Thursday, October 11, 2012

The Most Bizarre Performance in Vice Presidential History: Ryan Wins

31 minutes into the debate and one thing is clear - Joe Biden’s behavior will appeal to the obnoxious who are already in his corner – but any decent person watching the circus environment of his creation - will recognize the absolutely sophomoric behavior for what it is.

Biden had his first strike against himself when he walked out on the stage with his face pulled so tight you could bounce a quarter off of it.  At first I asked my wife what Barbara Walters was doing on the stage. 

Biden’s non-stop, fake laughter was bizarre and painful to watch.  He is a caricature of a used car salesman.  I say caricature because it really is unfair to compare those hard working people to this buffoon.

EVERY SINGLE TIME that Paul Ryan began to make a cogent point, the shrill shill on the stage posing as a moderator interrupted “gentlemen, we have to move on”.  Biden was enabled in giving uninterrupted filibusters when he was asked a question.  Biden was uninterrupted because he was on the stage with an actual gentleman.  I cannot recall one time that Paul Ryan was allowed to make a single uninterrupted point when directly asked a question by the moderator.  It began to look obvious that there was collusion between her and the Obama administration.  We know that is the Chicago way and we know that the Obama press colludes as we have heard first hand on recorded conversations between poseurs from competing news agencies.

If this were the founding era, I highly doubt that Joe Biden would have ever made it to the station of US Senator.  Biden would have likely been mortally wounded or in prison as a result of the many duals in which he would have no doubt participated given his indefatigable pomposity.  This man would not last a day among gentlemen in an era where assaults against integrity were settled on the field of honor. 

To advise this individual against such juvenile behavior would be to cast a pearl before swine.  It is clear Joe Biden is not -nor has he ever been- a genteel man.  In the end, this was a clear victory for Paul Ryan because he maintained his composure, he was earnest and despite Biden being twice his age – Ryan was clearly the only serious adult on the stage.

Biden certainly fancies himself a thespian and he has NAILED the personality of one fictional movie character from a blockbuster film who immediately came to mind 5 minutes into the circus.  Watch and you will know who Biden was studying in preparation for this debate: Now please parson me as I feel I must take a shower after subjecting myself to the grotesque performance to which we were all subjected.

Friday, October 5, 2012

Only a Fringe Kook would Buy these OLabor Numbers

To the shock of very few, the Labor Department came out with some help for Barack Obama today.  (Not that the numbers are good but the degree of the move is dubious.)  Knowing how adroit Obama and his 3rd world administration are at using federal agencies to usurp power, they probably had these employment numbers planned as their "ace in the hole" long before the Wednesday night debate.   If Obama had performed competently in the debate, I have little doubt the numbers would have been calculated differently.

What fool wouldn't believe that this administration WOULD NOT cook the books to maintain power to finish their mission of destroying this nation?  Seriously.  Hey, what ever happened to that billion dollars of investor money Obama buddy Jon Corzine "misplaced"?  I doubt we'll ever know because the "JUSTICE" DEPARTMENT deemed the question of whether Corzine plundered the missing BILLION as irrelevant and decided not to pursue (former Goldman Sachs partner) Corzine.  No, federal O-agencies like Justice and the Labor Department are impenetrable to partisanship.

• Of course they manufactured the numbers. They lie about everything else. They sell arms to drug cartels. They apologize to terrorists who murder our ambassadors and blame it on our freedoms.

NOT to believe this administration had this data massaged would be akin to being a "kook" who is prone to conspiracy theory. Soviet style tactics are the norm for this cabal, although the kind of allegiance this would-be dictator elicits from the media in this country is enough to make even Vladimir Putin envious.

“Obama: Our greatest National Security Risk”

Saturday, September 15, 2012

Why Democrats Love Islam (and despise Christ)

What happens when millions of people live by the affirmative answer to the question - what would Muhammed do (WWMD):

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

The inexplicable betrayal of John Roberts

"Justice" John Roberts has secured his place in American infamy – on par with General Benedict Arnold. Arnold ended up being just as despised by the Britts after the war because he was a traitor nevertheless and history doesn't shine on traitors. I wonder if he is enjoying his 30 pieces of silver?

Some do not understand the degree of historical significance his betrayal of our constitution represents because they still resist embracing the broader context in which it occured. This is one integral piece of a large puzzle. The piece has a visible picture of its own but it also brings into clarity the larger overall picture. In order to understand the significance of John Roberts, one must be willing to admit what is CLEARLY the intent of Barack Obama – forcing secession upon the God fearing, freedom loving states. This Roberts decision could ultimately prove to be a major catalyst to secession because of the improbability of voters accomplishing everything necessary in order to successfully repeal this Marxist legislation.

My intent is not to discourage conservatives from doing everything we can to win the House, Senate and Executive branches. We must do everything we can to stop this through free elections. This is simply a statement of the obvious. Things are happening that cause me to believe that there is something greater at work here.

We are clearly not wrestling with flesh and blood. A dark cloud descended upon this nation in 2008. Our nation has for years been celebrating what God has warned are the very same abominations that led to the destruction of advanced civilizations throughout history. The nation is celebrating the sins of Sodom in media, entertainment and the public education system. (See the latest campaign for homosexuality with Anderson Cooper on the front page of all of the network publications.)

We sacrifice children as the Israelites in apostasy when many adopted the worship of an Ammonite “god” Molech.  (This led to God handing them over to their enemies.) We are consumed by addiction to drugs, alcohol, pornography and all forms of deviance. We have abandoned the foundation of civilization, the nuclear family, as we have emulated the lifestyles inculcated through Hollywood, Broadway and Madison Avenue.

What we witnessed from the Supreme Court led by John Roberts was inexplicably shocking because it defied all logic and expectations. It is beyond human logic because it is spiritual. I find myself reiterating this over and over. You CANNOT explain Barack Obama even being President right now until you admit that this is out of human control. The odds AGAINST his becoming President under the specific circumstances in which he did are beyond extraordinary and are in fact supernatural.

Shakespeare and Elvis once said "the world is a stage and each of us must play our parts". We are playing our parts and the story line is looking more and more like judgment. UNLESS this nation not only understands that this is spiritual, acknowledges our sins, repents of our sins and TURNS from our sins - that part we play WILL very soon end in destruction. Israel will be the last free nation while the "nations of the world gather against her" (as prophecy predicted thousands of years ago).

God has been patient while we have wallowed in our sins.  It may well be that we have already been handed over to our enemies while deluded into thinking we do not deserve it. We as Americans know ONE TUNE - and that is that we can always fight our way out of anything on our own strength and our own resolve “because we are Americans".  Many of us do not even know what that means anymore, beyond geography.

