Tuesday, February 28, 2012

The GOP is Serving Mammon (a false object of worship & Devotion)

In his speech the night of the Michigan primary, Romney went out of his way to give –extra- thanks to John McCain.  His linking to John McCain is quite telling because if nominated, the ultimate result will be the same as when McCain was given the nomination due to the conservative vote being amortized over multiple candidates.
I will give credit to Romney.  He made a great speech.  The problem is that it was rhetoric and does not reflect his core beliefs.  His core beliefs are reflected in his record as the Governor of Massachusetts.  Conservatives do not CREATE programs that give away free cars, free car repairs, free car insurance and free AAA as a WELFARE BENEFIT.  This was not something he just approved, this is something he CREATED.  This was his brain child. 

Conservatives do not CREATE socialist healthcare programs.  Conservatives do not force Christian organizations to violate the fundamental tenets of the popular religion of this nation and the faith of our forefathers. 

Conservatives do not undermine our second amendment rights. 

Mitt Romney will be totally discredited before the race begins if he wins the Republican nomination because he will be shown by the media and Barack Obama to be a pretender while Barack Obama coasts into a second term without any public scrutiny with exception for Fox News, which the majority of gullible Americans do not watch.

Speaking of the Mitt Romney SUPERPAC Fox News, they stooped to a new low of disrespect for one of the two conservative candidates, Rick Santorum on this election night.  I was listening to Senator Santorum’s speech from Michigan with great interest.  I found what he was saying to be moving and right near the middle of Santorum’s speech, Fox News actually INTERUPTED his speech to call the race for Mitt Romney. 

That was another appalling slap in the face to conservative voters by Fox as they violated the good faith with which conservatives perhaps foolishly entrusted them as it never entered our minds that they would do.  I actually had to turn on MSNBC at that moment just to hear the speech uninterrupted.  MSNBC had also declared Romney the winner but did so with a “lower third” graphic underneath the Senator rather than tossing to some news anchor.  I think that a basic respect for the viewers and the candidate demand that after we worked so diligently to nearly defeat Romney in his own home state we earned the right to view his concession speech unmitigated.

It is clear that the majority of Michigan citizens rejected Mitt Romney and the two conservatives earned more votes than Romney.  It is like living the film Ground Hog Day as we watch -once again- our party being hijacked by the candidate most of us do not want to win our Republican nomination.  It is really a sad day for conservatives and ultimately a sad day for America that we have two conservatives in this race, therefore cannot nominate a viable candidate to represent the party platform that is routinely desecrated every presidential primary.

A faction of any political party is susceptible to the gullibility concomitant to emotional intoxication.  We cannot bring them out of their enchantment no matter what we say and no matter how often we demonstrate the absurdity of expecting a leftist who campaigned and governed as a leftist his entire career in politics.  They will not let the indisputable facts of what this man did despite having once been a “businessman”. 
Warren Buffet, Bill Gates and George Soros have been more successful at business than Romney ever came close to being.  But as three of the wealthiest men in the world and -Mitt Romney himself- after retiring from Bain in his life as a politician demonstrates - business acumen is clearly not a corollary to how a “businessman” will behave in government.    

But no matter HOW much we point out Romney’s ignominious track record and the basic logic that explains it – people enchanted by their pre-determined outcome are "all-in" like the residents of Jones Town and we will not break their trance. 

Hence, we have indeed met the enemy and he is us.  We have the votes as a whole but we are talking about a few points needed to win those delegates.  We don’t have the willingness to get behind one of the two conservative candidates.  Therefore we will nominate Mitt Romney and we will lose. 

America may very well be destroyed by Barack Hussein Obama.  You might as well start making your plans accordingly.  The question left will be which states will secede from the Union when Obamacare and effrontery against the constitution like you never imagined possible is implemented at a pace far greater than what we have seen or fathomed.  You may want to consider South Carolina as a new residence. 

The Republican Party has abandoned its platform and the values upon which it was founded by adopting the old Clinton mantra “it’s the economy stupid”.  The party has gone on record stating that moral issues are not as important to us as our own back pockets.  Like Israel, “the Apple of God’s eye” as God called them did after the death of King Solomon, we are going into apostasy.  God prospered Israel up to that point because they obeyed God.  Seeking the prosperity was not what made them prosperous and victorious even when overwhelmed by their enemy.  Prosperity was a byproduct of virtue and obedience.  After King Solomon died Israel and its Kings turned their back on God and disobeyed God.  They adopted the false gods of those they defeated and built alters on the high places in direct disobedience to the one true God.

God was patient and he warned them.  They did not listen and they were sacked by their enemies and handed over to slavery for centuries because they “kindled His anger against them”.  It was not that God suddenly favored their evil enemies and was on the side of the nations to which he handed over Israel into captivity.  It was His righteous discipline.  God does not work on man’s timeline and through the prophets he told His people the Jews that he would deliver them when they repented.  But generations of people and their posterity lived in slavery while God still kept his covenant with His people, that nation, Israel.

America was founded upon those Judeo-Christian principles.  Though we are much larger geographically speaking, we were once like a “little-Israel” by adoption.  It was those same principles and an extension of that same promise “I will bless those who bless you and I will curse those who curse you” that made us.
America, especially under Barack Obama is not only getting closer to the day when we curse Israel and betray her, we have adopted the idols of this world.  We are a nation addicted to entertainment, pornography and all kinds of sexual immorality (possibly our leading export and among the few things we currently “manufacture”).  In the past few years we have seen state after state going on record and giving legal approbation to homosexual “marriage”.  That’s not just our President but also our courts, state government after state government and legislatures.  Our President has violated our military by not only allowing homosexual activity within but encouraging it.  The federal government and state governments are indoctrinating –children- with homosexual propaganda.  Major corporations like Home Depot, the NFL and a great many others are flagrantly funding and encouraging such sexual immorality.  The basic sense of morality is almost gone from all aspects of life and it is leading to anarchy, the vacuum from which will always be despotism as our founders consistently warned.  Balance sheets, income statements, housing appraisals even audited financials of the highest “blue chip” companies can no longer be trusted because a rapidly augmenting percentage of the people of this nation and this world have no sense of morality or honor.  Courts repeatedly issue verdicts of injustice because the efficacy of oaths has been destroyed and perjury runs rampant throughout the nation as lying has lost any stigma.  In this culture glorifying violence and debauchery, children going to school and murdering other children in our public school system has become so common that the story of it barely makes the headlines through an entire day unless it is for the purpose of blaming the freedoms expatiated in our constitution.  Our President and Attorney General give assault weapons to drug lords resulting in murders of American citizens – then commit treason against the people of the United States.  They not just knowingly cover it up – but rather they exploit it for the purpose of blaming it on our constitution and exploit the tragedies they caused by using it as pseudo-justification to restrict more of our rights.

Then we find ourselves giving them undue deference and ask whether such people should be impeached at a time where historical precedence and our founding documents should demand they rightfully face trial for treason. 
We have now murdered over 50 million babies in the woumb since Roe v. Wade.

