romney may want to keep an eye on these two before Mitt ends up moving them to Mexico like his Grandfather did so they can all be married together. Well, on second thought, Mexico really needs a good “turn around specialist” of their own. It might be a better fit.

Nevertheless, I am TIRED of hearing these whining sell-outs tell us we shouldn’t be exposing Romney’s socialist governmental record. It’s the only record he has so those of us who are not susceptible to crushes are going to point out the fact that the GOP is pushing a socialist all the way to the convention against the will of the MAJORITY of the party.

“Oh but the 11th Commandment… wahhhh, wahhhhh” Let me be clear: The venerable President Ronald Reagan was the greatest president of the 20th Century – but he was not God incarnate nor did he make any such pretense. He was right about most things but nobody is right about EVERYTHING.

Judging by the results of the past 24 years of my entire voting life in which I ALWAYS voted for the establishment candidate since turning 18 in 1988 – I’m going to say that THE “11TH Commandment” is at least –one- thing that President Reagan got wrong and if he saw the unmitigated abandonment of basic sense that I’m seeing by this cult-like Romney worship – I think President Reagan would agree that the 11th Commandment – NO LONGER APPLIES to this generation.

On that note let me conclude by saying that my resolute line-in-the-sand is not a scenario of “if you don’t support MY CANDIDATE, I’m going to take my toys and go home”. This is about the fact that I will NEVER debase my country or my honor by knowingly voting for a statist like Mitt Romney. There are three other candidates in this race besides Romney and I will gladly vote for ANY ONE OF THEM if they are nominated.

It is the choice of the GOP and the Moderate Murdoch Media if they want to cram this guy who according to them (about 100 times on Sunday alone) “already looks like the nominee…” down our throats and help this liberal hi-jack the party as they did with John McCain – it is THEY WHO ARE ELECTING BARACK OBAMA because they are warned with ample time and they are swimming against the stream of all basic sense in pushing this unacceptable candidate.

Rebellion is no longer "brewing"; rebellion is HERE.

In order not to make this column any longer, I am attaching this link to my prior commentary where I elucidate more on Romney’s socialistic propensity and undeniable socialist TRACK RECORD in government:


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