Friday, April 19, 2013

Financial Media Outlets pull Stories regarding Reuters Killing Soros

It is pretty telling how and other major financial websites felt they had to disable the comments and/or outright remove the freshly posted stories about the Reuters false death report of George "Schwartz" Soros.

The epitaphs coming in were getting too embarrassing for the Soros media sycophants.  I can keep this short and leave it to the imagination.  For those of you who missed it before the story was removed, let's just say that the news of his death "being greatly exaggerated" wasn't met with much joy or relief by Marketwatch readers who often take the opportunity to write comments below the stories. 

Marketwatch editors are amazingly adroit when it comes to removing stories when the comments overwhelmingly go against their narrative.  One phrase that I do recall about the column explained that although Soros is still involved with the management of his firm's billions, he spends much of his time engaged in "philanthropy"!  So that's what they're calling treason these days - philanthropy.  Soros is about as philanthropic as those two Chechen bastards were "freedom fighters".  

No man has done more in the past century to undermine the constitution of the United States and the general felicities of mankind.  That's my commemoration for old George and I'm sticking to it.  Feel free to write your own Soros epitaph below if it makes you feel better.