Anyone who examines the current moral state our nation and does not conclude that we are a society that is not on the verge of becoming a footnote in history and should instead focus on the economy has lost all sense of reality.

The final question is whether we will elect the leader who used to turn around companies or the leader whose rightful conclusion is that this once Christian nation needs to do what Israel eventually did under a righteous king who feared the Lord, tore down the alters in high places and declared a national day of repentance and mourning.
As Job said “He makes the nations great, then destroys them.”  America, unlike Israel does –not- have an eternal covenant with God.  His children who follow him do; but his children can also be found all over the world being persecuted even onto death.  What should make us so special as to warrant exception?What I am seeing in the GOP among the liberal faction is acrimony toward the conservatives who are doing everything they can to save this party.  Santorum has been ridiculed, libeled and slandered for being “too religious”.  This is not a good portent for America, especially when it is from within the Republican Party.

One thing that is for certain is that Barack Obama is an evil man with treacherous plans for America.  But Americans including some Republicans are incredibly arrogant to think that just because we are America, that we can violate Gods commands without compunction and go on record stating as a people that our mammon is more important than standing for the godly principles upon which we were blessed to be founded – without thinking we will be held accountable.

As Isaiah said, the pride of men will be humbled and the loftiness of men will be abased.

Freedom is the natural state of man.  Tyranny is the result of sin.  Prosperity will naturally occur in a righteous nation.  I believe we were already handed over to our enemy in 2008 and if we do not repent and turn from the wickedness to which we are enslaved, it is going to be over.

There is something spiritual going on in America that is far beyond anything we can see. It was palpable 2008 when we witnessed the masses in a state of unprecedented public euphoria, hand over our nation to a charismatic socialist. I was as though their eyes had been blindfolded and no matter how hard we tried to show them the clear evidence, they could not see the obvious.

Those blindfolds are now on the GOP and just like with Obama followers, the more they are shown the truth, the more obstinate they become. It cannot be mere irony that after years of being under this affliction of Obama, we in the Republican Party are faced with the prospect of nomination –another- charming figure of our own - who has a track record that opposes most of the fundamental values of our platform. Out of 300 million Americans from which to select a nominee, we are getting closer to nominating a charming man who causes the blind-folds to cover the eyes and seduce our own. After being handed over to the enemy for the past three plus years, out of the 300 million Americans, we are close to nominating one who follows one of America’s greatest false prophets, Joseph Smith.

The God of Israel and the God upon which this nation was founded made it clear who He is. He said “I am the Alpha and the Omega, the beginning and the End”. He made it clear that there is only ONE God. At a time when we need to turn back to the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob, we are about to follow a different route and choose as our presidential nominee, a man who believes not only that there are infinite gods – but that He too can become god.

There is no irony at this cross-road. It is easy to go through the motions day by day and not think about the significance of what we are doing and the choices we make. To borrow a phrase from the American "Great Awakening" theologian Jonathan Edwards (1703-1758), “the physical universe is only the skeleton of reality”. Taking a circumspect view of the choices with which we are faced, I conclude that there is –no way- that the monumental decision we are making is not a spiritual moment in our history that will determine whether we are on the side of the One who blesses this nation for the past centuries.

I say none of this can be irony because irony only happens when the results are un-intended.  That's why this is spiritual and beyond our comprehension.  The results that will ensue are intentional and it is beyond the physical realm.  It cannot be simple irony when at this pivotal time in American and –World- history, the Republican Party establishment is seeking to replace their false prophet with our own.

Sunday, February 26, 2012

Newt wants YOU to vote Santorum in Michigan

I heard Newt Gingrich say on Saturday that he expects Romney will likely have a good day on Tuesday. This I believe is Newt’s subtle way of releasing his supporters to vote for Rick Santorum in Michigan where he is polling 8% and also low in Arizona. Newt is sagacious enough to know that while he cannot ask his voters to do this, he knows that Santorum dealing Romney's campaign a mortal wound on Tuesday would be the best chance of making this a one on one race between himself (a strong conservative) and Santorum (a strong conservative).

Mitt blew $50 million of his own personal fortune in 2008 chasing his legacy. That’s a very significant percentage of his total estimated $250 million estimated net worth – and that’s not all liquid. From that we can presume that he is not about to make another such ridiculous gamble of the family fortune this time around as his smear campaign is currently being funded largely by "super-PACS".

The bottom line is that if he loses Michigan, you will quite possibly see a substantial quantity of that PAC money disappear. That’s the way it typically works with PACS. They typically chase performance as their real motive is to be in the good graces of whoever they see as likely to be in power.

So not only would Mitt Romney look severely weakened, his cash transfusion upon which he depends to do his dirty work would be as well.

With Romney’s inevitability mantra out of the way, the PACS would likely diversify between Santorum who is strong in the mid-west and possibly some of the northern states and Newt Gingrich who is strong in the south and West (where conservatives should coalesce around Newt to continue to bury Romney as long as he remains in the race).

This is how I know that Newt Gingrich wants his supporters to vote for Rick Santorum in Michigan and Arizona. His 8% do him no good there.  Newt is not even campaigning in Michigan.  As much as Newt supporters may want to actually vote for their candidate, most will understand that they are not helping their candidate at all by voting for him.  It's ironic but a vote for Newt in Michigan and Arizona is a vote for Mitt Romney. 

After this Tuesday I will be saying the same thing to states where Newt Gingrich is the leader such as Georgia.  In some of these southern and western states, a vote for Santorum would be a vote for Mitt Romney.  I personally voted for Newt Gingrich here in Florida because he was the conservative with the larger margin going into the election.

At this juncture this election is one of conservatives against the minority liberals who seek to once again hi-jack this party and it is bigger than either Rick or Newt as individual candidates.

It will be fun to listen to the pundits on Wednesday talk about what we just did. None of this would have been possible without the grass-roots capabilities provided by websites like http://www.Freerepublic.com and social networking.

Let’s go and make some history together.

Here’s the strategy:

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Saturday, February 25, 2012

Another typical Primary Season watching Fox News

I’m watching Justice with Judge Jeanine Pirro. 
She personally seems to be impartial but she has this panel of three guests who are all dumping on Rick Santorum.  They are mocking him for his stance on moral issues. 

The fact that Santorum is –doing well in the Michigan Polls is impressive – yet they are all talking about it as though it is a negative.  They are acting, spinning this as though Santorum was the FAVORITE going into Michigan and he should be leading by a landslide!

Following those three shills, her next guest was Joe Piscopo, who was the next to take a turn ridiculing Santorum for taking a stand against legislative and cultural debauchery in America.  He just said that he’s a Democrat and works for Mitt Romney!

So here’s another OBJECTIVE  self-professed DEMOCRAT altruistically advising us on how Mitt Romney is “the only candidate who can beat Barack Obama” (ignoring polls this week showing Santorum actually beating Obama if the election were held today and he were the nominee). 

