Friday, June 22, 2012

Obama to Spin Amnesty as his "Emancipation Proclamation"

While President Obama creates fresh wounds and opens the old, he continues to engage in his multi-year attempt to build perception of a Lincolnesque equivalence to his perverse activities and policies. He has many up his sleeve but what is the latest? Recently Barack Obama declared that illegal aliens under 30 will not be deported but instead be given work permits. In his deluded mind, this declaration of amnesty for approximately 800 thousand illegal aliens is his historic version of Lincoln’s "emancipation proclamation”.

Of course it is a preposterous correlation to draw: The Africans were a people brought here on slave ships and forced to work for no pay –while the illegal aliens are people who violated our laws, sneaking in here illegally and taking jobs from legal citizens by doing the work "under the table" for lower wages. Absurd though such a comparison is, absurdity is the specialization of the left and you can expect their enchanted media tools to advance it in their usual orgasmic fashion.

Up to this point their strategy has worked on over 40 percent of Americans. The prescription is simple: Think of the most ridiculously imbalanced version of truth one can make about any issue and then advance it personally as fact. Then reiterate it through school teachers, imitation journalists, musicians and actors. It has been a raging success when employed against a nation that draws its very meaning of existence from the entertainment complex.

In examining the strategy of Obama sculpting this Lincoln comparison to himself for the past decade of his political career, it is important to distinguish the key differences in the fundamental world-views of the two presidents to truly appreciate what a complete mockery it represents. Some conservatives generously afford Obama this comparison because in their minds “Lincoln was a usurper… a hypocrite… a racist…”

Due to sloppy historians, many use Lincoln's statements about his reluctance to personally free the slaves in order to erroneously imply that he was really a pro-slavery racist. It is true that Lincoln did not want to emancipate the slaves but did so reluctantly as a desperate political method to win the Civil War. The main reason he waited until it was his last resort was that he always intended as did our founding fathers - for CONGRESS to do it – and they later did. This is a paradox that some do not understand about Lincoln. He at certain times violated the constitution, in order to ostensibly “save” the constitution.

Obviously - it is never a good idea to allow a President to make himself a pseudo-dictator in order to "save the constitution". As we have seen with Barack Obama, if the people allow usurpers enough slack, it will eventually will go the other way when the usurper is one who despises the values upon which we were founded. It only worked out with Lincoln because the short lived President happened to be a temporary "benevolent dictator" who truly wanted to restore the constitution (not reshape it). Divine Providence allowed it to work at that unique time in our history.

Barack Obama has been the exact opposite. Similar to the way Lucifer has a counterfeit for everything, all the way to the Antichrist of prophecy - Obama is proving to be the “Anti-Lincoln”. While Lincoln made his proclamation to help END a Civil War that he never wanted - Obama has made his proclamation to help START a Civil War that he has likely ALWAYS wanted since his precarious childhood.

Obama has on rare occasion paid lip service to constitutional principles – but does so to build an air of credibility in order that the gullible will remain in denial regarding his intent to destroy the constitution. (A case in point is his -past claims in speeches- that “unfortunately” he could not just make declarations because that is “not how our system works”.

(His contradicting statement is at the 15 min mark of this video)

An “emancipation proclamation” is how he will have his servants such as Andrea Mitchell and David Gregory spin this recent declaration. (They do not know it yet but their insipid minds may coin the phrase by the Fall election season without Obama having to spoon feed it to them.)

So what is his "end game"? Why does he continue to methodically manufacture these specious Lincoln "equivalencies"? When observed within the context of his agenda, this could reasonably be interpreted as ANOTHER part of the equation to eventually force secession and foment civil war. That is the pathway to anarchy, the forerunner to his apparent dream of despotism. Very few have the courage to draw the obvious conclusions but prefer to convince their selves that he is simply just another incompetent Jimmy Carter with benign intentions. Such denial is the reason why we have gotten to this unthinkable place.

The reason "Winning is NOT Enough" (the November election) is that if this administration is guilty of deliberately selling arms to drug lords in South America, then causing the death of law enforcement agents like Border Patrol Agent Brian Terry, they should be held criminally responsible for his murder. This cannot be forgotten.

As though selling arms to our enemies was not bad enough, before the whistle was blown this administration had been BLAMING this debacle on our constitution - while KNOWING they themselves were the culprits. The -exploitation- of the death they seemingly caused and used to buttress their public attack on our constitution and second amendment rights is arguably treasonous. For that reason I believe charges of treason for this crime alone is a justifiable pursuit in the court of law.

In a case of such magnitude it is not enough to make someone a laughing stock or to exact revenge. That would make it personal. The consistent penalty for treason is not revenge but rather essential to deter future would-be traitors. NOT to pursue a penalty with the greatest gravity is to endanger the lives and freedom of millions to come.

The Fast and Furious case stands on its own but considering the totality of Obama's portfolio, it becomes extremist -NOT- to conclude his agenda is to destroy our nation from within and quite possibly with the help of external forces in Russia.

His latest assault on the constitution by declaration of amnesty is one of many examples that demonstrate a consistent pattern of treachery. The Administration’s leaks of national security secrets endanger the lives of our military personnel in order to generate propaganda for his re-election. These recent leaks demonstrate what may be another self-contained crime.

The administration through Holder suing the states to prevent them from enforcing federal election laws to simply prevent voter fraud demonstrates a clear motive to wreck the efficacy of free elections.

The administration through Holder suing states for attempting to enforce federal laws protecting our borders again verifies their clear agenda to destroy the security of our republic, not just by hurting our economy but also making it plausible for Al Qaeda to sneak nuclear “dirty bombs” into our country with the assistance of the drug cartels running rampant on the border. It makes it all the simpler for terrorists and any form of Trojan horse to be welcomed in with the protection of Obama and Holder.

Since Obama has essentially eliminated our space program and our supremacy beyond our atmosphere, we now have to "hitch a ride with the Russians” to get NASA astronauts into space. Although this was done under the guise of cost cutting, it begs the question of whether his actual agenda was to make us all the more vulnerable to Russia, especially given his public subordination to Putin. Cuban missile crisis??? You haven't seen ANYTHING. The Russians and the Chinese could have nuclear missiles hovering over us in lower orbit, which is about 100 miles above us, roughly the distance of Cuba from Florida. We wouldn’t KNOW it – nor would we have the capability to do anything about it if one day they decide to give us a demo.

I have no doubt that Obama would surrender the “football” under such circumstances, giving the enemy the keys to the kingdom. If that happened, I would have no reason –not- to suspect that this was part of the plan all along. It may seem extreme by itself but when you zoom out and examine the entire diversified portfolio of Obama’s treacherous policies, the puzzle starts to take on the appearance of a more complete picture.

It is of utmost importance that congress pursues these cases with vigilance and to take them as far as we can possibly go – and connect ALL of the dots by interpreting them in the context of one agenda that leads to one man. It is of equal importance that we win seats in the Senate as virtually all Democrats in the Senate have proven to be loyal to Obama over the US constitution they too despise.

It is not enough to simply weaken the administration if they are guilty of these crimes. The punishment upon conviction must be the greatest extent prescribed by our founding fathers for the protection of ourselves and our posterity. We have no right to do otherwise.

When viewing all of his separate acts of effrontery as a collage, the picture appears all the more dangerous to our nation. My guess is that ultra-private Blackberry Obama insisted upon having when he took office, something unprecedented by any US President – would hold the most damning of evidence. No doubt he would claim “executive privilege” if that piece of technology were subpoenaed.

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