Remember how the God of Israel handed His chosen people into SLAVERY throughout history for sinning against Him repeatedly, despite His patience and warnings. It is delusional to think that He would -not- lift His hedge of protection upon the United States of America and grant us a similar fate when He disciplined Israel –his chosen people - in such a way.  We made a covenant with God in the Mayflower Compact (a compact that has been broken). Notwithstanding, that was OUR compact made to Him. It is not the equivalent of God’s ETERNAL covenant with Israel that God Himself initiated.  Despite God’s history of dealing with the "Apple of His eye" -Israel- and nations guilty of many abominations - should we really feel that we are so special as to warrant being the sole exception?

We are good at singing "God bless America" but we are now a nation that has rejected God and His Son Whom He sent. We have rejected the God who blessed this nation for 236 years.

The decision of Roberts again demonstrates the authority and total control that God has at all times.  Throughout scripture we can see examples of God intervening and it isn't always pleasant for His bride, especially when she plays the harlot.  Sometimes he hardens the hearts of the enemies of His children. God sent Moses to be His vessel in delivering His children out of Egypt after generations of enslavement. God sent plague after plague into Egypt. After each plague we read in the scripture - "then God HARDENED THE PHARAOH'S HEART". Have you ever asked yourself the question - WHY did the same God who made it clear He was going to –deliver- Israel harden Pharaoh’s heart?

This demonstration of his absolute sovereignty in the affairs of men causes me to think about what has happened in the case of Roberts. God demonstrates his power throughout His word by blinding eyes and hardening hearts when He sees fit. Even when we have free elections there seems to be a visible demonstration of mass blindness, hysteria and delusions among the people. We saw it in 2008 with Obama and in the 2012 primary season with the nomination of the ONE REPUBLICAN GOVERNOR in all of America who inoculates Obama on that single mandate issue. I was dumbfounded as I continually tried to discuss this with Republican friends I have known for years. I had written over those months about the fact that this is spiritual. NOW, after this decision, when the ONLY way to reverse Obamacare aside of secession is through election, our Republican nominee is the one person in the nation with the least amount of credibility on this issue.

We are in grave danger because we cannot admit the supernatural nature of what we are fighting. Christians in this nation focus on specific scriptures that make them feel invincible - while ignoring the larger context. It would be nice if we were invincible but after what I have seen in this new millennium, I for one simply do not believe it anymore.

He doesn’t care about state’s rights. He doesn’t care about OUR Constitution. The principles of that document were based upon HIS constitution. His constitution is pure love and holiness, the only constitution that lives for eternity, the only constitution against which the gates of hell itself will NOT prevail. He is the Alpha and the Omega, the beginning and the end, the first and the last, the Great “I AM”.  He is the only hope we have.

This nation has had two “Great Awakenings” in our history, going back to the 18th century. Another Great Awakening is our only hope. Yet the palpable evil permeating the air and what we are seeing globally leads me to believe that the third Great Awakening may not occur until Christ Himself returns on a white horse presumably at a place called Meggido.

Until then, we must do everything we can and hope that we can stave this off.  My ultimate point is that if we think we are going to beat back the cunning craftiness of the gates of Hell itself, it cannot and will not be accomplished through economic discourse or libertarian philosophy.  It will only succeed by God's divine intervention as it did in our first revolution.  It helps to embrace the fact that no matter how this ends, if you are reconciled with Christ, you will prevail with Him.

I have elaborated on the transparent desire of this president to force secession since 2007 when he began his first presidential campaign.  Following is a video with a little more elaboration on that matter.

Friday, June 22, 2012

Obama to Spin Amnesty as his "Emancipation Proclamation"

While President Obama creates fresh wounds and opens the old, he continues to engage in his multi-year attempt to build perception of a Lincolnesque equivalence to his perverse activities and policies. He has many up his sleeve but what is the latest? Recently Barack Obama declared that illegal aliens under 30 will not be deported but instead be given work permits. In his deluded mind, this declaration of amnesty for approximately 800 thousand illegal aliens is his historic version of Lincoln’s "emancipation proclamation”.

Of course it is a preposterous correlation to draw: The Africans were a people brought here on slave ships and forced to work for no pay –while the illegal aliens are people who violated our laws, sneaking in here illegally and taking jobs from legal citizens by doing the work "under the table" for lower wages. Absurd though such a comparison is, absurdity is the specialization of the left and you can expect their enchanted media tools to advance it in their usual orgasmic fashion.

Up to this point their strategy has worked on over 40 percent of Americans. The prescription is simple: Think of the most ridiculously imbalanced version of truth one can make about any issue and then advance it personally as fact. Then reiterate it through school teachers, imitation journalists, musicians and actors. It has been a raging success when employed against a nation that draws its very meaning of existence from the entertainment complex.

In examining the strategy of Obama sculpting this Lincoln comparison to himself for the past decade of his political career, it is important to distinguish the key differences in the fundamental world-views of the two presidents to truly appreciate what a complete mockery it represents. Some conservatives generously afford Obama this comparison because in their minds “Lincoln was a usurper… a hypocrite… a racist…”

Due to sloppy historians, many use Lincoln's statements about his reluctance to personally free the slaves in order to erroneously imply that he was really a pro-slavery racist. It is true that Lincoln did not want to emancipate the slaves but did so reluctantly as a desperate political method to win the Civil War. The main reason he waited until it was his last resort was that he always intended as did our founding fathers - for CONGRESS to do it – and they later did. This is a paradox that some do not understand about Lincoln. He at certain times violated the constitution, in order to ostensibly “save” the constitution.

Obviously - it is never a good idea to allow a President to make himself a pseudo-dictator in order to "save the constitution". As we have seen with Barack Obama, if the people allow usurpers enough slack, it will eventually will go the other way when the usurper is one who despises the values upon which we were founded. It only worked out with Lincoln because the short lived President happened to be a temporary "benevolent dictator" who truly wanted to restore the constitution (not reshape it). Divine Providence allowed it to work at that unique time in our history.

Barack Obama has been the exact opposite. Similar to the way Lucifer has a counterfeit for everything, all the way to the Antichrist of prophecy - Obama is proving to be the “Anti-Lincoln”. While Lincoln made his proclamation to help END a Civil War that he never wanted - Obama has made his proclamation to help START a Civil War that he has likely ALWAYS wanted since his precarious childhood.

Obama has on rare occasion paid lip service to constitutional principles – but does so to build an air of credibility in order that the gullible will remain in denial regarding his intent to destroy the constitution. (A case in point is his -past claims in speeches- that “unfortunately” he could not just make declarations because that is “not how our system works”.

