Thursday, March 29, 2012

Romney Rents Supporters - Many who may be as Legal as his Lawn Maintenance

This video is a remarkable demonstration of why I will NOT vote for Mitt Romney. He is just as fabricated as Barack Obama.

The video begs the question whether Romney's campaign is employing illegal aliens to hold his signs as some of these day labor companies as described by the "rent a supporter" - are well known for employing illegals in towns throughout Florida. As a Florida resident, I can attest to that.

If Romney's campaign is hiring illegals, I guess we will find out during the general election as another means of exposing his hypocrisy. It would be easy to determine; just find out which day labor company this "supporter" was hired by and start asking questions.

It wouldn't be all that surprising if the Romney campaign got away with it because the conservative candidates have been running on diminutive budgets the past year, just as it took all the way until Super Tuesday to find a couple OP-Ed columns showing Romney had been standing on that stage - getting away with lying, during every last debate - about his claim of NOT supporting the mandate at the federal level. That makes it QUITE conceivable that Romney's campaign could be paying illegal aliens to campaign outside the polling stations - just like he employed them to whack his weeds and mow his lawns all those years.

We know Obama be pointing out in the debates that he took Romney’s advice on the federal mandate. We know they will be ridiculing him for having to pay thousands of fake supporters. But it could be potentially much worse if they start investigating who these rental Romney supporters actually are. This campaign has all the potential for disaster.

This video (below) is something that we SHOULD be seeing on Fox News, kind of Breitbart-esque. It is ground breaking, or at least would be if Fox News was not complicit. It is also a little known FACT that Romney did the same thing in 2008 where he paid fake supporters in Iowa and New Hampshire to stand around in the cold holding Romney signs.

We are being bamboozled. I guess it is up - US –and the actual conservative candidates to report this because Murdoch’s unregistered Romney Superpacs do not have the integrity to do the job.

We are now at the stage, the 4th quarter, where many conservatives become weary and start to give up. That is what they want; it is what they EXPECT, just like in 2008. They have these trivial “endorsements” lined up throughout the campaign like today’s Rubio endorsement. They are sequenced. They are choreographed. They are scheduled long in advance. The Rubio, Ryan and Bush endorsements have likely been on the calender from day one. They are designed to cause disillusionment, to make you think it is time to get in line and drink the poison from their trough with the rest of them.

This video is not the exception for Romney, it is the rule and I guarantee this tactic, along with his ignominious sleaze bomb commercials are being employed in Wisconsin. These men who created this video did a great service and this video MUST be spread throughout Facebook and other Internet channels.

It is up to us to make up for the media malpractice. It is time to get off of our rear ends, step it up and stop this snake oil salesman from hijacking this nomination. He must not get to 1144. Show America how pathetic and unacceptable this candidate really is. Share this link. America is at stake.

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