Tuesday, July 10, 2012

The inexplicable betrayal of John Roberts

"Justice" John Roberts has secured his place in American infamy – on par with General Benedict Arnold. Arnold ended up being just as despised by the Britts after the war because he was a traitor nevertheless and history doesn't shine on traitors. I wonder if he is enjoying his 30 pieces of silver?

Some do not understand the degree of historical significance his betrayal of our constitution represents because they still resist embracing the broader context in which it occured. This is one integral piece of a large puzzle. The piece has a visible picture of its own but it also brings into clarity the larger overall picture. In order to understand the significance of John Roberts, one must be willing to admit what is CLEARLY the intent of Barack Obama – forcing secession upon the God fearing, freedom loving states. This Roberts decision could ultimately prove to be a major catalyst to secession because of the improbability of voters accomplishing everything necessary in order to successfully repeal this Marxist legislation.

My intent is not to discourage conservatives from doing everything we can to win the House, Senate and Executive branches. We must do everything we can to stop this through free elections. This is simply a statement of the obvious. Things are happening that cause me to believe that there is something greater at work here.

We are clearly not wrestling with flesh and blood. A dark cloud descended upon this nation in 2008. Our nation has for years been celebrating what God has warned are the very same abominations that led to the destruction of advanced civilizations throughout history. The nation is celebrating the sins of Sodom in media, entertainment and the public education system. (See the latest campaign for homosexuality with Anderson Cooper on the front page of all of the network publications.)

We sacrifice children as the Israelites in apostasy when many adopted the worship of an Ammonite “god” Molech.  (This led to God handing them over to their enemies.) We are consumed by addiction to drugs, alcohol, pornography and all forms of deviance. We have abandoned the foundation of civilization, the nuclear family, as we have emulated the lifestyles inculcated through Hollywood, Broadway and Madison Avenue.

What we witnessed from the Supreme Court led by John Roberts was inexplicably shocking because it defied all logic and expectations. It is beyond human logic because it is spiritual. I find myself reiterating this over and over. You CANNOT explain Barack Obama even being President right now until you admit that this is out of human control. The odds AGAINST his becoming President under the specific circumstances in which he did are beyond extraordinary and are in fact supernatural.

Shakespeare and Elvis once said "the world is a stage and each of us must play our parts". We are playing our parts and the story line is looking more and more like judgment. UNLESS this nation not only understands that this is spiritual, acknowledges our sins, repents of our sins and TURNS from our sins - that part we play WILL very soon end in destruction. Israel will be the last free nation while the "nations of the world gather against her" (as prophecy predicted thousands of years ago).

God has been patient while we have wallowed in our sins.  It may well be that we have already been handed over to our enemies while deluded into thinking we do not deserve it. We as Americans know ONE TUNE - and that is that we can always fight our way out of anything on our own strength and our own resolve “because we are Americans".  Many of us do not even know what that means anymore, beyond geography.

Remember how the God of Israel handed His chosen people into SLAVERY throughout history for sinning against Him repeatedly, despite His patience and warnings. It is delusional to think that He would -not- lift His hedge of protection upon the United States of America and grant us a similar fate when He disciplined Israel –his chosen people - in such a way.  We made a covenant with God in the Mayflower Compact (a compact that has been broken). Notwithstanding, that was OUR compact made to Him. It is not the equivalent of God’s ETERNAL covenant with Israel that God Himself initiated.  Despite God’s history of dealing with the "Apple of His eye" -Israel- and nations guilty of many abominations - should we really feel that we are so special as to warrant being the sole exception?

We are good at singing "God bless America" but we are now a nation that has rejected God and His Son Whom He sent. We have rejected the God who blessed this nation for 236 years.

The decision of Roberts again demonstrates the authority and total control that God has at all times.  Throughout scripture we can see examples of God intervening and it isn't always pleasant for His bride, especially when she plays the harlot.  Sometimes he hardens the hearts of the enemies of His children. God sent Moses to be His vessel in delivering His children out of Egypt after generations of enslavement. God sent plague after plague into Egypt. After each plague we read in the scripture - "then God HARDENED THE PHARAOH'S HEART". Have you ever asked yourself the question - WHY did the same God who made it clear He was going to –deliver- Israel harden Pharaoh’s heart?

This demonstration of his absolute sovereignty in the affairs of men causes me to think about what has happened in the case of Roberts. God demonstrates his power throughout His word by blinding eyes and hardening hearts when He sees fit. Even when we have free elections there seems to be a visible demonstration of mass blindness, hysteria and delusions among the people. We saw it in 2008 with Obama and in the 2012 primary season with the nomination of the ONE REPUBLICAN GOVERNOR in all of America who inoculates Obama on that single mandate issue. I was dumbfounded as I continually tried to discuss this with Republican friends I have known for years. I had written over those months about the fact that this is spiritual. NOW, after this decision, when the ONLY way to reverse Obamacare aside of secession is through election, our Republican nominee is the one person in the nation with the least amount of credibility on this issue.

We are in grave danger because we cannot admit the supernatural nature of what we are fighting. Christians in this nation focus on specific scriptures that make them feel invincible - while ignoring the larger context. It would be nice if we were invincible but after what I have seen in this new millennium, I for one simply do not believe it anymore.

He doesn’t care about state’s rights. He doesn’t care about OUR Constitution. The principles of that document were based upon HIS constitution. His constitution is pure love and holiness, the only constitution that lives for eternity, the only constitution against which the gates of hell itself will NOT prevail. He is the Alpha and the Omega, the beginning and the end, the first and the last, the Great “I AM”.  He is the only hope we have.

This nation has had two “Great Awakenings” in our history, going back to the 18th century. Another Great Awakening is our only hope. Yet the palpable evil permeating the air and what we are seeing globally leads me to believe that the third Great Awakening may not occur until Christ Himself returns on a white horse presumably at a place called Meggido.

Until then, we must do everything we can and hope that we can stave this off.  My ultimate point is that if we think we are going to beat back the cunning craftiness of the gates of Hell itself, it cannot and will not be accomplished through economic discourse or libertarian philosophy.  It will only succeed by God's divine intervention as it did in our first revolution.  It helps to embrace the fact that no matter how this ends, if you are reconciled with Christ, you will prevail with Him.

I have elaborated on the transparent desire of this president to force secession since 2007 when he began his first presidential campaign.  Following is a video with a little more elaboration on that matter.

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