Friday, December 13, 2013

The Federal Reserve Exudes Growing Desperation

A Marketwatch column points out that the "Fed wants to exit QE but keep long-term rates low".

This is as realistic as saying that "I want to get rich but I do not want to work".

They cannot keep rates down without buying UNLESS the Treasury takes over, literally prints the money off their presses - then buys their bonds themselves at auction instead of the Federal Reserve buying.

One of the things that keeps these scoundrels in the administration out of prison is that their collusion with the federal Reserve cannot be proven and secondly, the Federal Reserve is ostensibly a non-governmental institution.

In reality, the Federal Reserve and its members will be blamed.  Obama, his appointees and his servants in the media will place all blame on the Federal Reserve and the Jewish people who run it.  

Once they start the literal, physical printing presses, the damage is directly tied to the Treasury and Obama.  Therefore, the Federal Reserve will HAVE TO keep buying and the President is confident that Yellin will be the one to make sure there is no wall of separation between the Administration and the Federal Reserve (other than the "legal" independence by the letter of the law).

Statements of this nature by the Federal Reserve demonstrates the growing desperation as jawboning is all they have to quell commodity prices and bubbles.  In reality, when gold is at 5,000, the price will actually be the same.  It is the dollar that is becoming increasingly worthless.  The only thing keeping it up now is credulity of the masses.  One could have used shares in Madoff's Ponzi as valuable collateral up to the day before news of the scandal broke.

It is all about perception and ONLY perception when it comes to trillions of counterfeit paper backed by the full faith and credit of confirmed liars.

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