(His contradicting statement is at the 15 min mark of this video)

An “emancipation proclamation” is how he will have his servants such as Andrea Mitchell and David Gregory spin this recent declaration. (They do not know it yet but their insipid minds may coin the phrase by the Fall election season without Obama having to spoon feed it to them.)

So what is his "end game"? Why does he continue to methodically manufacture these specious Lincoln "equivalencies"? When observed within the context of his agenda, this could reasonably be interpreted as ANOTHER part of the equation to eventually force secession and foment civil war. That is the pathway to anarchy, the forerunner to his apparent dream of despotism. Very few have the courage to draw the obvious conclusions but prefer to convince their selves that he is simply just another incompetent Jimmy Carter with benign intentions. Such denial is the reason why we have gotten to this unthinkable place.

The reason "Winning is NOT Enough" (the November election) is that if this administration is guilty of deliberately selling arms to drug lords in South America, then causing the death of law enforcement agents like Border Patrol Agent Brian Terry, they should be held criminally responsible for his murder. This cannot be forgotten.

As though selling arms to our enemies was not bad enough, before the whistle was blown this administration had been BLAMING this debacle on our constitution - while KNOWING they themselves were the culprits. The -exploitation- of the death they seemingly caused and used to buttress their public attack on our constitution and second amendment rights is arguably treasonous. For that reason I believe charges of treason for this crime alone is a justifiable pursuit in the court of law.

In a case of such magnitude it is not enough to make someone a laughing stock or to exact revenge. That would make it personal. The consistent penalty for treason is not revenge but rather essential to deter future would-be traitors. NOT to pursue a penalty with the greatest gravity is to endanger the lives and freedom of millions to come.

The Fast and Furious case stands on its own but considering the totality of Obama's portfolio, it becomes extremist -NOT- to conclude his agenda is to destroy our nation from within and quite possibly with the help of external forces in Russia.

His latest assault on the constitution by declaration of amnesty is one of many examples that demonstrate a consistent pattern of treachery. The Administration’s leaks of national security secrets endanger the lives of our military personnel in order to generate propaganda for his re-election. These recent leaks demonstrate what may be another self-contained crime.

The administration through Holder suing the states to prevent them from enforcing federal election laws to simply prevent voter fraud demonstrates a clear motive to wreck the efficacy of free elections.

The administration through Holder suing states for attempting to enforce federal laws protecting our borders again verifies their clear agenda to destroy the security of our republic, not just by hurting our economy but also making it plausible for Al Qaeda to sneak nuclear “dirty bombs” into our country with the assistance of the drug cartels running rampant on the border. It makes it all the simpler for terrorists and any form of Trojan horse to be welcomed in with the protection of Obama and Holder.

Since Obama has essentially eliminated our space program and our supremacy beyond our atmosphere, we now have to "hitch a ride with the Russians” to get NASA astronauts into space. Although this was done under the guise of cost cutting, it begs the question of whether his actual agenda was to make us all the more vulnerable to Russia, especially given his public subordination to Putin. Cuban missile crisis??? You haven't seen ANYTHING. The Russians and the Chinese could have nuclear missiles hovering over us in lower orbit, which is about 100 miles above us, roughly the distance of Cuba from Florida. We wouldn’t KNOW it – nor would we have the capability to do anything about it if one day they decide to give us a demo.

I have no doubt that Obama would surrender the “football” under such circumstances, giving the enemy the keys to the kingdom. If that happened, I would have no reason –not- to suspect that this was part of the plan all along. It may seem extreme by itself but when you zoom out and examine the entire diversified portfolio of Obama’s treacherous policies, the puzzle starts to take on the appearance of a more complete picture.

It is of utmost importance that congress pursues these cases with vigilance and to take them as far as we can possibly go – and connect ALL of the dots by interpreting them in the context of one agenda that leads to one man. It is of equal importance that we win seats in the Senate as virtually all Democrats in the Senate have proven to be loyal to Obama over the US constitution they too despise.

It is not enough to simply weaken the administration if they are guilty of these crimes. The punishment upon conviction must be the greatest extent prescribed by our founding fathers for the protection of ourselves and our posterity. We have no right to do otherwise.

When viewing all of his separate acts of effrontery as a collage, the picture appears all the more dangerous to our nation. My guess is that ultra-private Blackberry Obama insisted upon having when he took office, something unprecedented by any US President – would hold the most damning of evidence. No doubt he would claim “executive privilege” if that piece of technology were subpoenaed.

Monday, May 14, 2012

Obama to Black Pastors: Choose You This Day Whom ye will Serve

After making his historic remarks on same-sex unions last week, President Barack Obama led a conference call with black church pastors to explain his support for gay marriage, the New York Times reported that the call was held with "eight or so African-American ministers.

"They were wrestling with their ability to get over his theological position," the Rev. Delman Coates, a Maryland pastor who was on the call, told the Times.

The title of the article was "Obama calls pastors to explain gay marriage support; black churches ‘conflicted’

"Conflicted"?  There really is no reason to be conflicted.  They either believe the Bible and the tenets of the faith to which they claim - or they don't.  It is decision time -  God or mammon.  They may not vote Republican but Barack Obama and the entire Democrat party unequivocally represent the WORSE of all evils and cannot be a justifiable choice for -anyone- who purports to be a disciple of Jesus Christ.

The ramifications of what we are seeing are staggering as not only are homosexuals winning state by state the "right" to pervert the God ordained institution of marriage, through the legalized ADOPTION of children, they are increasingly violating the morals of innocent children by indoctrinating them into the destructive and deadly lifestyle of Homosexuality. 

This I pose to these African American pastors around the country who are charged with extra responsibility by virtue of their priesthood. 

Jesus specifically stated in Matthew 18:6 "but if anyone causes one of these little ones who believe in me to sin, it would be better for him to have a large millstone hung around his neck and to be drowned in the depths of the sea."

I have no doubt that this pearl of truth will fall upon deaf ears when it is cast before self aggrandizing charlatans
like Al Sharpton.  This is for the serious pastors who may have been exploited but do not regard their station in the body of Christ as a vehicle of extortion or political stepping stone.  The choice is the stepping stone and the millstone or obedience to God.
It has already required a blind eye to 50 million brutally murdered babies.  The compromise of baby's blood for affirmative action is as bad as it gets.  We just have to hope that perhaps this most glaring new addition to the (D) stable of abominations before God may serve as a wake-up call.
It just doesn't cut it to contend that "(R) is worse then (D)" simply because conservatives believe it is the responsibility of individuals and the Church, not the coercion of centralized government to help the poor. 

