Tuesday, March 27, 2012

"Mandate Day" is another Clear Test of Fox Media Malpractice

Today is an important test of Fox News and “sister companies” like The Wall Street Journal because this is “individual mandate day.” The Supreme Court has been hearing arguments on that isolated issue upon which the entire multi-state lawsuit rests. THEREFORE, Fox News will be focusing mainly on this story (between Trayvon Martin reports).

On Fox and Friends this morning the individual mandate was the main topic as expected. There has not been a single mention of the fact that Mitt Romney successfully ADVISED Barack Obama to adopt the individual mandate - but they did manage to slip in another distortion about Santorum’s comment on the need to nominate a candidate who presents a clear contrast to Obama.

For the entire campaign season Mitt Romney and his apologists at Fox News have been inculcating us with the specious argument that Romneycare was an exercise in Federalism because the states are the “laboratory of democracy”. Romney claimed repeatedly, “I would NEVER support the individual mandate at the Federal level”. However, it was revealed that Romney wrote a series of Op-Ed columns before OBAMACARE was passed into law - in which Mitt Romney ADVISED Barack Obama to adopt the individual mandate.

THAT betrayed a clear-cut, outright series of lies by Romney committed throughout the past year. Mitt Romney has an integrity problem and he can’t remember what positions he took two years ago. That is why he got caught. The more you lie, the more you have to make new lies to cover up old lies – and as the years pass, you forget what lies you told. It’s a snare that always catches up with you.

The entire point of WHY Romeny’s diversified positions on the federal mandate should naturally be discussed on the day the Supreme Court is hearing arguments on that specific component is self evident. The issue is not whether Fox allows guests to occasionally say that “Romneycare was the model for Obamacare". Romney circumvents that with his justifications about Federalism and State’s supposed rights to promulgate socialist medicine (which probably violates their own state constitutions but that's another column).

The entire point is that Fox News OMMITTED the material fact that would have –ended- the Romney campaign if they had taken their fiduciary duties with a morsel of respect. That is extremely relevant on the day that the entire world is watching our Supreme Court consider the constitutionality of the individual mandate component of Obamacare. If this mandate should be maintained as constitutional by the Supreme Court – it will be the central issue of the 2012 campaign.

A familiar example you will see on Fox of what they will allow is what Michelle Bachman said this morning to Martha MacCallum. Martha asked Michelle if she sees a vulnerability with Mitt Romney's relationship to Obamacare if he is the nominee. I was disappointed that Bachman, in her answer focused on the fact that Mitt Romney campaigns on a promise of repealing Obamacare and if elected he would “HAVE TO REPEAL OBAMACARE”.

Once again, if Fox had widely reported the fact that Romney advised Obama to adopt the mandate and then lied about it - we wouldn't need to sit back and hope that Michelle Bachman answers the question appropriately instead of trying to be a "team player". That's where the negligence and malpractice does the damage. Reporters REPORT. Fox News Reporters, DID NOT report.

Romney's claim that he would immediately repeal Obamacare is NOT the relevant factor and misses the point that Romney has to WIN the general elections first. What IS the relevant factor is that Mitt Romney has absolutely no credibility to stand before the nation in a debate to attack Barack Obama on his vulnerability – the individual mandate.

So Romney can say all he wants that he "would appeal Obamacare" if elected but the problem lies in the fact that he will have to AVOID talking about the mandate, our strongest issue, so as to avoid being laughed off the stage when Obama asks Romney WHY he advised him in those OP-Ed pieces – to embrace the individual mandate at the FEDERAL LEVEL.

I know it’s hard for some to think these things through. It’s easier to ignore the obvious and submit to the talking points “Romney was a businessman, plus he saved the Olympics” – but other than a Santorum victory that is a worthwhile long shot, the best thing we can have is a brokered convention.

If not Santorum, we need to find an acceptable candidate who isn’t Mitt Romney. Nominating a Wall Street CEO at a time of unprecedented enmity for Wall Street alone is preposterous – but one who inoculates our enemy (Barack Obama) from the greatest violations of our citizenry since George III is an inexcusable catastrophe.

It NEVER would have been possible without the complicity of the Murdoch media conglomerate including Fox News which cleverly twisted, shaped and omitted facts from their reports that would have rightfully ended the Romney campaign BEFORE Super Tuesday.The fact is that most people have no idea of the pathological lying nature of Mitt Romney and no idea about his lie regarding this mandate.

If Fox News had simply done their job and fulfilled their obligation to make certain most voters were aware of this crucial vulnerability – Romney would be out of this race right now.
The ONLY alternative to malpractice would be negligence. Whichever the excuse might be is inexcusable.

As my favorite founding father Hamilton once said (in regard to the Jay treaty): “If we suppose them to be sincere, we must often pity their ignorance, if insincere, we must abhor the spirit of deception that it betrays.”

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