Thursday, April 19, 2012

TAKEN: America's Great Spiritual Leaders. Who & What will Replace Them?

It seems as though I was wrong in my assumption that "the support of Christians is not something that can be brokered". Unless - we are wrong about what it means to -BE- a Christian.

For the past several years of America’s decline, I have seen world events through a different prism. It is as though world events contain clear symbolism. It is as though God is warning us but we are not listening.

We were founded on Christian principles. The Bible itself is quoted in our founding documents more than Montesquieu, Blackstone or Lock. Yet the Republican Party – in a time when it has a choice between a Christian and a cultist - is favoring for its leader, a candidate who has sworn to uphold the false doctrines of a cult whose founder waged war on the founding principles of the United States and 2000 years of Christian doctrine itself.

I commented to my wife several months ago about how God had –suddenly- taken some of the greatest public defenders of our Christian heritage right BEFORE the onset of mass delirium in 2008. I was referring to D. James Kennedy and Jerry Falwell. I was a BIG admirer of Dr. Kennedy since I was a young man of age 19. I was not particularly a huge fan of Falwell; however, I had great appreciation for his work in the political sphere. Also around that time, Dr. James Dobson suffered a stroke and had been effectively removed from the ministry and public square. Dr. Dobson is a precious man of God and this generation is in great need of his type of faith, courage and character.

A short time later - the would be dictator Barack Hussein Obama was handed permission to destroy our constitution by a nation falling headlong into degeneracy.

NOW, we see that ANOTHER of the greats being removed from this lost nation in this time of coming tribulation. I am referring to Charles Colson, who is said to be on his death bed as I write this.

Friends, these are people who have all been removed in a time when we need such leaders like never before. And what has replaced them? The pastor of the largest church in the United States is more like a game show host. He refuses to acknowledge anything as sin when put on the spot during his media interviews to promote his books. He makes a fortune on books about SELF – like “Your Best Life Now” and “Every Day a Friday” - to a nation so depressed it is addicted to prescription and other forms of drugs to cover up its feeling of emptiness.

Another of the most popular pastors in America is out coddling Islam and allegedly declaring that Islam and Christianity “worship the same God”. Then we have the “Emerging Church” that teaches that nobody ends up in Hell the corollary of which is that sin doesn't exist; hence, we can do whatever we please.

This isn’t “special revelation”. The confluence of evidence looks as though we are being left with a church that is rich in money and poor in substance. The current church – which has left the door wide open to all forms of false teachings (about which Christ and his Apostles warned us would happen) – is becoming a church that caters to our narcissistic propensities and is ripe to accept the Antichrist himself.

For the past few years I have found myself looking in my spare time for an escape with my wife and our young son into classic films and television shows and vacations to historical places. It seems that only in such places are there remnants where we can see evidence of an era of America's God fearing decency complete with aged brick buildings, town squares, gazebos , tall church steeples and white picket fences. I reminisce of the paintings of Norman Rockwell that demonstrated the greatness of the American dream when the family unit was still intact.

This April 2012 America lost a great artist, Thomas Kinkade, who was ridiculed by the so-called artists of this generation and the critics who spoke of his work in disdain. I dare assert that his work was rejected by people of the same spirit as those who mock the very decency and values for which we so long. It was those values that created such high demand for the work of Kinkade while he was still alive and even more so now that he is gone from us.

Although "chiaroscuro" (an Italian term meaning light-dark") was a technique within the work of Renaissance painters, it aptly describes Kinkade's work in the sense that his paintings were a masterful work of physical and spiritual light in an age of moral, spiritual and political depravity. His life might seem a paradox in the way it ended as he was depressed and prone to drinking, which is partially attributed to his untimely death. However, the same could be said for all of our lives at one time or another. He was known as the "Painter of Light" - and that he was.

An era is passing and the potential significance of those who are being taken at this time of great need is chilling.  Their untimely departure from what could befall us may be a blessing to them and something entirely different for America depending upon the path we take at this critical juncture.

It is time to ponder the question of what this means to America. It is time to ask the question - what did they stand for? It is time to ask the question - whose values will replace them? Will they be the values upon which this nation was founded? Will our foundation be upon the solid rock of Christ Jesus, the Third Person of the Trinity, the Alpha and the Omega, the Beginning and the End, the First and the Last - the ONE true God of Abraham, Issac and Jacob?

That is the ONLY hope for America - not money, not the clever tactics of the elite - and not an individual.

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  1. Dear Scott,

    While your posting of April 19 pertaining to Christian leaders was generally interesting, it calls for some clarification where Dr. James Dobson is concerned. The stroke Dr. Dobson suffered 13 years ago, referred to in your statements, affected him for less than one week. He has written two enormously successful books since then. The first, Bringing Up Boys, has sold over 2,000,000 copies. He continues to broadcast to a listening audience of 220 million people in 150 countries until he stepped down as the voice of Focus on the Family in 2010. He then immediately started another radio ministry called Family Talk, which is heard on 700 stations, and which also has a dynamic internet presence. He has hardly been removed from ministry or the public square.

    I wanted to thank you on his behalf for the kind words, but the assumptions you shared are simply wrong.

    Meg on behalf of Paul Hetrick