Tell God that it is justified supporting the party whose PRIMARY agenda is the killing 50 million + babies, removing God from every public discourse, abrogating our freedom of worship and desecrating the God ordained institution of marriage for 30 pieces of silver. 

Woe betide those who rub this in the face of the God to Whom they purport to follow while giving approbation to such abominations as embodied by this emissary of Satan himself in the United States.  Last week I expounded upon this situation in more depth in the following video commentary:

Wednesday, May 9, 2012

The "Great Emancipator" of Sodom

According to an article I read at Yahoo News, Fox anchor Shepard Smith has warned the GOP not to be “on the wrong side of history”.

Many have long suspected that Shepard Smith is flaming gay; so this contention is hardly an objective opinion. America is committing suicide and the Saboteur @ 1600 supports ANYTHING and everything that assures our destruction...

This is all part of his plan from the very beginning - to foment secession. As from day one of his first political campaign, he has outrageously tried to purport himself as the second Lincoln by constantly quoting Lincoln by applying his words in ways that are outrageous, campaigning before banners bearing Lincoln's image in front of the Illinois State House, being sworn in on Lincoln's Bible, having the same menu served in his inauguration dinner as Lincoln had served.

This is not by coincidence.  He has worked hard to give his useful idiots in the media, plenty of material with which to draw their ridiculous comparisons - once he succeeds in his ultimate goal of tearing this nation apart.

I guess the abomination of it will be the comparison of the egregious institution of slavery and all the evils concurrent with slavery - comparing it to the "plight" of the homosexual, who subsequently has more wealth than the average American and exceeds the median income.

The question is HOW the African American can allow themselves to be exploited in this manner by allowing this audacious man to imply that having a penchant for the act of sodomy is akin to being born from African ancestry. I elaborated more upon this important topic today in the following video commentary:
Barack Obama has seized upon yet another opportunity to divide and further attack the family unit and promote the destruction of our foundation in his endorsement of homosexual “marriage” today.

This move reminds me of my prediction in my November 17, 2008 column: 

“We knew Abraham Lincoln; Abe Lincoln was the father of our Party; President Elect Obama, you're no Abraham Lincoln.”
“…What I expect to see over the next 4-8 years: As usually happens with centralized government, I expect agencies given far reaching powers for reasons that were compelling when initially established – to be used for purposes other than those for which they were intended.

Specifically, I expect that under Obama, Pelosi and Reed, it is only a matter of time before the DEPARTMENT OF HOMELAND SECURITY is used to fight the newly defined “terrorism”. The new terrorism will not be of the Islamic variety but rather Judeo-Christian “hate speech” about something called “sin” and the audacious notion of there being only “one way to God”.

You are seeing portents of things to come as in the case of those homosexual activists in California attacking an elderly lady, throwing her cross on the ground and stepping on it. You may see that as a radical prediction but I assure you that although the Democrat representatives and the activist judges with whom they will stack the deck are more clandestine in their attacks but every bit as hostile. Their coming legislation, executive orders and verdicts will be far more dangerous than a militant protestor holding a sign in the streets of San Francisco."

Friday, May 4, 2012

Mark Zuckerberg: The Next Steve Jobs or the Next Steve Case?

Remember before the meltdown of 2007, the private equity bubble was in full-force. Right at pinnacle, just after the eagerly awaited and hyped Blackstone Group IPO came out and enriched those chop shop execs, then to call what followed a "POP" would be an understatement. We could see that here with Facebook. I certainly wouldn't buy until a while after the IPO and would even buy some Puts on it.

When this many people are talking about the IPO, I would not be long IN THE SECONDARY MARKET. If you can get some in the Primary and are not restricted from selling, you will make some money off of the frenzy of course. That's what this road show is all about. The fact they are doing this roadshow demonstrates they really want to hype the stock.

Enough people KNOW about it and have long known about the IPO to SUPPORT the deal. THIS show is to HYPE the deal beyond what is necessary; so unless this company performs some miracles, there are going to be some pissed off dupes and law suits to boot.

I'm not convinced that 500 million+ subscribers translates into the earnings and growth necessitated by this market cap. The old phone book had virtually everybody signed up too but that didn't mean they were making aggressive profits by virtue of that fact. They make their money by advertising and that just further dilutes the pie shared with Google and many others. I don't see them growing that pie by much.

Given Zuckerberg's history and law-suits settled for essentially "stealing" the model from some fellow college students, I don't know that we are dealing with the next Steve Jobs or Bill Gates. I say that Zuckerberg has a much better shot at being the next Steve Case than the next Steve Jobs. But even AOL always had paying subscribers from the beginning.

The best thing Facebook could do is to use that stock as a currency and buy as many companies with patents, subscribers, content and cash-flow while they can. The strategy didn't work so well for AOL as most of those acquired companies have long since been spun off. But it has worked for Google so far. It's all about synergies and whether your leader has the competency to execute the integration.

Friday, April 27, 2012

NEW Strong Buy Rating affirmed on Daktronics Inc. (DAKT)

Since launching this website in 2008 I have been committed to providing timely recommendations to my readers when extraordinary value is presented in the financial market. The following video illustrates why I am exuberant over the compelling value of one particular company.

We post ALL recommendations at Third party websites where they are Time-Stamped verified and cannot be tampered with after submitting. (The link below includes all recommendations made at since inception in June 2008 htp:// ). It is followed by my video commentary explaining my latest STRONG BUY rating on Daktronics Inc. (DAKT).

Under Armour (UA): 2/23/2009 closing price: $14.12

Today’s close: $97.59   + 691%

Ebay (EBAY): 2/23/2009 closing price: $11.53

Today’s close: $41.05    +356%

Tuesday Morning (TUES): 2/23/2009 closing price: .98 (cents) per share
Today’s close: $4.05    +413%

Daktronics (DAKT): 2/23/2009 closing price: $7.81 per share
Today’s Close:  $8.22      +5%       (with dividend yield of over 6%)                                               

Click Here to read the specific analysis on each company.

September 27, 2011 Recommendations:
Source: "An ideal allocation for a dismal Economy"
by Scott Ryan
 Select Sector SPDR Utilities ETF (Symbol: XLU) yielding over 4%.
9/27/2011 closing  price: $33.80
Today’s closing price: $35.49    +5%  (plus 4% dividend yield)

Microsoft (MSFT)
September 27, 2011 closing price: $25.67
Today’s closing price: $32.11    +25% (plus 3% dividend yield locked in at the 9/27/2012 price)

All investing involves risk.  Without knowing your specific asset allocation, age, goals, risk tolerance and other factors about your specific life situations, I do not recommend that any specific investor make a decision to invest solely on the fact that I am invested in Daktronics.  Take your normal precautions.

