Friday, October 5, 2012

Only a Fringe Kook would Buy these OLabor Numbers

To the shock of very few, the Labor Department came out with some help for Barack Obama today.  (Not that the numbers are good but the degree of the move is dubious.)  Knowing how adroit Obama and his 3rd world administration are at using federal agencies to usurp power, they probably had these employment numbers planned as their "ace in the hole" long before the Wednesday night debate.   If Obama had performed competently in the debate, I have little doubt the numbers would have been calculated differently.

What fool wouldn't believe that this administration WOULD NOT cook the books to maintain power to finish their mission of destroying this nation?  Seriously.  Hey, what ever happened to that billion dollars of investor money Obama buddy Jon Corzine "misplaced"?  I doubt we'll ever know because the "JUSTICE" DEPARTMENT deemed the question of whether Corzine plundered the missing BILLION as irrelevant and decided not to pursue (former Goldman Sachs partner) Corzine.  No, federal O-agencies like Justice and the Labor Department are impenetrable to partisanship.

• Of course they manufactured the numbers. They lie about everything else. They sell arms to drug cartels. They apologize to terrorists who murder our ambassadors and blame it on our freedoms.

NOT to believe this administration had this data massaged would be akin to being a "kook" who is prone to conspiracy theory. Soviet style tactics are the norm for this cabal, although the kind of allegiance this would-be dictator elicits from the media in this country is enough to make even Vladimir Putin envious.

“Obama: Our greatest National Security Risk”

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