Wow, I am amazed at the sudden hospitality and benevolence of these Democrats who are “looking out” for us – because they just want us to have the best candidate we can possibly have in November.  Go-l-l-y Sergeant Carter!  I must have been wrong about those Democrats all these years.

As I stated here in my vlog "Stop the Romney Sleaze Machine", we KNEW that Romney was going to dump tens of millions in sleazy commercials in which he will lie, slander and libel his opponents a few days before the election in order to give his target as little time as possible to respond. 
That’s Mitt’s modus operandi – but on top of having the “advantage” of being unscrupulous enough to say or do ANYTHING without ethical compunction and hundreds of millions with which to do it - Fox News is BLATANTLY pimping Romney 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.  That’s a nice arrangement for Romney.

THIS TIME – Fox is managing this differently than in 2008.  In 2008 they had their actual hosts and full-time pundits flat-out campaigning for Mitt.  In one such case, Mort Kondracke and Fred Barnes – attacked Huckabee’s personal character as Mort said that “Mike Huckabee is not a good person” while Fred Barnes nodded in agreement. 

(As an aside, I believe Huckabee would have almost certainly won the GOP nomination this time around but was successfully pacified with a weekend TV show after the hatchet-job had evangelical Christians outraged at Fox when that 2008 race was over.)

So now Fox has taken a slightly more clandestine approach.  Instead of having the hosts shill for Mitt Romney – it appears they have the producers book nothing but –outside- shills as GUESTS on their shows to make it a bit less flagrant. 

Aside from Mitt’s typical hit job commercial from which Fox is obviously profiting prodigiously, he gets a deal (even if unwritten) in which 90% of all Fox guests related to the GOP Primary are either on Romney’s payroll, were on his payroll or soon hope to be on Mitt’s payroll.

Another prime example was just this week, the very DAY AFTER “The Contrivance in Mesa” debate – when Fox had on their highly rated morning show “Fox & Friends” - TWO GUESTS to objectively evaluate the performance of the Mesa debate.

The two arbitrators of objectivity were:
Guest #1.  Mitt Romney’s former debate coach Brett O’Donnell (I’m not making this up)
Guest #2.  New Jersey Governor Chris Christie – who has been obnoxiously campaigning for Romney around the country ever since endorsing him.

I’m just bringing up random samples of merely a few hours of Fox that I watched this week between my busy work schedule.  I can imagine for those who have it on all day, this must play like an Oral Roberts telethon where the establishment says give Mitt that nomination or something very bad is going to happen. 

Are you truly sick of this?  We CAN stop this.  It’s not as though this guy has a ground swell of support.  In fact, just like with McCain in 2008 – if you had taken a nationwide poll, state by state asking “WHICH CANDIDATE DO YOU NOT UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCE WANT TO REPRESENT THE REPUBLICAN PARTY AS THE PRESIDENTIAL CANDIDATE?” -in both cases then and now McCain and Romney are both the two candidates who would have been and would be today – the undisputed winner (with New England states being the possible exceptions naturally).
Like I said, we CAN stop this easily.  Here’s why and how:

Footnote: I think that Greta Van Susteren deserves recognition as the journalist at Fox News who is the exception. She has been fair and has not allowed Romney pimping by her guests to go unabated and unchallenged.
Thanks Greta. Who would have ever thought that Greta would have been the one when she initially came over to Fox News?
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Friday, February 24, 2012

The Contrivance in Mesa

The media have gone out of their way to hype this “bout” as something that improved the prospects for the wounded Romney campaign but in terms of famous title fights, it was hardly the “Thrilla in Manila”. The reality is that if we were going to dub Thursday’s CNN Debate as a boxing title fight “The Contrivance in Mesa” would be more appropriate.

As I explained in the above video, below is a clip from the debate in Mesa, Arizona where the Mormon audience were booing Santorum as soon as he MENTIONED Romneycare. I have news for Romney followers; they are not going to be the studio audience in the general election when Obama thanks Romney for providing the – blueprint for Obamacare. Also, notice that in this video, Romney himself calls his own socialist albatross "Romneycare” as though it is a term of endearment. He’s apparently STILL proud of it!

As I also pointed out, take out all of the boo-tracks, laugh-tracks and applause-tracks provided by this fan club - and you have an ENTIRELY different debate.

The following clip is one in which Rick Santorum DESTROYED Mitt Romney in substance and style. It’s interesting that from within this very clip, the Murdoch media isolated, extracted then played non-stop on Thursday the little "zinger" where Romney tells Rick that he said on Laura Ingraham's show years ago that Romney is the conservative Rick endorsed for Governor.

Well, that is certainly excusable. Rick obviously fell for the specious notion that "Mitt Romney was a businessman who made hundreds of millions of dollars running a business". Well, at least SANTORUM learned from his MISTAKE in falling for that nonsense and he LEARNED his lesson because that endorsement was BEFORE Mitt Romney had a TRACK RECORD AS AN EXECUTIVE IN GOVERNMENT. That begs the question, what is YOUR excuse Fox? Mitt has a track record now and he has to circumvent, palliate and outright lie about the records of his opponents in order to distract people from even examining his own.

Back when Mitt ran for Governor, before he became a politician, and Rick ostensibly endorsed him, Rick apparently took the thesis now being crammed down our throats by Coulter and the like - at face value. Sounded good I'm sure; so why wouldn't he - at the time.
But that little hyped up zinger was extracted from a larger body of work that amounts to an outright butt-kicking! Without further ado, watch the video, focus on the substance and pretend that you don't hear the Mormon Tabernacle in the background and enjoy this overall Santorum upper cut to Mitt's glass jaw.

And when you hear ad nauseum - Fox pundits telling you that "polls indicate" that Rick Santorum "didn't have such a good night" - you tell them where they can put their polls.

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Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Conservatives Unite in STRATEGIC VOTING

Conservatives have learned how to have our party hi-jacked by the liberal minority. Now it is time to vote strategically to prevent that from happening. First this must be an election AGAINST the remaining liberal - then an election FOR one of the two remaining conservative statesmen - Newt Gingrich or Rick Santorum

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Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Mitt Romney and his third-world style "victories"

After seeing yet another controversy regarding the outcome of the Maine elections, where once again Mitt Romney may have been declared the winner of a caucus when the final tally is in question due to only 84% of the caucuses being reported and conducted because of "weather" - why do I feel like we are becoming a 3rd world country? (It's a rhetorical question; I know the answer.) Think about how much it benefited Romney for the three weeks the final votes seemed to mysteriously disappear in Iowa (or whatever the hell the excuse was).

For three weeks the moderate Murdoch media championed Romney as "the first ever Republican non-incumbent presidential candidate to win both Iowa and New Hampshire."
That was the theme that the elite media shills daily crammed down our throats up to the South Carolina primary - and this whole Romney coronation was supposed to be OVER and done with by South Carolina.  Thank God their underhanded tactics failed and the people of South Carolina sagaciously rejected this Romney.