Thursday, April 26, 2012

Is Murdoch the GOP-Elite’s version of George Soros?

Rupert Murdoch is accused of manipulating the political process of numerous nations including the US. Every American has the right to lobby Congress and participate in the political system. But Murdoch –through ownership of prestigious outlets like the Wall Street Journal and Fox News- has the advantage of -creating- news and massaging the perceptions of tens of millions of unsuspecting viewers so they will think what he wants them to think and in turn vote how he wants them to vote despite all of the evidence of what they are doing clearly contradicting all of their professed principles!

Now THAT my friends is POWER. What a clandestine way to achieve an agenda!  It reminds me of the expression "it's nice work, if you can get it".  It must be nice to be a puppet master.  Why lobby the government like the rest of the serfs when you can OWN it outright?

The evidence suggests that his methods are very similar to George Soros. The end results for which they work are one and the same. Both are Islam coddling globalists who apparently want to rule the world – and will destroy anyone who dares to get in their way. Mitt Romney is the quintessential example of Murdoch’s masterful work and will be ideal for compromising America’s sovereignty. With Puppet masters like Soros on the left and Murdoch on the “right” (a misperception), the globalists can’t lose.

This week, according to Newsmax .com, Rupert Murdoch was "grilled" by the Leveson Inquiry on his relationship with British politicians, a key question thrown up by the phone hacking scandal at his now-defunct News of the World tabloid. Revelations of widespread illegal behavior at the top-selling Sunday newspaper rocked Britain's establishment with evidence of media misdeeds, police corruption, and too-cozy links between the press and politicians.

Buffeted by the scandal, Cameron called for a public inquiry into media ethics, a move some observers said had angered Murdoch and prompted him to seek revenge on the prime minister and his party. It looks like a pattern for Murdoch as Newscorp subsidiary Fox News has worked feverishly over the past year to systematically destroy the reputation of every single frontrunner in the GOP primary including Rick Perry, Michelle Bachman, Herman Cain, Newt Gingrich and Rick Santorum.

It really begs the question of whether Fox News executives and their employed Romney mouth pieces were working in collusion with Mitt Romney and his Super Pacs throughout the year as the “news” network reported with implied legitimacy, the distorted themes against each conservative, one by one until each conservative was viewed the liberal in the race instead of Romney.

It smacks of collusion when any rational human ponders the question of HOW the news network could have omitted material facts about Mitt Romney’s literal creation of the Massachusetts entitlement known by few as it was proudly titled “Wheels for Welfare”. The entitlement nearly bankrupted the state and had to be scrapped by Senator Scott Brown and Romney’s Democrat Executive successor as it unprecedentedly provided free automobiles, free auto repairs, free auto insurance and even free AAA memberships as welfare benefits in Massachusetts.

If that albatross had been reported as relevant news by Fox, it could rightly have stopped the Romney campaign in its tracks early on in the primary season and would have certainly buried any other candidate with less favorability among the executives of the most highly rated news network in America.

It smacks of collusion when any rational human ponders the question of WHY the news network chose to omit critical information that proved that Mitt Romney repeatedly lied in each GOP debate about the fact that Mitt not only supported the individual mandate at the federal level, he wrote a USA Today Op-Ed in which he boasted about the virtues of the mandate and advised Romney to consider adopting it – before Obamacare was passed into law.

When considering the accusations of tampering with politicians that Murdoch is facing in the British Parliament and considering the hacking scandal that led to the forced resignation of his son James, it suggests a pattern. Some of the accusations are linked to Murdoch’s desire to complete his failed attempt to fully acquire BSkyB, the satellite provider.

There were “side conversations” taking place with government officials regarding the desired acquisition which was dependent upon regulatory approval. Perhaps Murdoch is looking for favorable Justice Department approval of future US acquisitions. It certainly wouldn’t hurt Murdoch to have the debt of gratitude of his manufactured candidate over the Justice Department.

Even though Murdoch might have the right to buy whatever news organization or satellite provider he wants, that would not give Newscorp the right to manipulate the entire US primary election to achieve that end result. As the Newsmax article stated “Revelations of widespread illegal behavior at the top-selling Sunday newspaper rocked Britain's establishment with evidence of media misdeeds, police corruption, and too-cozy links between the press and politicians.”

“Rupert Murdoch rejected accusations on Wednesday that he used his vast media empire to play puppet master…”

For Fox News to have simply overlooked the salient news regarding Romney, who benefited from strategic placement for the past year as the generic GOP candidate - in most Fox Polls that gauged Obama’s standing – it is simply too much of a willful suspension of disbelief to assume as they wish us - to accept the notion that no meetings took place among Fox executives and within the news room in which they made a unified decision to omit material facts regarding Romney’s lies, smears and liberal policies.

It would appear that since most conservatives relied upon Fox News to set the tone and inform them of relevant news regarding each candidate in the primary – it would appear that Fox News may have breached their fiduciary obligations to Newscorp shareholders by recklessly endangering the reputation of the news network for the sake of Murdoch’s and perhaps their own moderate preferences.

It begs the question of how much communication and possible coordination took place between the Romney campaign and Rupert Murdoch. This 100% fits the narrative of the alleged scandalous behavior of which Newscorp and Murdoch stand accused for monetary purposes in Britain. One thing is for certain, important people are –resigning- their positions including British government officials and Murdoch’s own son James.

If the questions all of these patterns beg have any merit, careers should end at Fox News over this matter.    Are there any authentic news organizations left to launch a credible investigation – that are not already run by a handful of elite puppet masters?

My guess is that not enough people care.  It's easier to remain a puppet and be willfully bamboozled.  There's a reason why "value meals" are so popular at fast food restaurants.  People are too lazy to conduct meaningful due diligence .  They want someone else to do their thinking and to give them a few simple choices.  That has created a window of opportunity for globalists like Soros and Murdoch since freedom cannot be maintained by such intellectually indolent people.

More on this in the following video:
Read more: Read more on Rupert Murdoch Denies Seeking Political Favors as Hunt Aide Quits
Read more: Rupert Murdoch: I Have No Anger at David Cameron

Thursday, April 19, 2012

TAKEN: America's Great Spiritual Leaders. Who & What will Replace Them?

It seems as though I was wrong in my assumption that "the support of Christians is not something that can be brokered". Unless - we are wrong about what it means to -BE- a Christian.

