Wednesday, May 9, 2012

The "Great Emancipator" of Sodom

According to an article I read at Yahoo News, Fox anchor Shepard Smith has warned the GOP not to be “on the wrong side of history”.

Many have long suspected that Shepard Smith is flaming gay; so this contention is hardly an objective opinion. America is committing suicide and the Saboteur @ 1600 supports ANYTHING and everything that assures our destruction...

This is all part of his plan from the very beginning - to foment secession. As from day one of his first political campaign, he has outrageously tried to purport himself as the second Lincoln by constantly quoting Lincoln by applying his words in ways that are outrageous, campaigning before banners bearing Lincoln's image in front of the Illinois State House, being sworn in on Lincoln's Bible, having the same menu served in his inauguration dinner as Lincoln had served.

This is not by coincidence.  He has worked hard to give his useful idiots in the media, plenty of material with which to draw their ridiculous comparisons - once he succeeds in his ultimate goal of tearing this nation apart.

I guess the abomination of it will be the comparison of the egregious institution of slavery and all the evils concurrent with slavery - comparing it to the "plight" of the homosexual, who subsequently has more wealth than the average American and exceeds the median income.

The question is HOW the African American can allow themselves to be exploited in this manner by allowing this audacious man to imply that having a penchant for the act of sodomy is akin to being born from African ancestry. I elaborated more upon this important topic today in the following video commentary:
Barack Obama has seized upon yet another opportunity to divide and further attack the family unit and promote the destruction of our foundation in his endorsement of homosexual “marriage” today.

This move reminds me of my prediction in my November 17, 2008 column: 

“We knew Abraham Lincoln; Abe Lincoln was the father of our Party; President Elect Obama, you're no Abraham Lincoln.”
“…What I expect to see over the next 4-8 years: As usually happens with centralized government, I expect agencies given far reaching powers for reasons that were compelling when initially established – to be used for purposes other than those for which they were intended.

Specifically, I expect that under Obama, Pelosi and Reed, it is only a matter of time before the DEPARTMENT OF HOMELAND SECURITY is used to fight the newly defined “terrorism”. The new terrorism will not be of the Islamic variety but rather Judeo-Christian “hate speech” about something called “sin” and the audacious notion of there being only “one way to God”.

You are seeing portents of things to come as in the case of those homosexual activists in California attacking an elderly lady, throwing her cross on the ground and stepping on it. You may see that as a radical prediction but I assure you that although the Democrat representatives and the activist judges with whom they will stack the deck are more clandestine in their attacks but every bit as hostile. Their coming legislation, executive orders and verdicts will be far more dangerous than a militant protestor holding a sign in the streets of San Francisco."

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