Monday, October 22, 2012

Mitt Romney goes into the "Prevent Defense"

It is unbelievable that Mitt Romney did not answer a direct question teed up for him by the moderator  Bob Schieffer  - regarding the question of whether Obama mislead the American people over the unmitigated debacle and possible treason that was Benghazi.  He gave Romney an open end question, inviting him to address the Libya debacle.

Romney chose to ignore the question and instead recite a monologue that sounded like a canned political speech.

Romney then allowed Obama to interrupt him and take over the question that was actually posed to himself - not Obama.

It became evident six minutes into the debate that Mitt Romney either did no debate prep or he is deliberately going into the notorious "prevent defense" - weeks before the election.

It was absolutely inconceivable that the Romney campaign could find a way to actually allow this saboteur to put ROMNEY on the defensive minutes into the debate - yet he DID.  Dear God it is unbelievable.  I am stunned.

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