Thursday, March 22, 2012

An Obstinate Romney Nomination is an Obama Re-election

Arlen Williams of linked to an interesting story at The Daily Caller titled:

"Lord Monckton: ‘I’m no birther,’ but Obama birthcertificate ‘plainly a forgery’
I love to hear Lord Monckton speak.  It’s amazing to see how the blinders are on a nation of deceived people.  I continue saying it is spiritual and REALLY believe that the extraordinary degree of willful blindness can only be explained in that manner.

How else can you explain the fact that Obama is 100% inoculated by this issue and many others no matter what the truth is. 

Like Monckton, I do not spend much time on this because if we had a signed and notarized statement or a video of Obama stating that he was born in Kenya – they would not reconcile themselves with the truth.  Nothing would be done either way, which is why the union is about to fall apart very soon.

The same willful blindness is true of Mitt Romney supporters.   Christians are literally ridiculed and disdained by many who have capitulated their intelligence and checked all logic at the Romney door – because we dare to make this election about the “social issues”.  

In regard to
 this story about the top Etch a sketch Romney adviser, Eric Fehrnstrom, who said his campaign will "hit a reset button" to take on Obama in the fall if Romney wins the GOP nomination:

It is quite outlandish for this ignoble rascal Romney – of all people – to come out with his wife crying about Newt and Rick using that information AGAINST him.  It demonstrates what this suit will be doing in November.

Why WOULDN’T they bring this to our attention?
This is one of the extremely rare instances of the Romney campaign being truthful.  This accidental moment of candor is WHY we have been fighting so tenaciously. 

What Fehrnstrom said was what any un-infatuated human being rightly concluded after conducting proper due diligence that should be a requisite to voting.  You cannot actually look at Romney’s career in politics without observing that his history is one of changing positions according the expedience of the moment.

Mitt Romney is the personification of every mistake that self-serving, legacy craving politicians have for decades perpetuated in order to bring us under the state of bankruptcy and tyranny we now face.
The more I see names of yesteryear who I would like to forget (and we all NEED to forget) telling us we need to shut up and get behind the inevitable loser – the more resolved I am about the fact that McCain was my last “nose plug” candidate.
They are actually making matters worse because many REFUSE to turn their backs on their God given intelligence by supporting this individual.  He is only “inevitable” because they MADE him inevitable by refusing to cease their slanderous ads, attacking the character of gentlemen who far exceed anything Romney has ever demonstrated in character or deed. 

I have often said that if Romney was conducting himself in this way and this happened to be the early 19th century, he would be forced to meet Newt on the “field of honor”.  Who would win such a dual is irrelevant to the fact that Romney greatly resembles Aaron Burr whom his political adversary Hamilton once said of him that he is “destitute of any fixed principles”.

He is only “inevitable” because of the ongoing journalistic malpractice that has been and still continues to be perpetrated by Fox News as they sat on the monumental lie committed by Romney in his repeated statement about “never having supported an individual mandate at the federal level”.

Fox destroyed the candidacy of Mike Huckabee in 2008 by running the talking points and constant replaying of a COMPLETELY OUT OF CONTEXT excerpt by Governor Huckabee articulating a litany of tax increases he would “support”.  They bludgeoned Huckabee’s organic rise in virtually all of the major primaries after winning Iowa. 

They left out the fact that this was a 30 second clip out of an evening long, final session with an Arkansas state legislature that was over 80% Democrat who controlled the purse strings.

There was NO WAY whatsoever they were going to CUT taxes (which was not in his power to do).  Yet the state constitution DEMANDED by law that they have a balanced budget. 

The fact that this state legislature was going to raise taxes was an axiom, so it was incumbent upon the Governor to enumerate which taxes he would GO ALONG WITH.

The fact that Huckabee was even able to be Governor was in itself a rarity in this Democrat stronghold where he succeeded Bill Clinton as Governor.

 YET, FOX NEWS played the FRAUD.   After DRUDGE released the aforementioned video - Fox News went into campaign gear and destroyed a remarkable momentum that was inconceivable as Huckabee rode the polls from the mere 2% he had earlier garnered - to front runner. 

His rise was all grass roots and he was winning in the polls in Michigan, South Carolina and even Florida – UNTIL the Fox malpractice campaign. 

It was a campaign IDENTICAL to that which we have seen them wage against Newt and then Rick Santorum.

It started out with Fox distorting that 30 second clip from that Arkansas session and then followed with Fox perpetuating the persecution of  Huckabee for a commercial in which a book shelf  behind him they maintained was really "a cross”. 

Not so coincidentally, Fox began with non-stop Romney promoting until Huckabee won Iowa and then transitioned into the non-stop “McCain is inevitable” narrative after McCain became their “comeback kid” because he won more liberals in Massachusetts than did Romney.

It is a breach of fiduciary responsibility as the “freedom of the press” has a vital role in the efficacy of our republic. 

I cannot in good conscience support their candidate who could win the nomination by such disreputable and fraudulent means.  I will not enable them by reinforcing their unscrupulous methods.

One of my favorite quotes was by the Roman orator Cato who once said something that profoundly summarizes the reasoning of those who assert that Rick, Newt and ALL OF US need to surrender to the ongoing chicanery of Mitt Romney:

"There must certainly be a vast Fund of Stupidity in Human Nature, else Men would not be caught as they are, a thousand times over, by the same Snare, and while they yet remember their past Misfortunes, go on to court and encourage the Causes to which they were owing, and which will again produce them."

Hearing Jeb Bush who recently “came out” suggesting that we debase ourselves in this way has prompted me to go and make a donation to the Santorum campaign.  Keep it up.  I do not care what the hell your last name is - you cannot and will not beat us into submission – any longer.

24 years of this fruitless compromise has been enough for me.  YOU are the people who elected Barack Obama by manufacturing a candidate who couldn’t win in 2008 and YOU are the fools who are re-electing Barack Obama in 2012 in your obstinate pushing of a dishonorable individual who has a deplorable record of liberalism and is anything but a gentleman.

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