Friday, March 23, 2012

What Democrats REALLY think of Mitt Romney (The Joke's on Us)

I just stumbled upon an accurate column on the Democrat’s ACTUAL view upon a Romney nomination titled “Democrats Have No Fear Of Romney”

It provides a rare glimpse behind the scenes of the Obama campaign’s TRUE view of the prospects of a Mitt Romney nomination. It demonstrates that they understand that Mitt Romney cannot beat Barack Obama and only –events- can defeat him if Romney is the nominee. In essence, Romney –is- the “bag of rocks” candidate
because he brings absolutely nothing to the election that could legitimately be considered as marketable in the most anti-Wall Street climate in American history. If his Investment banking CEO experience is a plus, then we should have nominated Goldman Sachs CEO Lloyd Blankfein who is expected to retire very soon.

So he totally inoculates Obama from having to answer about Obamacare. He’s a CEO from what is now the most despised industry in America. So what is left? “Elect me because I saved the Olympics!” The specifics of what Romney did in Utah and how he did it are currently a mystery to most, so when details of that come out it will probably lead to more embarrassment.

This column is a beauty, filled with gems like this:

“Several Obama campaign staffers described Chicago as more worried that Romney’s nomination might de-energize the base and depress donations because the grassroots think Obama will have reelection in the bag.”

Oh! So that’s Romney’s “strategery”. Romney is playing possum. He has brilliantly cultivated a decade of economically destructive policies in Massachusetts like his socialist medical plan and “Wheels for Welfare” and worked diligently to establish a reputation of having no fixed principles – just so that Democrats would UNDERESTIMATE him - when he would finally run for President in 2012.

Brilliant! This rascal Romney would seem prescient if it were not for the fact that this strategy has already failed us for the past 24 years since President Reagan left office.

The funny thing is that the attitudes of Democrats seem to contradict the absurd contentions of Romney infatuated shills like Coulter, Morris & Rabinowitz who have been telling us for this entire Winter that “Romney is the candidate that Obama fears most”. But you don’t have to be a sleuth to find the Newsbank collection of tens of thousands of quotes and transcripts of Democrats like David Axelrod – publicly hoping for Mitt Romney to be our nominee.

They –publicly- hoped for Romney up until about three months ago when the GOP primaries actually began. Once the “season” began, we witnessed their “flip-flopping” to the new narrative which we all well know. Romney shills through the Newscorp machine have adeptly read the talking points to the point where they reverberate in our minds without ceasing.

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