Thursday, October 11, 2012

The Most Bizarre Performance in Vice Presidential History: Ryan Wins

31 minutes into the debate and one thing is clear - Joe Biden’s behavior will appeal to the obnoxious who are already in his corner – but any decent person watching the circus environment of his creation - will recognize the absolutely sophomoric behavior for what it is.

Biden had his first strike against himself when he walked out on the stage with his face pulled so tight you could bounce a quarter off of it.  At first I asked my wife what Barbara Walters was doing on the stage. 

Biden’s non-stop, fake laughter was bizarre and painful to watch.  He is a caricature of a used car salesman.  I say caricature because it really is unfair to compare those hard working people to this buffoon.

EVERY SINGLE TIME that Paul Ryan began to make a cogent point, the shrill shill on the stage posing as a moderator interrupted “gentlemen, we have to move on”.  Biden was enabled in giving uninterrupted filibusters when he was asked a question.  Biden was uninterrupted because he was on the stage with an actual gentleman.  I cannot recall one time that Paul Ryan was allowed to make a single uninterrupted point when directly asked a question by the moderator.  It began to look obvious that there was collusion between her and the Obama administration.  We know that is the Chicago way and we know that the Obama press colludes as we have heard first hand on recorded conversations between poseurs from competing news agencies.

If this were the founding era, I highly doubt that Joe Biden would have ever made it to the station of US Senator.  Biden would have likely been mortally wounded or in prison as a result of the many duals in which he would have no doubt participated given his indefatigable pomposity.  This man would not last a day among gentlemen in an era where assaults against integrity were settled on the field of honor. 

To advise this individual against such juvenile behavior would be to cast a pearl before swine.  It is clear Joe Biden is not -nor has he ever been- a genteel man.  In the end, this was a clear victory for Paul Ryan because he maintained his composure, he was earnest and despite Biden being twice his age – Ryan was clearly the only serious adult on the stage.

Biden certainly fancies himself a thespian and he has NAILED the personality of one fictional movie character from a blockbuster film who immediately came to mind 5 minutes into the circus.  Watch and you will know who Biden was studying in preparation for this debate: Now please parson me as I feel I must take a shower after subjecting myself to the grotesque performance to which we were all subjected.

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