Friday, April 13, 2012

Rosen V. Romney is an orchestrated DISTRACTION

Bill O’Reilly & Charles Krauthammer were discussing the “Buffet Rule” which most everyone knows is the premise for Obama’s tax raising campaign on the wealthy.  Republicans know that he is using this admittedly useless endeavor to foment class warfare. 

Krauthammer did a capable job explaining how 250 years worth of this additional tax would only amount to about one year of the current deficit spending.  He explained that this is pure demagoguery (as we all know) and he added that “demagoguery works.”

I will add that the reason why these trivial distractions work is because most people do not pay attention long enough to make a logical deduction.  They take the emotionally charged summary that is handed to them and they never learn important things like the actual SIZE of the deficit and national debt.  They never care to learn HOW MUCH REVENUE the policy will generate. 

That is also the same reason why the GOP establishment is routinely effective in bamboozling the conservative majority of the party and consistently stealing the nomination despite being a 35% minority.

The case in point is this claptrap about some women named Rosen claiming that “Ann Romney never worked a day in her life”.  It is revealing of their view of stay at home moms but this is nothing new.  The left have revealed this a thousand times over.  I am seeing this story being perpetuated at virtually every “conservative” website on the Internet and as you can see I don’t even know the women’s first name because I refuse to get caught up in this.  I know what I know based upon the headlines that flood my inbox.  

This story is benign compared to the affronts of this administration and I refuse to let it distract me from the duty of pointing to the political suicide being foisted upon us.  The timing of this betrays a tactic to create an emotional narrative for everyone to coalesce around Mitt Romney as though he is already our nominee.  It detracts from the fact that there is a critical primary campaign taking place and that half of the nation has not yet had their say in this election.  Fox News once again is shaping the conversation and is manipulating the nation to deprive the remaining states of their vote.

For the Republicans who are true conservatives tempted to once again fall in line because you don’t have the energy to fight or look at the consequences - let me tell you EXACTLY what this is.  This is a transparent DECOY to get the “fatigued” (as they describe you) to feel good about yourselves as though you fought a noble fight but just couldn’t quite make it.  It is a decoy to lull you to sleep so that despite there being a PRIMARY going on, you can give into the brain snatchers and join them in their milquetoast state of intellect.

At this exact juncture in which I write this, Sean Hannity is leading with this Rosen v Romney tripe.  It is really sad that in this time where our Republic is falling apart more by the day, these drones are pushing a candidate who NEEDS a decoy to keep people from focusing on his record.

I’m now even seeing evidence of the sell-out on some of the Christian websites.  Everybody gather around on this key issue about Romney’s wife!  Let’s use this as ether to numb the internal pain of knowing that we are too cowardice, too damned lazy to fight for a REAL conservative candidate who has a chance to defeat the liberal Obama.  Let us draw you in and unite the party under this colossal issue.  GO ANN ROMNEY!  The more we talk about you, the less we have to worry about your impetuous husband gift wrapping the Democrats with his next verbal gaffe.

This Rosen v Romney distraction will be forgotten long before the general election as Obama has already distanced himself from her.  Because it is so formulaic, it is not far-fetched to reason that the Obama administration threw Romney this bone as it does no harm to him and they could easily have intended it for the purpose it seems to serve, a distraction to buttress the glass jaw candidate Axelrod has been on record before the primary as coveting as Obama’s “opposition”. 

My purpose here is to wake up those who are being seduced.  Let us not join the trite.  The temptation is to relent to the desires of the “moderate” herd just as we did with their “come-back kid” John McCain.  Every election we are told by the minority that THIS TIME if we do not plug our noses and vote for the candidate with whom they bamboozled us, we will be finished.  The reason WHY we will be finished is because we listen to these traitors.  

Conservatives stand strong.  Do not believe these propagandists at Fox and organizations who perpetuate this prosaic nonsense.  You have nothing to lose by voting for Newt in the primary and taking this to a brokered convention.  In fact, this is our last chance to win.  We will vote the GOP down ticket. We will work harder than ever to strengthen our state legislatures.  But under no circumstance will we enable these manipulators and validate their destructive methods of lies and deceit by playing their game. 

If they nominate Romney they will whine and throw their fits when they see we are finished being their personal “prison punks”.  They will try to blame –us- for Obama’s re-election.  But the fact is that a compulsive lair whose distinctions from Obama are trivial at best cannot beat Obama with or without us.    

THIS IS NO TIME TO GET DISCOURAGED OR TO CAPITULATE. We conservatives MUST stand behind Newt now and send him a check. I know times are tough financially but let us reach down deep and pay off that $4 million debt Newt’s campaign owes so that he is not dependent upon the establishment to make concessions.
Let’s “money bomb” Newt. If we have to hold garage sales or bake sales for Newt to STOP the liberal Romney from BUYING this election with the help of his sleaze bombs and Fox News – LET’S DO IT! YOUR COUNTRY IS WORTH THE SACRIFICE.
I am going to set an example right now and start this money bomb set for next Wednesday (April 18th). I am hereby listing this autographed, notarized Devin Hester High School Football card on ebay - and am pledging 100% of the proceeds to Newt Gingrich’s Presidential campaign.
I will donate the proceeds to Newt immediately after receipt of payment to my PayPal account after the auction closes on Wednesday, April 18th and will post the receipt at
I am encouraging all conservatives to do the same and notify us with a link to what YOU are selling in the comment section below this column to support Newt so that we can bid on YOUR item.
It is time to show the RINO establishment what we are made of. Suck it up; send Newt some cash or pledge the proceeds of your own item on ebay so NEWT does not depend on the RNC and Romney to get out of debt.This is truly a GRASS ROOTS EFFORT in the way elections SHOULD be decided.Spread the message LIKE NEVER BEFORE and let us shock the world.

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