Sunday, March 4, 2012

A "Bag of Rocks" may Beat Obama - but Romney Won't.

It has become popular in pundit circles to tritely assert that “a bag of rocks could beat Obama in 2012.”  If that is the case, than let’s run the damned bag of rocks.  I would sooner vote for the bag of rocks than I would for Mitt Romney.  Furthermore, if Romney wins the nomination and a credible third party conservative does not come to fruition, we may have to write it in. 

If we ran someone against Obama who had the moral high-ground to challenge him on his destructive polices – our victory would be close to inevitable. 

There's a reason why David Axelrod and every Democrat pundit engage in the following talking points:
Talking Point # 1. "Mitt Romney is the candidate who has the best chance of beating Barack Obama"
Talking point # 2. "Barack Obama is licking his chops over the prospect of facing Rick Santorum."

The REASON is that the Democrats -fear- Rick Santorum and/or Newt Gingrich.  Can the media shills really think the aforementioned Democrat Party advice is in our best interest to heed?  Why would the left-wing Democrats engage in such overwhelming solicitude to make sure we Republicans embrace these notions???

If you believe them, you are telling us that these liberals who assault every basic moral and economic value we hold dear like malicious demons - are so benevolent that they, including - David Axelrod himself- want to make certain that we Republicans have the best chance possible to defeat their candidate Obama in November.

I could deluge my readers by posting LITERALLY THOUSANDS of sourced quotes by the most powerful  Democrats thanking Mitt Romney for being "father of the individual-mandate".  But that would not make people who are infatuated like something resembling a school girl crush - actually THINK about the suicide to which they are committing the Republican Party.

For any rational voters thinking about voting for Mitt Romney, just go to Newsbank and conduct a search "Mitt Romney" + "individual mandate" and you will see nothing but quotes of liberals who actually –are- salivating over the prospect of Mitt Romney as the GOP nominee.  For people who actually conduct DUE DILIGENCE when selecting a potential leader of the free world, the tens of thousands of columns and transcripts you see after conducting the aforementioned search will demonstrate one organic, unified voice and one theme among Democrats.

The theme is that Democrats will do ANYTHING to elect Mitt Romney by influencing the GOP primary elections state by state.  They do this now by telling us through their party leaders and pundits that Mitt Romney is the candidate they believe “is the most formidable to challenge Barack Obama in November”

But when you look at the vast majority of their DEFENSES of the health care bill over a year ago, BEFORE our primary elections began, these same people used Mitt Romney as their PRIMARY DEFENSE for the individual mandate and their socialist health care bill as a whole.

They are LAUGHING at us because our so-called gurus like Karl Rove, Dick Morris, Dorothy Rabinowitz, Charles Krauthammer, Fred Barnes, Britt Hume and many others have picked up with thee Democrat narrative like a fumbled football and are running to the wrong end-zone with it.  They are doing this while the rest of us scream from the bleachers “you are going the wrong way you cretins!”

This is what we get from people who do not know what to do with the ball because they are so used to playing defense.  Even when we had the House, Senate & Executive branches, they were constantly playing defense as they cowered before the Democrats and squandered the opportunity given by the American people to go on offense.

Quite frankly, these are the losers to whom we listened all of those years and they are taking us down a pathway toward a shutout in which we again will be on the losing side in November when we elect our own Manchurian Candidate – Mitt Romney.

Following are just a sample out of the extraordinary number of articles buttressing this undeniable fact and giving us a taste of the overwhelming mantra that would drown out the politically castrated Romney before the race ever begins in November:

HEALTH CARE DOCTORING THE PARTY LINE - " Individual mandate ': A GOP baby, disowned

Free Lance-Star, The (Fredericksburg, VA) - Monday, January 3, 2011

"The idea of an individual mandate as an alternative to single-payer was a Republican idea," health economist Mark Pauly of the University of Pennsylvania's Wharton School told The Associated Press.
In fact, during debate over the Clinton health care plan in 1994, Hatch himself co-sponsored a bill that included an individual mandate.  Back then, the mandate was seen as a free-market alternative, far preferable to the employer mandate President Bill Clinton was pushing.

More recently, Massachusetts Gov. Mitch Romney
signed a law instituting an individual mandate as part of his state's effort to provide universal coverage…Despite the hue and cry over the "socialist" Obamacare plan, this highlights the fact that the Affordable Care Act is actually an extremely moderate approach-some might even argue a conservative approach-to health care reform, and that, for some, the constitutionality of a provision depends chiefly on who proposes it.”
“In an interview with USA Today , Axelrod goes out of his way to credit Mitt Romney for implementing a universal health care plan when he was governor of Massachusetts that shares many similarities with the White House-backed law that has proved so unpopular with Republicans."

Has Massachusetts Experience Put ObamaCare On A Path To Repeal?
Investor's Business Daily (Los Angeles, CA) - Thursday, January 13, 2011

Romney: "Every uninsured citizen in Massachusetts will soon have affordable health insurance, and the cost of health care will be reduced," then-Republican Gov. Romney wrote in the Wall Street Journal in 2006. "And we need no new taxes, no employer mandate and no government takeover to make this happen."

The other promises turned out to be bogus as well. Despite the near-universal insurance, the state still spends $414 million on uncompensated care, an expense that
Romney and his architects promised would disappear. Emergency-room use has not dropped as predicted. From 2006 to 2008, emergency room use under Mass Care increased by 9%. And private employer insurance costs, far from dropping, have continued to increase.

The individual mandate , as onerous as it is, is set at a level to encourage gaming the system. A family with an income of $55,000 in 2014 will face the choice of paying $4,428 a year for health insurance or a $550 fine. Given that insurance will be available on demand, it's rational to pay the fine until a serious illness strikes.

Indeed, there is no strong demand for insurance among the uninsured. The individual market has existed for years and is lightly subscribed. The new high-risk pools created by ObamaCare are very undersubscribed. Bureaucrats projected that 375,000 would sign up by now. The actual number is 8,000.

The lie
that Massachusetts never promised to control costs is amplified by the belief that Obama's plan would do so.
There is no adequate answer to the nation-wide electorate to distinguish ourselves if the Republican Party is so self-destructive as to nominate the ONE and ONLY Republican Governor who successfully inoculates Barack Hussein Obama from one of the Democrat Party's most glaring trespasses.  Not only did this candidate promulgate socialized medicine as Governor of one of the most left wing states in the union - but he based it upon the notorious "individual mandate", the component which the key to the entire case against it entirely rests.   Romney will hand Barack Obama on a silver platter, the ability to make the entire Republican Party look like a party of hypocrites and make us the laughing stock of the nation in November 2012.  THAT is why the unified voice of the Democrat Party ADVISES US to nominate Moot Romney as the GOP nominee.

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