Tuesday, October 16, 2012

A debate clearly orchestrated for Barack Obama

Asking a question of Romney about women’s equality in the workplace?  Mitt Romney answered the question effectively but it was clearly a question designed for Democrats and their false contentions of a Republicans “war on women”.

Asking about positions on contraception, which was absolutely teed up for Barack Obama and their allegation of a Republican “war on women”.

Neither of these topics are pressing "issues" in the current elections but rather designed by the Democrat Party to distract attention away from the sabotage taking place in Washington D.C.

Planting a question about immigration, which Romney handled well and took a clear stance on illegal immigration but clearly a question designed to allow Obama to pander to the Hispanic vote.

Asking Romney a question about how he differs George Bush? Clearly a question that was designed to allow Obama to further campaign against Georg Bush.

The moderator consistently cut Romney off before allowing him to reply to Obama’s allegations despite it not being his turn to speak.

The moderator was often “leading the witness” (Obama) as in the case of the AK-47 question and added elements to the questions that were not asked by the town hall audience members.

Obama asked Romney a direct question ‘as a professional investor, what if I came to you with an investment…. but I cannot show you the details?

The one answer I was hoping to hear to that question directly asked of Romney – by Obama - I was praying that Romney would say that was –exactly- how they passed Obamacare. Politicians ostensibly elected to represent the American people told us, despite the vast majority of Americans opposing universal healthcare – we have to pass the bill BEFORE we can read the bill.

After the moderator would interrupt Romney, preventing him from defending himself against Obama’s distortions, she would assure him that they would “come back to that and give him the opportunity to speak later”. This town hall format was clearly not a format allowing note taking as they had no note pads. It is absurd to suppose that anyone there would be able to enumerate those false accusations “later”.

Romney did as well as he could but this all begs the question of WHY the GOP and our nominee agrees to participate in debates “moderated” by left wing Democrats that are nothing more than set-ups?

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