For the past several years of America’s decline, I have seen world events through a different prism. It is as though world events contain clear symbolism. It is as though God is warning us but we are not listening.

We were founded on Christian principles. The Bible itself is quoted in our founding documents more than Montesquieu, Blackstone or Lock. Yet the Republican Party – in a time when it has a choice between a Christian and a cultist - is favoring for its leader, a candidate who has sworn to uphold the false doctrines of a cult whose founder waged war on the founding principles of the United States and 2000 years of Christian doctrine itself.

I commented to my wife several months ago about how God had –suddenly- taken some of the greatest public defenders of our Christian heritage right BEFORE the onset of mass delirium in 2008. I was referring to D. James Kennedy and Jerry Falwell. I was a BIG admirer of Dr. Kennedy since I was a young man of age 19. I was not particularly a huge fan of Falwell; however, I had great appreciation for his work in the political sphere. Also around that time, Dr. James Dobson suffered a stroke and had been effectively removed from the ministry and public square. Dr. Dobson is a precious man of God and this generation is in great need of his type of faith, courage and character.

A short time later - the would be dictator Barack Hussein Obama was handed permission to destroy our constitution by a nation falling headlong into degeneracy.

NOW, we see that ANOTHER of the greats being removed from this lost nation in this time of coming tribulation. I am referring to Charles Colson, who is said to be on his death bed as I write this.

Friends, these are people who have all been removed in a time when we need such leaders like never before. And what has replaced them? The pastor of the largest church in the United States is more like a game show host. He refuses to acknowledge anything as sin when put on the spot during his media interviews to promote his books. He makes a fortune on books about SELF – like “Your Best Life Now” and “Every Day a Friday” - to a nation so depressed it is addicted to prescription and other forms of drugs to cover up its feeling of emptiness.

Another of the most popular pastors in America is out coddling Islam and allegedly declaring that Islam and Christianity “worship the same God”. Then we have the “Emerging Church” that teaches that nobody ends up in Hell the corollary of which is that sin doesn't exist; hence, we can do whatever we please.

This isn’t “special revelation”. The confluence of evidence looks as though we are being left with a church that is rich in money and poor in substance. The current church – which has left the door wide open to all forms of false teachings (about which Christ and his Apostles warned us would happen) – is becoming a church that caters to our narcissistic propensities and is ripe to accept the Antichrist himself.

For the past few years I have found myself looking in my spare time for an escape with my wife and our young son into classic films and television shows and vacations to historical places. It seems that only in such places are there remnants where we can see evidence of an era of America's God fearing decency complete with aged brick buildings, town squares, gazebos , tall church steeples and white picket fences. I reminisce of the paintings of Norman Rockwell that demonstrated the greatness of the American dream when the family unit was still intact.

This April 2012 America lost a great artist, Thomas Kinkade, who was ridiculed by the so-called artists of this generation and the critics who spoke of his work in disdain. I dare assert that his work was rejected by people of the same spirit as those who mock the very decency and values for which we so long. It was those values that created such high demand for the work of Kinkade while he was still alive and even more so now that he is gone from us.

Although "chiaroscuro" (an Italian term meaning light-dark") was a technique within the work of Renaissance painters, it aptly describes Kinkade's work in the sense that his paintings were a masterful work of physical and spiritual light in an age of moral, spiritual and political depravity. His life might seem a paradox in the way it ended as he was depressed and prone to drinking, which is partially attributed to his untimely death. However, the same could be said for all of our lives at one time or another. He was known as the "Painter of Light" - and that he was.

An era is passing and the potential significance of those who are being taken at this time of great need is chilling.  Their untimely departure from what could befall us may be a blessing to them and something entirely different for America depending upon the path we take at this critical juncture.

It is time to ponder the question of what this means to America. It is time to ask the question - what did they stand for? It is time to ask the question - whose values will replace them? Will they be the values upon which this nation was founded? Will our foundation be upon the solid rock of Christ Jesus, the Third Person of the Trinity, the Alpha and the Omega, the Beginning and the End, the First and the Last - the ONE true God of Abraham, Issac and Jacob?

That is the ONLY hope for America - not money, not the clever tactics of the elite - and not an individual.

Friday, April 13, 2012

Rosen V. Romney is an orchestrated DISTRACTION

Bill O’Reilly & Charles Krauthammer were discussing the “Buffet Rule” which most everyone knows is the premise for Obama’s tax raising campaign on the wealthy.  Republicans know that he is using this admittedly useless endeavor to foment class warfare. 

Krauthammer did a capable job explaining how 250 years worth of this additional tax would only amount to about one year of the current deficit spending.  He explained that this is pure demagoguery (as we all know) and he added that “demagoguery works.”

I will add that the reason why these trivial distractions work is because most people do not pay attention long enough to make a logical deduction.  They take the emotionally charged summary that is handed to them and they never learn important things like the actual SIZE of the deficit and national debt.  They never care to learn HOW MUCH REVENUE the policy will generate. 

That is also the same reason why the GOP establishment is routinely effective in bamboozling the conservative majority of the party and consistently stealing the nomination despite being a 35% minority.

The case in point is this claptrap about some women named Rosen claiming that “Ann Romney never worked a day in her life”.  It is revealing of their view of stay at home moms but this is nothing new.  The left have revealed this a thousand times over.  I am seeing this story being perpetuated at virtually every “conservative” website on the Internet and as you can see I don’t even know the women’s first name because I refuse to get caught up in this.  I know what I know based upon the headlines that flood my inbox.  

This story is benign compared to the affronts of this administration and I refuse to let it distract me from the duty of pointing to the political suicide being foisted upon us.  The timing of this betrays a tactic to create an emotional narrative for everyone to coalesce around Mitt Romney as though he is already our nominee.  It detracts from the fact that there is a critical primary campaign taking place and that half of the nation has not yet had their say in this election.  Fox News once again is shaping the conversation and is manipulating the nation to deprive the remaining states of their vote.

For the Republicans who are true conservatives tempted to once again fall in line because you don’t have the energy to fight or look at the consequences - let me tell you EXACTLY what this is.  This is a transparent DECOY to get the “fatigued” (as they describe you) to feel good about yourselves as though you fought a noble fight but just couldn’t quite make it.  It is a decoy to lull you to sleep so that despite there being a PRIMARY going on, you can give into the brain snatchers and join them in their milquetoast state of intellect.

At this exact juncture in which I write this, Sean Hannity is leading with this Rosen v Romney tripe.  It is really sad that in this time where our Republic is falling apart more by the day, these drones are pushing a candidate who NEEDS a decoy to keep people from focusing on his record.

