Thursday, February 18, 2021

Rush Limbaugh: Now That He Belongs To the Ages, A Museum Like No Other Is In Order

Words like prolific and iconic have been repeatedly used in attempts to encapsulate what Rush has accomplished in the broadcasting industry but those are words that have become cliché in contemporary journalism and do not do justice in such attempts.  Historic is the apt word to best describe Rush and his importance in the Post-Reagan era that followed his emergence.    

There will not be another Rush Limbaugh in broadcasting and his runners-up in media are the first to acknowledge that.  What he did on a grand scale were not merely “accomplishments”.  They were of monumental historic importance.  After Reagan left office and disappeared from the public in the late 1980s, we were left with a vacuum and what we called “conservativism” could have been in decline if not for the Godsend that was Rush Limbaugh, who before social media, was able to proliferate those principles that he so masterfully articulated.  Rush was a human conduit for conservativism.  Up to the week he passed, Rush enabled tens of millions of Americans to coalesce behind principles that he could masterfully distill from convoluted issues that were deliberately made so in the never-ending onslaught of leftist chicanery and subterfuge.  No one could foresee it and expose it better.  Behind those fundamental ideals Rush was instrumental in leading the conservative revolution of 1994, to the Tea Party movement and ultimately the Trump, MAGA Revolution.   

During all of those movements, the most powerful politicians in Congress and White House staff most of whom history will soon forget and whom posterity will never really know - had to monitor Rush’s daily broadcast.  They had to determine what was coming.  He was that important. 

This brings me to my point.  What Rush embodies and executed in defending liberty, inspiring and leading Americans forward in the battle for our collective national soul against the scourge of leftism is the closest thing we had to a modern equivalent of our founding fathers.  I have long compared him to a type of Benjamin Franklin in that Franklin was of course not a President but perhaps more important than any, regarded The Sage worldwide, brilliant inventor, entrepreneur, media mogul, globally beloved and integral, indefatigable leader for the founding and preservation of what became the Republic.  THAT litany also describes Rush Limbaugh almost in every way aside perhaps from inventor (in the mechanical sense), but that is the only difference in my humble opinion.

A Museum like no other is in order

Presidents have their presidential libraries but Rush Limbaugh absolutely warrants a museum on a grand scale.  He might not want such an honor for himself but history should demand it and our posterity needs it.  Just as we have made the residences of men of such historical importance to this nation into museums whenever possible, so that others may learn both from and about them on a deeper level,  I feel that it is advisable, if his family would support the endeavor, that his compound be turned into a museum not only honoring Rush but to make it a sort of sanctuary to reflect upon the exceptional principles by which his success was built and upon which this nation was founded.  Many of Rush’s 27 million+ regular listeners would surely embrace such a museum in Palm Beach as a place to learn more about the man whom they felt they knew personally because of the bond formed over past decades and no doubt since he now “belongs to the ages” a phrase once famously ascribed to Abraham Lincoln upon his passing, our posterity would greatly benefit from such an endeavor for decades, perhaps centuries to come. 

Palm Beach has quite a rich history as a home to literal legends of American history, with Mar- a-Lago, the home of President Donald J. Trump and the estate of the island’s original developer, Henry Flagler’s Gilded Age home Whitehall, a widely toured mansion on the Island, just a bit down the road from Rush’s home on 1495 Ocean Boulevard.   This museum would be entirely appropriate and certainly not unprecedented.   The 21,000+ square foot, 2.26 acre estate estate could feature so much that was of interest to Rush by preserving and moving his studio currently located on Royal Palm Way in Palm Beach to Rush’s home where the Golden EIB microphone could be forever on display.  As passionate about aviation as Rush was widely known to be, his private jet could be preserved and moved to the estate where walk throughs could be available in the way that Henry Flagler’s private train car is walked through at the Whitehall estate.  The possibilities are enormous.  After 30+ years of listening to Rush share his passions about so many fascinating subjects, many would love to have the opportunity to learn more and experience those passions in addition to the fundamental principles we all shared.

The home is currently estimated by the property appraiser to be worth approximately $50 million and it is conceivable that it could be significantly more.  Nevertheless, it would be relatively easy to gain support for an acquisition to cover whatever amount is needed (even by crowd funding from devoted listeners if needed) to make this happen unless the family wished to establish and run it as it would likely be quite self-sustaining given the millions of annual visitors to south Florida and the high level of interest in the legendary leader, Rush Hudson Limbaugh III.   The greatest obstacle would likely be the town of Palm Beach itself as it has a history of creating obstacles for Limbaugh as well as other prominent residents, such as President Donald J. Trump.  Nevertheless, I suspect it could ultimately be accomplished.  Perhaps our venerable Governor would lend his support.       

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