Even when we cast aside any theories of possible foul play causing the three week discrepancy - notwithstanding - at best the media exerted irresponsible, negligent journalism by repeatedly making those ASSUMPTIONS about Romney's "accomplishment"  (that never was) and trumpeting this error on a 24/7 basis up to South Carolina when Santorum was finally declared the winner of Iowa the night before the primary.

I watch Fox News quite frequently and I have not once heard so much as a retraction or a much due apology to the Rick Santorum campaign for making this erroneous assumption about Romney and declaring it for three weeks as though it was fact.

Think about not only how much sooner the Romney campaign could have been set back if the media had not blown this erroneous statistic out of proportion for three week;, think not only about how much less in donations the Romney campaign might have raised as a result - think also about how much BETTER Santorum's campaign MIGHT have fared and how much more money they MIGHT have raised had Santorum not been declared the" runner up" in Iowa instead of the winner he actually was.

I'm not saying there was collusion between the Romney campaign but we are talking about a guy who wants to be president so badly that he's not beneath hiring pseudo-"grass-root" supporters to stand out in the cold holding Romney signs. It is disconcerting to say the least that in these times, we can't seem to hold legitimate elections. This process is starting to resemble classic Russian elections more than American.

Nevertheless, I believe Rick Santorum stands a reasonable chance win this.  As a bystander I noticed that Rick is not overly dynamic when he’s just going out to make a political stump speech. HOWEVER, he was very impressive the way he “undressed” Romney over his Romneycare excuses in the recent debate in Jacksonville.

Like an adroit prosecutor, Santorum methodically tied Romney in knots with the very prosaic excuses Romney offered during that debate. It was so embarrassing to Romney that all he could offer was a smirk that was a poor attempt to veil his consternation.

Then as Santorum repeatedly blasted him with those upper-cuts - Blitzer was panic stricken and interrupted “we’ve got to move on... we’ve got to move on”

It was quite an impressive thing to behold and it shed a fresh perspective on what Rick is capable of doing in a debate.  Watch the expressions of Romney as Santorum lands his upper-cuts.  You can see glass-jaw Mitt smirking as he doesn't know what to do.  Then notice that despite the fact that this type of moment is exactly what a network hosting a debate would be expected to encourage if they wanted a great debate with a noteworthy moment of impact if only for the sake of ratings, despite that fact - notice how Wolf Blitzer jumps in saying "let's move on... we've got to move on".  They clearly wanted to fix this fight and protect thier paper champion because they know who they want their ultimate paper champion Obama to face in this race come November.  This is a classic and telling moment of what an Obama v. Romney "debate" would look like.  Take a good look at what the Romney camp does NOT want you to see..

Santorum may not be all about applause lines - but he sure as hell can tie someone up in a knot and prosecute them in front of an audience. That could work on Obama.

Join the rebellion http://www.MitigateRomney.com

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Santorum shut-out will induce Record Romney Sleaze-Attacks

I voted for Newt here in Florida but am thrilled by Santorum's victory. This is a victory for conservatives. In the general election, I'll support any one of the 3 conservative candidates out of the 4 in the race - just not Romney - unless you're talking about Romney for Host of Trump's Celebrity Apprentice in 2012.

This Tuesday's results really exposed the fact that the Moderate Murdoch Media's manufactured, paper champion is just that.  His lead is as weak as the socialistic track record he built in his governmental career in Massachusettes and has been largely driven by suggestive "polling" tactics that are about as genuine as that rug on Frank Luntz's head. 

Tuesday's election reminded me of the National Championship between Alabama and LSU.  Everybody seemed to think that LSU was unbeatable.  They had all the hype on their side.  Instead what we saw was a shock and awe shut-out!

Just think about how things might have turned out if the IOWA ballots had not conveniently vanished for weeks and the Murdoch Media had not for the two weeks leading to the SC primary trumpeted Mitt Romney as "the only candidate to win both IOWA and New Hampshire since the industrial revolution" or whatever time frame it was.  Just think.  This was -irresponsible- manipulation disguised as journalism that could have permanently altered the outcome of the GOP nomination process. Land sakes!  I can't IMAGINE they ever intended to do that!

Now we can count on Romney and his anonymous PACs to --really-- pony up the mega-millions in cash to lie, distort and slander Santorum in a prodigious number of states holding elections in April. You thought you saw sleaze before - you haven't seen ANYTHING yet.

That's all Romney can really do because there's only so many times one can say "I'm a business man; therefore I’ll clean up Washington D.C." and he sure can't run on his socialist track record in Mass.

My prediction is a landslide AGAINST Romney as the people of this nation get fed up with his acrimonious distortions.

Interestingly though, I have never heard such in-depth elucidation of how the caucus system and the dispensation of delegates work in these states until last night. By the way they tried to minimize them, you would think that none of the delegates would go to Rick despite the monumental landslide of support. It's funny how Fox left that public service out in 2008 when Mitt Romney won these states.

Based on what I’m seeing this morning at WSJ Online and other sites is that the people apparently posting on message boards from the Romney boiler rooms are saying that “Obama can just get out the Casey playbook on how to beat Santorum by 17 points”.

Obama can get out the Casey handbook if he wants but the problem is that his name will still not be “Bob Casey”. The name Bob Casey in PA is (or at least was until his son took office) highly revered. He is the ONLY Democrat for whom I have ever voted in my life (for governor when he was running against a liberal Arlen Specter-like RINO back in the early 90’s).

Bob Casey SR. was a man of integrity and pro-life. While Governor, Casey Senior actually REFUSED to meet with Bill Clinton when Clinton came to campaign in Pennsylvania for election. That was a HUGE stand. How many Governors do you know of who would refuse to meet with the Presidential nominee OF THEIR OWN PARTY when that nominee comes to his state? So SENIOR, if he was alive, sure as hell wouldn’t meet with the false prophet, pro-partial birth baby slaughterer Barack Hussein Obama.

Bob Casey Junior ran on the coat-tails of his father and that is the main reason why the man is a US Senator today. Nobody even ever hears from him. To insinuate that Obama can use that "book" on beating Santorum is like putting a silk hat on a pig.

Bob Casey’s strategy was basically to MATCH Santorum by making himself look more conservative. He offered largely Democrat voters - a chance to vote their party, vote for "Bob Casey" and vote for a pro-life candidate, something no other challenger had done.

It would be similar to giving voters a choice of two liberals in the general election i.e. Barack Obama and Mitt Romney. Both choices would be liberal on every count. Voters would conclude, why change socialist horses mid-stream?


Monday, February 6, 2012

Note to the Establishment: Rebellion is no longer "brewing" - rebellion is HERE.

Dick Morris was practically CRYING on Sean Hannity’s Fox News program about how we need to stop attacking Mitt Romney, especially the three conservative candidates in the race.