I’m now even seeing evidence of the sell-out on some of the Christian websites.  Everybody gather around on this key issue about Romney’s wife!  Let’s use this as ether to numb the internal pain of knowing that we are too cowardice, too damned lazy to fight for a REAL conservative candidate who has a chance to defeat the liberal Obama.  Let us draw you in and unite the party under this colossal issue.  GO ANN ROMNEY!  The more we talk about you, the less we have to worry about your impetuous husband gift wrapping the Democrats with his next verbal gaffe.

This Rosen v Romney distraction will be forgotten long before the general election as Obama has already distanced himself from her.  Because it is so formulaic, it is not far-fetched to reason that the Obama administration threw Romney this bone as it does no harm to him and they could easily have intended it for the purpose it seems to serve, a distraction to buttress the glass jaw candidate Axelrod has been on record before the primary as coveting as Obama’s “opposition”. 

My purpose here is to wake up those who are being seduced.  Let us not join the trite.  The temptation is to relent to the desires of the “moderate” herd just as we did with their “come-back kid” John McCain.  Every election we are told by the minority that THIS TIME if we do not plug our noses and vote for the candidate with whom they bamboozled us, we will be finished.  The reason WHY we will be finished is because we listen to these traitors.  

Conservatives stand strong.  Do not believe these propagandists at Fox and organizations who perpetuate this prosaic nonsense.  You have nothing to lose by voting for Newt in the primary and taking this to a brokered convention.  In fact, this is our last chance to win.  We will vote the GOP down ticket. We will work harder than ever to strengthen our state legislatures.  But under no circumstance will we enable these manipulators and validate their destructive methods of lies and deceit by playing their game. 

If they nominate Romney they will whine and throw their fits when they see we are finished being their personal “prison punks”.  They will try to blame –us- for Obama’s re-election.  But the fact is that a compulsive lair whose distinctions from Obama are trivial at best cannot beat Obama with or without us.    

THIS IS NO TIME TO GET DISCOURAGED OR TO CAPITULATE. We conservatives MUST stand behind Newt now and send him a check. I know times are tough financially but let us reach down deep and pay off that $4 million debt Newt’s campaign owes so that he is not dependent upon the establishment to make concessions.
Let’s “money bomb” Newt. If we have to hold garage sales or bake sales for Newt to STOP the liberal Romney from BUYING this election with the help of his sleaze bombs and Fox News – LET’S DO IT! YOUR COUNTRY IS WORTH THE SACRIFICE.
I am going to set an example right now and start this money bomb set for next Wednesday (April 18th). I am hereby listing this autographed, notarized Devin Hester High School Football card on ebay - and am pledging 100% of the proceeds to Newt Gingrich’s Presidential campaign.
I will donate the proceeds to Newt immediately after receipt of payment to my PayPal account after the auction closes on Wednesday, April 18th and will post the receipt at
I am encouraging all conservatives to do the same and notify us with a link to what YOU are selling in the comment section below this column to support Newt so that we can bid on YOUR item.
It is time to show the RINO establishment what we are made of. Suck it up; send Newt some cash or pledge the proceeds of your own item on ebay so NEWT does not depend on the RNC and Romney to get out of debt.This is truly a GRASS ROOTS EFFORT in the way elections SHOULD be decided.Spread the message LIKE NEVER BEFORE and let us shock the world.

Thursday, April 12, 2012

See the Liar Romney Defend the Mandate BEFORE Obama was even Elected!

Whoa Nellie! Where did THIS come from? We know about Romney’s OP-ED 3 years ago advising Obama on the individual mandate. But here he is fighting Fred Thompson over it in the 2008 primaries!

Not only does this video illustrate Romney advocating the federal mandate in 2008, it even shows a DNC COMMERCIAL calling Romney a HEALTHCARE HYPOCRITE! That was even BEFORE Obama won the election. This is surreal!

The Fox News network, with its deep bench of producers, associate producers and “investigative journalists” didn’t have access to these video clips? Of course they did. The truth is that this is about as scandalous as the Machiavellianism their sister company Sky News engaged in their phone tapping/hacking scandal that caused Rupert Murdoch’s son James to resign in humiliation.

Fox news apparently sat on these clips as though they didn’t exist – just as they CONCEALED the fact they damned well knew – that Mitt Romney repeatedly lied to us and his challengers about his supporting the mandate throughout the debates.

What we have here is an explanation of why David Axelrod and other top Obama operatives were publicly stating they want to face Mitt Romney in the primaries. It also explains why they CEASED saying it during the primary season and changed their stories to claims of salivating over the prospect of facing a CONSERVATIVE like Rick or Newt.

It is hard to believe that the people at Fox actually believed the liberals were genuinely advising us out of their altruism on which candidate should become our nominee. After watching in awe as Fox repeated the exact same tactics they employed during the 2008 primaries, giving us John McCain and electing Barack Obama, it is valid to question whether they want Barack Obama to win re-election for the sake of their ratings. In 2008 their methods were so destructive they had to buy good will from the Christian Right by giving Mike Huckabee a television show. The payoff was transparent. You would think they would learn a lesson if their goal was actually to stop Obama.

We have an important battle to quell the effects of Fox’s deception this time because they are succeeding in convincing viewers that the primary is over. We are already seeing some of the Christian websites publish columns that are attempting to get us to rally around Mitt Romney.

A recent example is one at titled “Santorum – Romney’s Bridge”.

They are ostensibly “going to bat for us” by suggesting that Romney needs to get Santorum on board in order to win –us- over. This is offensive to the core as some Christian leaders and organizations imply that the conviction of Christians is something they have the right to broker by way of proxy. I don’t remember signing any proxy statements. I didn’t support Santorum for Vice President, a cabinet position or a prime slot at the convention.

Rick Santorum lost his seat in the Senate partly because he angered conservatives by backing Arlen Specter over Pat Toomey. If Santorum were to repeat that same mistake and back Romney over Newt – conservatives will never support him again and he will be finished. I do not expect that he will but it doesn’t hurt to put this out there because you know they must be bribing him hard.

It is our job conservatives to express our position to these publications and to notify our family, friends and all Republican voters in our sphere of influence that this race is not over. I would like Newt or Rick to be the nominee but even if we get another acceptable candidate out of a brokered convention – we will have a chance.

We have seen in the video above that Romney has come this far ONLY BECAUSE we have been duped by the lies of Mitt Romney and the scandalous behavior of another News Corp organization.

It is time for a CONSERVATIVE television news network because conservative in the context of today is a misnomer for TRUTH. There is nothing conservative about truth – and there is no need to “balance” it with lies and stupidity. That’s another column.

