Wednesday, March 28, 2012

The Math is Insurmountable but Newt's Role is IMPORTANT

To summarize what I verbalize in this video:

I support Santorum.

The media is putting out red herrings about Santorum indicating he would accept a VP slot if Romney won the nomination.

Santorum supporters support him for PRESIDENT – not Vice-President.

A Romney/Santorum ticket would fail worse than the McCain/Palin ticket did.

We need a brokered convention.

Newt is a safeguard.  If Newt dropped out of this race, a deal could be cut for the VP slot that could end this race and allow Romney to more easily procure the needed 1144 delegates to secure the nomination.

Support Rick Santorum with your VOTE because he’s the only candidate who can still mathematically win though having odds stacked against him.

Support Newt Gingrich with your MONEY to keep him in this race because it would prevent any compromise with Romney – given that if Santorum dropped out,conservative votes would then go to Newt because it would continue to prevent Romney from reaching the magic number.

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