Ann Coulter was up next on Hannity where the two of them played out a charade that almost looked rehearsed. Coulter was just fawning over the very thought of Romney saying how we “should all be celebrating because we have a conservative candidate” and she even blasphemously compared Romney to Reagan. There’s a hole in Ann’s theory. Maybe Mitt can smile like Ronald Reagan and even make a half decent speech. The problem is that Ronald Reagan was not a pretentious bullshitting socialist.

I guess Ann figures she has made enough money because she is all-in with this modern day Elmer Gantry and her career will forever be linked to this impetuous infatuation along with her honorary board chairmanship of “GoProud”.

Ann was also bragging to Sean tonight about how she accosted Romney after a fund raiser and told him “you owe me”! Talk about a “slobbering Love Affair”. I’m sure Bernie Goldberg didn’t have Ann Coulter in mind when he wrote his book but that is exactly what we are witnessing here. Ann is demonstrating the same type of delusions as we witnessed in 2008 from people like Oprah, Chris Matthews & Joy Behar over Obama.

Ann Romney may want to keep an eye on these two before Mitt ends up moving them to Mexico like his Grandfather did so they can all be married together. Well, on second thought, Mexico really needs a good “turn around specialist” of their own. It might be a better fit.

Nevertheless, I am TIRED of hearing these whining sell-outs tell us we shouldn’t be exposing Romney’s socialist governmental record. It’s the only record he has so those of us who are not susceptible to crushes are going to point out the fact that the GOP is pushing a socialist all the way to the convention against the will of the MAJORITY of the party.

“Oh but the 11th Commandment… wahhhh, wahhhhh” Let me be clear: The venerable President Ronald Reagan was the greatest president of the 20th Century – but he was not God incarnate nor did he make any such pretense. He was right about most things but nobody is right about EVERYTHING.

Judging by the results of the past 24 years of my entire voting life in which I ALWAYS voted for the establishment candidate since turning 18 in 1988 – I’m going to say that THE “11TH Commandment” is at least –one- thing that President Reagan got wrong and if he saw the unmitigated abandonment of basic sense that I’m seeing by this cult-like Romney worship – I think President Reagan would agree that the 11th Commandment – NO LONGER APPLIES to this generation.

On that note let me conclude by saying that my resolute line-in-the-sand is not a scenario of “if you don’t support MY CANDIDATE, I’m going to take my toys and go home”. This is about the fact that I will NEVER debase my country or my honor by knowingly voting for a statist like Mitt Romney. There are three other candidates in this race besides Romney and I will gladly vote for ANY ONE OF THEM if they are nominated.

It is the choice of the GOP and the Moderate Murdoch Media if they want to cram this guy who according to them (about 100 times on Sunday alone) “already looks like the nominee…” down our throats and help this liberal hi-jack the party as they did with John McCain – it is THEY WHO ARE ELECTING BARACK OBAMA because they are warned with ample time and they are swimming against the stream of all basic sense in pushing this unacceptable candidate.

Rebellion is no longer "brewing"; rebellion is HERE.

In order not to make this column any longer, I am attaching this link to my prior commentary where I elucidate more on Romney’s socialistic propensity and undeniable socialist TRACK RECORD in government:

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Saturday, February 4, 2012

NFL & Goodell Choose to violate children on Super Bowl Sunday

Here are some of the past performances to which tens of millions of children and families were treated courtesy of the NFL during recent Super Bowls:

This is the Prince performance at another recent Super Bowl. The obscene part to which we were treated came in at about 4:20 in the video.

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Tuesday, January 31, 2012

The South & the Mid-West Must Defeat the Romney Sleaze Machine

As a Florida resident I have to apologize to conservatives for what happened here in our primary election. There’s an axiom regarding Florida that if you are –in- Florida, “you have to go north in order to go south”. The remnants of “old Florida” went solidly for Newt but predictably areas like Miami-Dade and Palm Beach County where I live are areas of transplanted northerners who are known for telling us “this is how we do it up north”, which begs the question - if it’s so great in New York, New Jersey, Boston… – then why did you come here?  

The same thing has been done to the state of North Carolina where northerners, especially eastern seaboard, are violating their fiduciary duties to posterity by voting for leftists like Romney in their home states. THEN, when they lose their jobs or they retire, they don’t want to pay the concomitant taxes which come from voting for leftists, so they relocate to Florida and Charlotte or Raleigh North Carolina and “repeat the causes to which they are owing and which again will produce them” as the Roman orator Cato once said in regard to the “vast fund of stupidity in human nature”.

Be that as it is, we are counting on the real South, what’s left of it – to do the right thing and make up for our delusions.

I must confess that yesterday I discovered that I had not fully conducted my own due diligence on Mitt Romney. I dismissed him early on as a liberal imposter after learning that he –invented- Obamacare and after seeing him propitiously flip his position on virtually every significant issue that matters to conservatives just in time to run for him to President.

Yesterday as I was doing some research for my video published this morning called "A Mitt Romney nomination could be GOP Death Knell" (Below)

I was going through the veritable litany of liberals being used to –sell- Romney to the people who like voting for salt & pepper hair and nice jaw lines. Some of the names being utilized to sell him are of course none other than John McCain, Bob Dole, Charlie Crist & even Tom Brokaw (to his consternation). But I was wondering if I might add his fellow Massachusetts liberal Senator Scott Brown to the list.

What I found is that the FACT that this character is a leftist was so overwhelming - that I stopped doing my research too soon. This guy is the gift that keeps on giving (to the Democrats) and it's no wonder that Obama and the Dems are salivating at the prospect of Mitt being the GOP nominee.

When I "Googled" the words mitt + romney + Scott + brown I found another -hair brained- scheme created by Mitt that although may not be the albatross that his healthcare program is - it is perhaps every bit as appalling to basic sense and conservative principles. Romney’s other hair-brained scam was called "Wheels for Welfare" and it was so expensive that Scott Brown opposed it and the liberal governor who succeeded him scrapped it because it was so exorbitant.

According to This piece at ABC, "it was a program that gave welfare recipients free cars, free car repairs, free insurance and even free AAA." http://abcnews.go.com/blogs/politics/2012/01/the-top-three-conservative-arguments-about-romneys-record-that-no-one-has-made/

There is plenty of information regarding this legalized scam all over the Internet. It certainly gives us further insight into the type of "expertise" and business acumen we can expect a President Romney to bring to the table. After all, aside from spending tens of millions of dollars slandering and libeling his challengers who have track records with distorted and out of context sleaze, his SINGULAR theme upon which he is running is “I was a businessman who made hundreds of millions of dollars; therefore I will fix the waste in Washington DC.”

Well, there we have an example of exactly the type of sagacity we should expect if Mitt Romney were to secure his legacy and become President – not only cash for clunkers – but free auto insurance, free auto repairs and even free towing! “Now how much would you pay?”

Moronic.  It really does require a willful suspension of disbelief to contend that this fellow would do anything but betray our party like every legacy seeking liberal who has hi-jacked our party nomination before him.

