Thursday, April 12, 2012

See the Liar Romney Defend the Mandate BEFORE Obama was even Elected!

Whoa Nellie! Where did THIS come from? We know about Romney’s OP-ED 3 years ago advising Obama on the individual mandate. But here he is fighting Fred Thompson over it in the 2008 primaries!

Not only does this video illustrate Romney advocating the federal mandate in 2008, it even shows a DNC COMMERCIAL calling Romney a HEALTHCARE HYPOCRITE! That was even BEFORE Obama won the election. This is surreal!

The Fox News network, with its deep bench of producers, associate producers and “investigative journalists” didn’t have access to these video clips? Of course they did. The truth is that this is about as scandalous as the Machiavellianism their sister company Sky News engaged in their phone tapping/hacking scandal that caused Rupert Murdoch’s son James to resign in humiliation.

Fox news apparently sat on these clips as though they didn’t exist – just as they CONCEALED the fact they damned well knew – that Mitt Romney repeatedly lied to us and his challengers about his supporting the mandate throughout the debates.

What we have here is an explanation of why David Axelrod and other top Obama operatives were publicly stating they want to face Mitt Romney in the primaries. It also explains why they CEASED saying it during the primary season and changed their stories to claims of salivating over the prospect of facing a CONSERVATIVE like Rick or Newt.

It is hard to believe that the people at Fox actually believed the liberals were genuinely advising us out of their altruism on which candidate should become our nominee. After watching in awe as Fox repeated the exact same tactics they employed during the 2008 primaries, giving us John McCain and electing Barack Obama, it is valid to question whether they want Barack Obama to win re-election for the sake of their ratings. In 2008 their methods were so destructive they had to buy good will from the Christian Right by giving Mike Huckabee a television show. The payoff was transparent. You would think they would learn a lesson if their goal was actually to stop Obama.

We have an important battle to quell the effects of Fox’s deception this time because they are succeeding in convincing viewers that the primary is over. We are already seeing some of the Christian websites publish columns that are attempting to get us to rally around Mitt Romney.

A recent example is one at titled “Santorum – Romney’s Bridge”.

They are ostensibly “going to bat for us” by suggesting that Romney needs to get Santorum on board in order to win –us- over. This is offensive to the core as some Christian leaders and organizations imply that the conviction of Christians is something they have the right to broker by way of proxy. I don’t remember signing any proxy statements. I didn’t support Santorum for Vice President, a cabinet position or a prime slot at the convention.

Rick Santorum lost his seat in the Senate partly because he angered conservatives by backing Arlen Specter over Pat Toomey. If Santorum were to repeat that same mistake and back Romney over Newt – conservatives will never support him again and he will be finished. I do not expect that he will but it doesn’t hurt to put this out there because you know they must be bribing him hard.

It is our job conservatives to express our position to these publications and to notify our family, friends and all Republican voters in our sphere of influence that this race is not over. I would like Newt or Rick to be the nominee but even if we get another acceptable candidate out of a brokered convention – we will have a chance.

We have seen in the video above that Romney has come this far ONLY BECAUSE we have been duped by the lies of Mitt Romney and the scandalous behavior of another News Corp organization.

It is time for a CONSERVATIVE television news network because conservative in the context of today is a misnomer for TRUTH. There is nothing conservative about truth – and there is no need to “balance” it with lies and stupidity. That’s another column.

THIS IS NO TIME TO GET DISCOURAGED OR TO CAPITULATE. We conservatives MUST stand behind Newt now and send him a check. I know times are tough financially but let us reach down deep and pay off that $4 million debt Newt’s campaign owes so that he is not dependent upon the establishment to make concessions.

Let’s “money bomb” Newt. If we have to hold garage sales or bake sales for Newt to STOP the liberal Romney from BUYING this election with the help of his sleaze bombs and Fox News – LET’S DO IT! YOUR COUNTRY IS WORTH THE SACRIFICE.

I am going to set an example right now and start this money bomb set for next Wednesday (April 18th). I am hereby listing this autographed, notarized Devin Hester High School Football card on ebay - and am pledging 100% of the proceeds to Newt Gingrich’s Presidential campaign.

I will donate the proceeds to Newt immediately after receipt of payment to my PayPal account after the auction closes on Wednesday, April 18th and will post the receipt at

I am encouraging all conservatives to do the same and notify us with a link to what YOU are selling in the comment section below this column to support Newt so that we can bid on YOUR item.

It is time to show the RINO establishment what we are made of. Suck it up; send Newt some cash or pledge the proceeds of your own item on ebay so NEWT does not depend on the RNC and Romney to get out of debt.This is truly a GRASS ROOTS EFFORT in the way elections SHOULD be decided.Spread the message LIKE NEVER BEFORE and let us shock the world.


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