Thursday, April 26, 2012

Is Murdoch the GOP-Elite’s version of George Soros?

Rupert Murdoch is accused of manipulating the political process of numerous nations including the US. Every American has the right to lobby Congress and participate in the political system. But Murdoch –through ownership of prestigious outlets like the Wall Street Journal and Fox News- has the advantage of -creating- news and massaging the perceptions of tens of millions of unsuspecting viewers so they will think what he wants them to think and in turn vote how he wants them to vote despite all of the evidence of what they are doing clearly contradicting all of their professed principles!

Now THAT my friends is POWER. What a clandestine way to achieve an agenda!  It reminds me of the expression "it's nice work, if you can get it".  It must be nice to be a puppet master.  Why lobby the government like the rest of the serfs when you can OWN it outright?

The evidence suggests that his methods are very similar to George Soros. The end results for which they work are one and the same. Both are Islam coddling globalists who apparently want to rule the world – and will destroy anyone who dares to get in their way. Mitt Romney is the quintessential example of Murdoch’s masterful work and will be ideal for compromising America’s sovereignty. With Puppet masters like Soros on the left and Murdoch on the “right” (a misperception), the globalists can’t lose.

This week, according to Newsmax .com, Rupert Murdoch was "grilled" by the Leveson Inquiry on his relationship with British politicians, a key question thrown up by the phone hacking scandal at his now-defunct News of the World tabloid. Revelations of widespread illegal behavior at the top-selling Sunday newspaper rocked Britain's establishment with evidence of media misdeeds, police corruption, and too-cozy links between the press and politicians.

Buffeted by the scandal, Cameron called for a public inquiry into media ethics, a move some observers said had angered Murdoch and prompted him to seek revenge on the prime minister and his party. It looks like a pattern for Murdoch as Newscorp subsidiary Fox News has worked feverishly over the past year to systematically destroy the reputation of every single frontrunner in the GOP primary including Rick Perry, Michelle Bachman, Herman Cain, Newt Gingrich and Rick Santorum.

It really begs the question of whether Fox News executives and their employed Romney mouth pieces were working in collusion with Mitt Romney and his Super Pacs throughout the year as the “news” network reported with implied legitimacy, the distorted themes against each conservative, one by one until each conservative was viewed the liberal in the race instead of Romney.

It smacks of collusion when any rational human ponders the question of HOW the news network could have omitted material facts about Mitt Romney’s literal creation of the Massachusetts entitlement known by few as it was proudly titled “Wheels for Welfare”. The entitlement nearly bankrupted the state and had to be scrapped by Senator Scott Brown and Romney’s Democrat Executive successor as it unprecedentedly provided free automobiles, free auto repairs, free auto insurance and even free AAA memberships as welfare benefits in Massachusetts.

If that albatross had been reported as relevant news by Fox, it could rightly have stopped the Romney campaign in its tracks early on in the primary season and would have certainly buried any other candidate with less favorability among the executives of the most highly rated news network in America.

It smacks of collusion when any rational human ponders the question of WHY the news network chose to omit critical information that proved that Mitt Romney repeatedly lied in each GOP debate about the fact that Mitt not only supported the individual mandate at the federal level, he wrote a USA Today Op-Ed in which he boasted about the virtues of the mandate and advised Romney to consider adopting it – before Obamacare was passed into law.

When considering the accusations of tampering with politicians that Murdoch is facing in the British Parliament and considering the hacking scandal that led to the forced resignation of his son James, it suggests a pattern. Some of the accusations are linked to Murdoch’s desire to complete his failed attempt to fully acquire BSkyB, the satellite provider.

There were “side conversations” taking place with government officials regarding the desired acquisition which was dependent upon regulatory approval. Perhaps Murdoch is looking for favorable Justice Department approval of future US acquisitions. It certainly wouldn’t hurt Murdoch to have the debt of gratitude of his manufactured candidate over the Justice Department.

Even though Murdoch might have the right to buy whatever news organization or satellite provider he wants, that would not give Newscorp the right to manipulate the entire US primary election to achieve that end result. As the Newsmax article stated “Revelations of widespread illegal behavior at the top-selling Sunday newspaper rocked Britain's establishment with evidence of media misdeeds, police corruption, and too-cozy links between the press and politicians.”

“Rupert Murdoch rejected accusations on Wednesday that he used his vast media empire to play puppet master…”

For Fox News to have simply overlooked the salient news regarding Romney, who benefited from strategic placement for the past year as the generic GOP candidate - in most Fox Polls that gauged Obama’s standing – it is simply too much of a willful suspension of disbelief to assume as they wish us - to accept the notion that no meetings took place among Fox executives and within the news room in which they made a unified decision to omit material facts regarding Romney’s lies, smears and liberal policies.

It would appear that since most conservatives relied upon Fox News to set the tone and inform them of relevant news regarding each candidate in the primary – it would appear that Fox News may have breached their fiduciary obligations to Newscorp shareholders by recklessly endangering the reputation of the news network for the sake of Murdoch’s and perhaps their own moderate preferences.

It begs the question of how much communication and possible coordination took place between the Romney campaign and Rupert Murdoch. This 100% fits the narrative of the alleged scandalous behavior of which Newscorp and Murdoch stand accused for monetary purposes in Britain. One thing is for certain, important people are –resigning- their positions including British government officials and Murdoch’s own son James.

If the questions all of these patterns beg have any merit, careers should end at Fox News over this matter.    Are there any authentic news organizations left to launch a credible investigation – that are not already run by a handful of elite puppet masters?

My guess is that not enough people care.  It's easier to remain a puppet and be willfully bamboozled.  There's a reason why "value meals" are so popular at fast food restaurants.  People are too lazy to conduct meaningful due diligence .  They want someone else to do their thinking and to give them a few simple choices.  That has created a window of opportunity for globalists like Soros and Murdoch since freedom cannot be maintained by such intellectually indolent people.

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