I know Newt has baggage - but so does our first self-admitted cocaine snorting President. Obama is not about to open the door to the valley of dry bones in HIS closet. The morality question was never broached by John McCain and certainly not by the media in the past election. It is certain that Barack and the O-media will damned well never make this election into a beauty pageant of moral rectitude because they know that Newt will pounce on the opportunity to compare histories of which Obama voting drones know little.

So despite what the man with holy underwear, Mitt Romney contends while dredging up Newt’s past sins, the contentions are as shallow as Mitt Romney’s campaign platform. 

In a closer to perfect world I would today have voted for Jim Demint. Instead I voted for a conservative who can be judged as such my looking at the totality of his record - versus an imposter who has to run on John McCain, Bob Dole endorsements and Tom Brokaw sound bites.

I am truly sorry and embarrassed for those, including Ann Coulter who have been seduced by this modern day Elmer Gantry.

I have voted for every Republican since turning 18 in 1988 - BUT this time around, if Mitt Romney is the nominee, I will NOT debase my country or myself by voting for this sleaze.

For the past two months of being deluged by the underhanded commercials onto which Romney has attached his name, and after watching his sophomoric behavior at his rally in The Villages (Florida) yesterday where he taunted Newt Gingrich - I can say emphatically that this is no gentleman and this is no statesman.

3rd party or independent conservative it will be if Mitt Romney is the GOP nominee.

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Friday, January 27, 2012

Romney Pledges to be "True to his Faith" as President - Just what might that entail?

Glenn Beck is hitting Newt pretty hard by his own admission. His reasons are primarily tangential as they focus less on Newt’s legislative record and more on Newt’s comments as a historian. He attacks Newt because he supposedly said nice things about “Andrew Jackson, Theodore Roosevelt, Woodrow Wilson, and FDR.”

I’m not even sure what context it was in when Newt said whatever he said about these presidents - and I’m not about to waste my time searching for the answer. 

Beck wants to compare tangential opinions of the candidates as opposed to their legislative RECORDS as the basis for deciding which candidate has better judgment?

Aside perhaps from FDR, I’m sure the prior litany of US Presidents have said and done isolated things in their time that were worthy of a few plaudits. So is it possible for someone to mention their names or quote them in a speech or conversation - without subscribing to the totality of their views?

I’ve been reading David Barton’s books for the past 22 years, a frequent guest of Beck's show and I remember specifically reading quotes of Woodrow Wilson, proffered by Mr. Barton to illustrate important points. Such quotes shed a favorable light on certain aspects of Woodrow Wilson in those cases. Yet I don’t see Beck attacking David Barton’s conservative credentials.

As for Mitt Romney’s (and Beck's) personal beliefs:
For anyone who actually takes their faith seriously, their religious beliefs –shape- their world view. Their world-view affects the way they interpret events that happen in life. Their world view ABSOLUTELY determines WHAT they do when they govern.

Mitt Romney in the CNN debate in Jacksonville paid lip service to the “Judeo-Christian” history of our nation; however, his religion is neither "Judeo" or Christian. In Romney’s commercials here in Florida, Romney touts that as President, he would be “true to his faith”. That means he believes as Mormonism teaches - that he can become a god of his own planet just like –they believe Jesus did. Mormonism teaches that Jesus was a polygamist man, brother of Lucifer and product of a sexual relationship, as was God his father once a man.

This is no joke. This is offensive to Christians. Why hasn't Mitt Romney spent much time emphasizing his “Mexican” roots? That would be because his family went there to practice polygamy. The liberals are well aware of this and are sitting on it.  If Romney wins the GOP nomination, the Dems can’t wait to educate us on this - and they will - once it’s too late for us to do anything about it.

Mormonism is NOT the religion of our founding fathers. It is contrary to Christianity. Mormonism’s teaches the Bible of our founders was corrupted and they are the one true church.

The belief that one can become a god is PERFECTLY CONSISTENT – with liberalism and explains –why- Romney would promulgate the socialism he did in Massachusetts. It goes back to Genesis, the catalyst to the fall of mankind. Why wouldn’t Romney be susceptible to the arrogant notion that he is among the superior who knows more than everyone else and can save us from ourselves? That’s liberalism defined, playing God, only Romney –literally- believes this.

How long will it take before someone asks Romney, “do you believe you will become a god?” (which begs the question of the potential implications of a “god complex”) or “do you believe that the 80% of Americans who claim to be Christians are in error?” The door will be WIDE OPEN to those questions on the basis that we could potentially have “our first Mormon President”. Newly produced documentaries will be airing all over the liberal controlled media, highlighting the controversies – but they will not come directly from the campaign. Romney understands that tactic but this time it won’t just be PACs; it will be The History Channel, Discovery Channel, 60 minutes…

We might as well nominate Marshall Applewhite and wait for him to return in his space ship hidden within the tail of the Hale-Bopp Comet.

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Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Obama attack would be a Welcomed Distraction for Mitt Romney

Barack Obama is expected to pounce on Mitt Romney's 14% tax rate during his State of the Union speech Tuesday night. In a Marketwatch column focusing on this topic, a discouraged Romney supporter named Michael commented that "Romney can't get a break..."
Michael and Romney supporters like him have nothing to worry about because this expected attack by Obama is exactly what Romney -WANTS. We are in the midst of a GOP PRIMARY. If this were a general election, Mitt perhaps wouldn't want this attack -BUT- right now it is a welcomed diversion.
  • A direct attack in a State of the Union speech would be an honor for Romney. It would give him special attention as though he is now recognized by Obama himself as his November opponent.
  • Romney would HOPE this could serve as a "rallying cry" to get impressionable GOP voters to inadvertently participate in the charade. 
  • Romney also needs a new media driven narrative to take the attention of GOP voters -AWAY- from his mortifying track record as a Governor and senatorial candidate.
Distracting the voters is what he has done for the past several months. At this point nobody wants to talk about Bain Capital yet he keeps trying to milk the non-issue for all he can. Here in Florida he continues running ads talking about the other candidates "attacking capitalism..." But he's the only one talking about it. It's a tactic similar to what you will see in this football video:

What you see here is a football player using theatrics to draw a penalty. After the whistle blows and the play is over, a defensive player of the Cleveland Browns, being provoked, ever so slightly pushes an offensive player (number 89 of the Cincinnati Bengals) and #89 throws himself backwards several feet, lands on his back and then does a back roll...

That's similar to what Romney did with Newt when Newt made some comments about specific failed companies in which Bain invested. Mitt Romney runs on supposedly great business acumen. So for Newt to point out some examples where Romney failed, it is not by default an attack on the capitalist system. Romney, who has no political track record upon which to run (because it is all too embarrassing) seized upon an opportunity to create polarization. He then circumvented discussion of his political history.