THIS IS NO TIME TO GET DISCOURAGED OR TO CAPITULATE. We conservatives MUST stand behind Newt now and send him a check. I know times are tough financially but let us reach down deep and pay off that $4 million debt Newt’s campaign owes so that he is not dependent upon the establishment to make concessions.

Let’s “money bomb” Newt. If we have to hold garage sales or bake sales for Newt to STOP the liberal Romney from BUYING this election with the help of his sleaze bombs and Fox News – LET’S DO IT! YOUR COUNTRY IS WORTH THE SACRIFICE.

I am going to set an example right now and start this money bomb set for next Wednesday (April 18th). I am hereby listing this autographed, notarized Devin Hester High School Football card on ebay - and am pledging 100% of the proceeds to Newt Gingrich’s Presidential campaign.

I will donate the proceeds to Newt immediately after receipt of payment to my PayPal account after the auction closes on Wednesday, April 18th and will post the receipt at

I am encouraging all conservatives to do the same and notify us with a link to what YOU are selling in the comment section below this column to support Newt so that we can bid on YOUR item.

It is time to show the RINO establishment what we are made of. Suck it up; send Newt some cash or pledge the proceeds of your own item on ebay so NEWT does not depend on the RNC and Romney to get out of debt.This is truly a GRASS ROOTS EFFORT in the way elections SHOULD be decided.Spread the message LIKE NEVER BEFORE and let us shock the world.


Ann Coulter Romney or the Next Arianna Huffington?

I must admit that for a few years, mainly during the Slick Willie era, I was an admirer of Coulter. But as the years passed she began to resemble a women seduced by public adulation. Perhaps she spent too much time at the New York cocktail parties.

As most of us know, Ann is now the “Honorary Chairperson” of GoProud’s Advisory Council. Goproud is a national organization of “gay conservatives” and they claim that Coulter “has put them on the map”. Thanks Ann! You have really done so much to blur the line of distinction between the GOP & the DNC.

Perhaps just is bad is the fact that she is at the very least a personal friend and defender of Bill Maher, one of the best known antagonists to Christians and conservatives in the entire nation. She was recently on Sean Hannity’s show defending Maher as she spoke of how “funny” Maher is. She claims that we do not see the better sides of Maher because only his controversial comments make the headlines.

That Coulter has the audacity to defend Bill Maher as “very funny”- after he made fun of Rick Santorum’s sick child - is by itself all the evidence one needs to rightly conclude that this women has a glaring character flaw and is to conservatism what Benny Hinn is to Christendom.

Coulter praises Maher approximately 6 minutes into this interview with Hannity.

It is no surprise that she has sold out the 70% of the party who are conservatives in favor of her east coast liberal crush Mitt Romney. Let’s see how many books the 30% buy after the elections are over and they throw her away like a paid escort.

Many of the people who purchased Ann Coulter’s books and paid ridiculous quantities of cash for her to come out and speak were the pure conservatives of the Republican Party. I cannot imagine that she is going to be raking in the kind of money to which she has become accustomed.
At this point, if Coulter was the keynote speaker at a conservative event I attended, many conservatives would be more inclined to throw a pie in her face than to applaud her.

So Coulter is betting the farm and has tied her fortune to Mitt Romney winning the presidency. Now thanks to the pioneering of Mitt Romney, Barney Frank and Ted Kennedy in Massachusetts, we now have homosexual “marriage” being legalized across the blue states of America. It is only logical that some polygamists will be DEMANDING the rights too.

So when that happens, if Romney was President (hypothetically), what is the likelihood that he would intervene in attempts to legislate homosexual and polygamist marriage? What is the chance he would VETO such legislation?

Well, we can all pretty much assume that Mitt Romney is on board with that guy after whom they named their University – Brigham Young. If we look at what the great Brigham Young had to say about the issue, it is lucidly clear what we could expect from Romney if faced with federal legislation:
"Now if any of you will deny the plurality of wives, and continue to do so, I promise that you will be damned; and I will go still further and say, take this revelation, or any other revelation that the Lord has given, and deny it in your feelings, and I promise that you will be damned.

Brigham Young - JoD 3:266 (July 14, 1855)
Inside Mitt’s mind: Set thought captions, “Let’s see, approve of plural marriage and shack up with multiple babes - or- be damned to hell? Hmmmmm….

I know it sounds crazy but these days, everything sounds crazy until it becomes plausible, then it becomes reality in a few more years.
During the Florida primaries, Ann bragged of a scenario (on Fox & Friends) in which she went to Romney on the campaign trail and told him “you owe me big-time”. So perhaps Ann has hope of becoming the NEXT Ann Romney. As Ann Coulter Romney, she wouldn’t have to keep hawking books for a living.

So if Mitt Romney becomes the nominee and loses the election (a likelihood), having betrayed her audience repeatedly - will she be forced to go to the other side and become the next Arianna Huffington?

No doubt with her abrasive style, she could make a FORTUNE selling bs to the left. (She's already half-way there with her homosexual connections and her Bill Maher relationship.) The gullible left would eat it up like WWE fans . Face it, we had some good times but she probably never won over a single liberal in her career. Rallying the troops was always her shtik but realistically - that gig is over.

THIS IS NO TIME TO GET DISCOURAGED OR TO CAPITULATE. We conservatives MUST stand behind Newt now and send him a check. I know times are tough financially but let us reach down deep and pay off that $4 million debt Newt’s campaign owes so that he is not dependent upon the establishment to make concessions.

Let’s “money bomb” Newt. If we have to hold garage sales or bake sales for Newt to STOP the liberal Romney from BUYING this election with the help of his sleaze bombs and Fox News – LET’S DO IT! YOUR COUNTRY IS WORTH THE SACRIFICE.

I am going to set an example right now and start this money bomb set for next Wednesday (April 18th). I am hereby listing this autographed, notarized Devin Hester High School Football card on ebay - and am pledging 100% of the proceeds to Newt Gingrich’s Presidential campaign.

I will donate the proceeds to Newt immediately after receipt of payment to my PayPal account after the auction closes on Wednesday, April 18th and will post the receipt at

I am encouraging all conservatives to do the same and notify us with a link to what YOU are selling in the comment section below this column to support Newt so that we can bid on YOUR item.

It is time to show the RINO establishment what we are made of. Suck it up; send Newt some cash or pledge the proceeds of your own item on ebay so NEWT does not depend on the RNC and Romney to get out of debt.This is truly a GRASS ROOTS EFFORT in the way elections SHOULD be decided.Spread the message LIKE NEVER BEFORE and let us shock the world.