Friday, November 9, 2012

Fox News in Big Trouble when A La Carte Arrives

For the most part everything played out as I feared in this February 16th, 2010 article Coming Sequel to the Romulan-GOP Schism.

The thesis of our party splitting our conservative votes over multiple candidates, thereby electing the ONE weak candidate in the race became the reality.  The pundits of Fox News who are mainly responsible for this outcome are now telling us we need to further abandon the fundamental principles upon which our party was founded.  We need to further -become- the Democrat Party to defeat them as though this were simply a sporting event devoid of any moral rectitude. 

Once again, they are wrong.  Once again they betray us.  We lose because conservative principles have not been competently articulated by a GOP Presidential nominee since Ronald Reagan.  We have not had a true conservative presidential nominee since Ronald Reagan. 

Sure we could finally start a new party.   BUT why should we?  The notion that we would need to start a new party is patently absurd.  We are the MAJORITY.  The liberals running the GOP need to be run out on a proverbial rail.  There is NO REASON why we should have to abandon OUR party to a minority of 30% (at the most). 

It is TIME for us to take over leadership of our party.  My favorite founders Hamilton, Adams and Washington, unlike Jefferson were passionately against the French Revolution from the beginning and were  prescient in their predictions of how tragically it would end.  As bad as the French Revolution was, I cannot resist the metaphor that came to my mind after November 6th, 2012.  If we have to have a figurative "reign of terror" to finally extricate these people from the GOP national leadership, than that is what needs to be done.  Let us not forget their treacherous actions at the convention in Tampa to arrogate more power onto themselves.   Remember their penchant for private jets and strip clubs with our donations.  Their attitudes can be likened to the French aristocrats, not because of wealth but because of their condescension, impropriety and their breach of fiduciary responsibility as leaders.  On that note I say - Storm the damned BastilleIt is time to stop pussyfooting around with these apostates.

Here's the message for the GOP establishment: There needs to be an immediate, mass exodus by these people at the RNC - or we are coming for them.  Here's a message for the "Architect" Karl Rove, Fred Barnes and the entire Fox News round table who repeatedly manipulate our party every election:  Disappear.  Retire.  You have done enough damage.  Go out gracefully.  We need to forget you.  If cable offered "a la carte" right now, Fox News would be off of my cable package and replaced by TheBlaze TV.  In fact, they will be replaced the minute I get the news.  Conservatives have warned Fox for the past six years and yet they have given us the one finger salute.  That is what is going to happen in a matter of time - so get your popcorn ready.

As I propounded in the "aforelinked" column in 2010, a mandatory runoff between the top two vote leading presidential candidates MUST be promulgated in each and every state where the leader has less than 51% of the party vote. In the following video I elaborate on this concept and once it is codified there will NEVER again be a hijacking of our presidential nomination.  Never again - will the majority of the party be forced to accept the weakest advocate for our fundamental principles.  Never again - will the 30% wag this dog. 

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