This tax rate “controversy” will likely serve as the next version of the aforementioned strategy. Regardless of which GOP candidate you may support, most of us can agree it is ridiculous to contend that 14% isn't ENOUGH to give these con artists in Washington. The answer isn't that Mitt should pay MORE to the prodigals in Washington but rather EVERYONE ELSE should pay the same low rate as Mitt.

I can foresee the moderate Murdoch media going on a 24 hour a day campaign featuring Romney as a victim and subliminally manipulating viewers into joining the rally to Mitt's defense... That’s the way they operate. They did it ad nauseum with the Bain non-issue turned controversy – and you can count on this being their next desperate campaign strategy.

I've maintained that Romney is Obama's "dream opponent" because Romney would inoculate Obama on his most vulnerable weaknesses, having recently maintained the same positions as Obama when he was last in government.

If the Administration really makes an issue of this tax return, that is further confirmation that they are throwing Mitt's campaign a bone with which to run.

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Friday, January 20, 2012

Mitt Romney: a glass jaw Candidate

After viewing the Thursday night GOP debate in Charleston, I noticed a recurring pattern with Mitt Romney.

After virtually every hard hitting, direct question - he responds by saying “I’m going to answer your question - BUT FIRST...” then he rambles on with some canned nonsense having nothing to do with the question.  It's pretty obvious that he has these remarks well memorized, having been campaigning for the past six years.

What Mitt seems to be doing is thinking of how he's going to answer the poignant question while the torrent of dribble effortlessly spills out of his mouth.

You may have noticed that sometime’s he finally follows the ensuing monologue with an insipid answer to the original question posed - and sometimes he exhausts all his time and bores the audience so much that he gets away without answering the question at all.

A classic example would be last night after he rambled on for several minutes without answering the question, he actually had to ask "where were we?"  That was when Newt paused and smiled with subtle sarcasm, then said "Gee Mitt, I don't know".  It was a masterful execution on Newt's part and demonstrated what an impressive communicator he is.  I highly recommend watching that moment again as I don't think most people appreciated it.  It's worth a rewind.

The thing is that Mitt is only fooling his disciples, the 25% GOP moderates.

The rest of us are tired of the platitudes and question dodging.  The November election is going to be a street fight and banal remarks won't get it done.  We cannot send in a paper champion with a glass jaw.  Newt is ready for prime-time.

My take from last night: Mitt Romney: a “Glass Jaw” Candidate

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Friday, January 13, 2012

An Avalanche of intellectual Sloth: A disquisition on the Mitt Romney Candidacy

I really feel saddened for this nation when I hear people who I greatly admire have been somehow seduced by the cult of Mitt Romney. We have only had ONE primary and some caucuses in two tiny little states. Yet, just as predicted, the establishment controlled media seemed to have successfully convinced voters in the party that the race is over and a foregone conclusion.

We have seen it every primary election since Reagan left office. I guess many find it so much easier to jump on board the bandwaggon - as long as "their friends are doing it", rather than conducting due diligence.

This is what I would call an avalanche of intellectual sloth. They start with tiny little vibrations and once they gather momentum, they are unstopable. That is exactly what the establishment media moderates are orchestrating.

Just as I said in 2008, it’s like being in a horror movie. Like lambs they blithely walk to their slaughter despite all of the evidence any rational person can plainly see. In this case it is the GOP’s death and possibly America’s.

Anyone who views this video can see that Romney is the quintessential type of imposter who has bamboozled Republicans for decades leading to the imminent destruction we now face. The glaring evidence confirms that the difference between Barack Obama and Mitt Romney is merely in the shade of melanin.

To objectively look at this man’s record and still contend that he is worthy of any veneration, one must be sufficiently indoctrinated into his cult of personality. It would be one thing if we didn’t have a choice but apart from that there is no excuse whatsoever.

God told King David not to number his troops because the battle is His. David made the same mistake of believing that he might defeat the unrighteous enemy by his own might. We are doing far worse if we knowingly nominate someone with such a notorious track record because we have not enough faith to elect a nominee with integrity.

As for the issue of Romney’s experience at Bain Capital, this is a media side-show that they are using to circumvent Romney’s undeniable record on Obamneycare, abortion, gay marriage and the second amendment, all of which are clearly opposed to our core values.

As the previous video demonstrates, this man, as Alexander Hamilton once said of Aaron Burr, Mitt Romney is destitute of any fixed principles aside from securing his own legacy.

When it comes to Romney's career at Bain, it's not about the rectitude or lack thereof. It's about the absurdity of trying to sell a former CEO of a Wall Street private equity firm - during a time of unprecedented animosity toward Wall Street.

Americans have the most diminutive financial education in the world - much less understanding of HIGH FINANCE. We might as well nominate Lloyd C. Blankfein of Goldman Sachs. Good luck explaining price to book ratios, tangible book value and investment paradigms to an electorate, half of whom cannot balance a checkbook. Obama can yield all of his time during the debates while Mitt buries himself.

I have made my own video enlarging upon that topic:

I will continue to speak the obvious truth and under NO CIRCUMSTANCES should authentic conservatives compromise our integrity by supporting or voting for someone of such ignoble character to represent our party.

I have plugged my nose since Reagan left office - but NEVER AGAIN. If Mitt is the nominee, third party for me it will be. That will be a first for me and I must say but I am at peace.

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Monday, January 9, 2012

Santorum / Gingrich 2012: One must yield or the Party will be hi-jacked once again

There’s a popular mantra circulating that “Romney needs to be taken out”.

He doesn’t. It’s an illusion. He’s the ONE liberal in the race and has terrible poll numbers except for in New England, home of Frank, Dodd & Kennedy.

Romney is unworthy of the “front-runner” tag just as was McCain who was in the 30% range.

If Romney was running against ANY –ONE- of the conservatives, Gingrich, Santorum or Perry -ALONE - Romney would lose by an unmitigated LANDSLIDE.

It would be such a landslide that he would be utterly humiliated out of politics, rightfully so because he is a glass jawed paper tiger marked by a career replete with political duplicity.

I am embarrassed on behalf of the voters who consider this guy worthy of serious consideration; but if I were a snake oil salesman I would pay a fortune for their names and phone numbers.

If conservatives lose it’s because we have 3 choices and cannot coalesce. I have for years been campaigning for a required run-off election until a candidate can earn a majority of the GOP vote before securing the nomination. It’s simple math; the vast majority can and will reject Snake-Oil Romney - yet he can still win like McCain.

Scott Ryan
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Friday, January 6, 2012

An unfortunate prediction about Romney: We can stop him but one conservative candidate MUST yield

I just found this post that I wrote at www.Freerepublic.com two years ago titled "Coming Sequel to the Romulan-GOP Schism & The irony of Romney celebrating Scott Brown's election". 

It basically panned out as most of us knew it would. The thing that didn't hold true is the list of conservative candidates. But the thesis of our party splitting our conservative votes over multiple candidates, thereby being in danger of electing the ONE liberal in the race (who will not have other liberals to dilute HIS VOTE) is tragically close to reality if we don't see one of these conservatives sacrifice his personal ambition for the sake of the nation.

