Sunday, December 23, 2012

Obama Would Deport Churchill - but Never Piers Morgan

A petition has been circulating the Internet to "deport" British citizen and CNN Host Piers Morgan for his attacking of the Second Amendment and the Bill of Rights on his television show.

It probably would have been more plausible if the petition were to simply revoke his work visa and replace it with a B-2 "Vacation, Tourism, Pleasure" visa, which could prevent him from working in the US.  Seriously, I realize that the purpose is to require "White House response" but I can't imagine Obama would "deport" the guy to England for attacking the Second Amendment when he himself is assaulting every one of the amendments. 

There is no way he would deport someone who is helping to accomplish his agenda.  Of course, one of the very first acts of diplomatic effrontery in which this disgrace of a "President" engaged when he took office was to symbolically deport Sir Winston Churchill by "returning" that bust that was given to us as a gift - back to England.

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