Friday, June 7, 2013

If Time Russert was Still Living

Do you feel safe from tyrannical regimes of the middle-east who wish to take away your freedom now that we have tyrannical Ayatollah Obama to protect us from them?  Treachery against the citizens of the United States of America and the abrogation of our constitutional rights is so much more palatable when done by one so charming.  It makes all the difference.

As I wrote years ago, I was against the "Patriot Act" because the inevitable abuses being foreshadowed should have been OBVIOUS to anyone who understands the propensities of human beings and centralized government.  The very name itself, the fact that they had to call it "The Patriot Act" was a dead give away that the authors knew damned well they had to deceive in order to sell it.  It screams WARNING.

Oddly, when Bush was pushing this disaster on us, I recall all of the outraged Democrats crying “They that can give up essential liberty to obtain a little temporary safety deserve neither liberty nor safety.” (Benjamin Franklin).  Suddenly, for the first (and last) time, they were quoting the founding fathers of this country with an agenda other than the complete distortion of American history.  They were so passionate then about right to privacy.  Where are they now?  This just proves once again that the only so-called "liberties" that matter to them, the only liberties that matter to Andrea Mitchell, Barbara Walters, David Gregory, Brian Williams, Chris Matthews and the rest of the Obama pawns at NBC, ABC, CBS, MSNBC and CBS are - killing babies and gay sex.  Give them those two activities and they will do whatever government demands of them.

The sad thing is that these people never wanted to be anything more than famous.  They want to be admired and will stoop to any low to achieve the hollow adulation of the politically aloof.  Indoctrinated their entire lives, they have no concept of what journalism is.  They are and they have no concept of the disgrace with which posterity will rightly esteem them because of their cowardice and selfishness.

I can think of only one possible exception to this contumely and he is dead.  The one left-wing journalist who probably wouldn't be prostituting himself like a cheap Obama hooker would be the late Tim Russert.  There is obviously no way to ascertain that but Russert seemed to be a rare liberal who wanted to get to truth despite having an askew interpretation of human nature.  Unlike the litany of imposters I previously enumerated, I do not believe that Russert would have been willing to outright lie and conceal evidence about the Obama regime's deliberate sabotage, subterfuge and probable treason.  I wish Russert was still hosting Meet the Press because there would be at least a chance of these assaults being reported in the general media.    

As I articulated a couple of weeks ago in the video below, my faith in America is unshaken; however, my faith in Americans is near terminal.  What is left to be done?  Have a listen.