Personally I think Rick Perry should be the one to yield. I like him but I think he is wasting precious conservative votes at this point.  Conservatives must coalesce – before Romney gets momentum
Following is the content of the original post with link:

Feb 16, 2010
Coming Sequel to the Romulan-GOP Schism & The irony of Romney celebrating Scott Brown's election
by Scott Ryan

"I can tell you exactly how we will screw this up and at the end of this column – how we can AVOID screwing this up. The way we can screw this up is the same way we screwed it up last time around. We can screw this up by having pundits trying to shove that snake oil salesman Mitt Romney down our throats in the next Presidential primary.
I am absolutely stunned by the emotional intoxication some prominent conservatives have had for this impetuous RINO. Mitt Romney was and is the Republican’s Slick Willie. He will say anything to anyone at any time in order to get elected. I consider Ann to be an intelligent women and I am stunned to see her fall for the same chicanery that we have always criticized soccer moms for falling for. All it apparently takes is a handsome man with a silver tongue -claiming- to be a “conservative”.
I mean, it’s not as though the clear cut evidence isn’t there. We have plenty of video of Romney on every side of every issue depending on who he was running against in recent years. This guy was so obviously trying to hit hot buttons in the last presidential primary as he dropped the name of Ronald Reagan ad nauseam. Meanwhile we have video of Romney like Peter before the cock crowed, DENOUNCING President Reagan in a televised debate as he ran against Ted Kennedy a few years back for the Senate seat. (See with your own eyes at http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QPY61w2mjRc)
We have seen Romney on both sides of the gay “marriage” issue. Last year he said he was pro-life just in time for the primary yet in the gubernatorial race we saw the man bragging about how pro-abortion he and his mother were and how he will “never waver” on that issue.
Ok, so maybe you are a country club Republican and you only care about what affects your wallet and could care less about Ronald Reagan, aborted babies or the sanctity of marriage. Well, we have all of the evidence in the world that this guy is even a fiscal left-winger.
The audacity of this swashbuckler is not even surpassed by Obama. Just a month ago this character was up on the stage in Massachusetts trying to ride the momentum of Scott Brown at his victory celebration! What is incredibly ironic about that is that this guy Scott Brown campaigned and was thrust into office primarily as the man who would vote -against- Hussein & Pelosi’s socialist healthcare plan! This plan was modeled and dubbed as a national version of the same Massachusetts plan that was promulgated as Mitt Romney’s baby!

The people of Massachusetts clearly do not like it and they have been warning the rest of the country NOT to adopt it. You KNOW it has to be horrendous when a left-winged nut case of a state like Mass puts a Republican in that seat in order to stop it, after what? 60 years? This is the state whose gracious contribution to the federalist system has been Barney Frank and Ted Kennedy for how many decades?

If any past Romulan including, Coulter, Ingraham, Hannity or Krauthammer try to palliate this fact by claiming that Romney didn’t really like this plan and had no choice but to go along, just take a look at the recently unveiled portrait Romney had painted of himself proudly hanging in the capitol. Romney instructed the artist to paint a copy of the healthcare bill prominently in the portrait.

So what, the guy made a half billion running a private equity chop shop. There are plenty of others who have done that; but does that make them a leader? We might as well elect Carl Icahn. Romney’s just a poor man’s version of Icahn or Kerkorian.

Why not hire the best??? I have never witnessed a more glass-jawed, paper candidate to have enchanted so many in this party. This is a guy who is exceedingly high on charm while low on substance and appears to be destitute of any fixed principles aside from a lifelong ambition to be President.

This brings me to my point. We are trying to avoid dealing with a major problem and if we do not confront that problem NOW, we will have another disaster like we did in the last presidential election and like the one we had in 1996. IF the Republican Party wants to avoid another schism, we MUST require a run-off election in the presidential primaries when ANY presidential candidate “wins” without a majority of the party’s votes. I know there are going to be intense factions within this party no matter what happens between now and 2012.

There is a faction right now that can’t move on from the past who are saying “run Sarah run”. I am not one of them. I like Sarah Palin and think she can do a great deal of good for this country, perhaps as Chairman of the GOP but I emphatically do not want her to be our presidential candidate.

We will have factions for Palin, for Huckabee, for Romney, for Pawlenty, Bobby Jindal and perhaps Fred Thompson (not likely). They will split the conservative vote so that we will give the nomination to the candidate we all loathe, the liberal candidate, which we WILL secure by our inability to coalesce. That is the ONLY way John McCain could have won this nomination. The same thing happened with Dole in 1996.

If we require a run-off between the top two candidates when no candidate receives a majority in the primary, we will never again be hi-jacked by the liberal minority of this party in a presidential election. We are a conservative party and the only thing liberal Republicans should be given in this party is asylum, if anything at all.

In spite of my opposition to Palin being our nominee, I don’t for a second question her conservatism and would definitely throw my support behind her in the general election - if she won in a run-off. That would assure us a strong candidate and leave the party less disillusioned after the primaries. I could not get enthusiastic for McCain. In fact, I was disgusted listening to him try to sound like a conservative while he bashed corporations, said the pharmaceuticals were “evil” and promoted “climate change” propaganda while standing in front of a green back-drop. Sorry, that doesn’t cut it and I know most conservatives felt the same way.

Sean and Ann also discussed the “tea party” movement. She said there isn’t a leader and wished there was. I would say to Ann, if you want to contact the head of the Tea Party Movement, call Rick Santelli. The way I remember it, Rick Santelli on CNBC made this appealing remonstrance during which he jested about having a tea party in Lake Michigan. (See original http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bEZB4taSEoA) 

I remember going to something dubbed a “tea party” after the 2008 election but as far as I can remember, it all just happened organically. There was no need for a national organization to organize it. Even though I attended the tea party, I saw it as an event – not - an identity. Some of our venerable founding fathers participated in a “tea party” but they certainly didn’t stop there and they didn’t find their identity in a single act.
In reality, if we were to have a –true- tea party, if we were to do something actually similar in weight to the founding patriot’s tea party, we would be mailing the IRS a tea bag –in lieu of – a tax return. I don’t think we quite measure up to that standard as of yet and the name is a little bit silly.

If the movement is going to serve as a GOP plumbing tool, I think it will be worthwhile. Great things are happening all over the country regardless of whether a movement officially incorporates.

I really like what Jim Demint is doing to financially support conservative candidates around the country by “money bombing” those conservatives who are running to unseat RINOs. That is powerful. It has certainly worked for Marco Rubio who is running against Charlie Crist in Florida.

If conservatives around the country unite to fund primary challengers of the biggest RINO incumbents, we will indeed take our party back. As I write this, I just heard the news that J.D. Hayworth is going to challenge John McCain.

I cannot WAIT to throw a few bucks in Hayworth’s campaign coffer. McCain, it is time to retire. Thank you for your “service”; now step aside. The next to go should be Lindsey Graham."
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