Thursday, April 12, 2012

Ann Coulter Romney or the Next Arianna Huffington?

I must admit that for a few years, mainly during the Slick Willie era, I was an admirer of Coulter. But as the years passed she began to resemble a women seduced by public adulation. Perhaps she spent too much time at the New York cocktail parties.

As most of us know, Ann is now the “Honorary Chairperson” of GoProud’s Advisory Council. Goproud is a national organization of “gay conservatives” and they claim that Coulter “has put them on the map”. Thanks Ann! You have really done so much to blur the line of distinction between the GOP & the DNC.

Perhaps just is bad is the fact that she is at the very least a personal friend and defender of Bill Maher, one of the best known antagonists to Christians and conservatives in the entire nation. She was recently on Sean Hannity’s show defending Maher as she spoke of how “funny” Maher is. She claims that we do not see the better sides of Maher because only his controversial comments make the headlines.

That Coulter has the audacity to defend Bill Maher as “very funny”- after he made fun of Rick Santorum’s sick child - is by itself all the evidence one needs to rightly conclude that this women has a glaring character flaw and is to conservatism what Benny Hinn is to Christendom.

Coulter praises Maher approximately 6 minutes into this interview with Hannity.

It is no surprise that she has sold out the 70% of the party who are conservatives in favor of her east coast liberal crush Mitt Romney. Let’s see how many books the 30% buy after the elections are over and they throw her away like a paid escort.

Many of the people who purchased Ann Coulter’s books and paid ridiculous quantities of cash for her to come out and speak were the pure conservatives of the Republican Party. I cannot imagine that she is going to be raking in the kind of money to which she has become accustomed.
At this point, if Coulter was the keynote speaker at a conservative event I attended, many conservatives would be more inclined to throw a pie in her face than to applaud her.

So Coulter is betting the farm and has tied her fortune to Mitt Romney winning the presidency. Now thanks to the pioneering of Mitt Romney, Barney Frank and Ted Kennedy in Massachusetts, we now have homosexual “marriage” being legalized across the blue states of America. It is only logical that some polygamists will be DEMANDING the rights too.

So when that happens, if Romney was President (hypothetically), what is the likelihood that he would intervene in attempts to legislate homosexual and polygamist marriage? What is the chance he would VETO such legislation?

Well, we can all pretty much assume that Mitt Romney is on board with that guy after whom they named their University – Brigham Young. If we look at what the great Brigham Young had to say about the issue, it is lucidly clear what we could expect from Romney if faced with federal legislation:
"Now if any of you will deny the plurality of wives, and continue to do so, I promise that you will be damned; and I will go still further and say, take this revelation, or any other revelation that the Lord has given, and deny it in your feelings, and I promise that you will be damned.

Brigham Young - JoD 3:266 (July 14, 1855)
Inside Mitt’s mind: Set thought captions, “Let’s see, approve of plural marriage and shack up with multiple babes - or- be damned to hell? Hmmmmm….

I know it sounds crazy but these days, everything sounds crazy until it becomes plausible, then it becomes reality in a few more years.
During the Florida primaries, Ann bragged of a scenario (on Fox & Friends) in which she went to Romney on the campaign trail and told him “you owe me big-time”. So perhaps Ann has hope of becoming the NEXT Ann Romney. As Ann Coulter Romney, she wouldn’t have to keep hawking books for a living.

So if Mitt Romney becomes the nominee and loses the election (a likelihood), having betrayed her audience repeatedly - will she be forced to go to the other side and become the next Arianna Huffington?

No doubt with her abrasive style, she could make a FORTUNE selling bs to the left. (She's already half-way there with her homosexual connections and her Bill Maher relationship.) The gullible left would eat it up like WWE fans . Face it, we had some good times but she probably never won over a single liberal in her career. Rallying the troops was always her shtik but realistically - that gig is over.

THIS IS NO TIME TO GET DISCOURAGED OR TO CAPITULATE. We conservatives MUST stand behind Newt now and send him a check. I know times are tough financially but let us reach down deep and pay off that $4 million debt Newt’s campaign owes so that he is not dependent upon the establishment to make concessions.

Let’s “money bomb” Newt. If we have to hold garage sales or bake sales for Newt to STOP the liberal Romney from BUYING this election with the help of his sleaze bombs and Fox News – LET’S DO IT! YOUR COUNTRY IS WORTH THE SACRIFICE.

I am going to set an example right now and start this money bomb set for next Wednesday (April 18th). I am hereby listing this autographed, notarized Devin Hester High School Football card on ebay - and am pledging 100% of the proceeds to Newt Gingrich’s Presidential campaign.

I will donate the proceeds to Newt immediately after receipt of payment to my PayPal account after the auction closes on Wednesday, April 18th and will post the receipt at

I am encouraging all conservatives to do the same and notify us with a link to what YOU are selling in the comment section below this column to support Newt so that we can bid on YOUR item.

It is time to show the RINO establishment what we are made of. Suck it up; send Newt some cash or pledge the proceeds of your own item on ebay so NEWT does not depend on the RNC and Romney to get out of debt.This is truly a GRASS ROOTS EFFORT in the way elections SHOULD be decided.Spread the message LIKE NEVER BEFORE and let us shock the world.


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